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  1. AMD just announced they have found the root cause and fix. https://hothardware.com/news/amd-confirms-rare-ryzen-smt-bug-and-fix
  2. I've found something interesting. I had my parity drive fail on me. it was getting some read errors every week so I tried moving it to another slot, issues persisted, then the drive failed and was gone. since the drive is no longer registering my webUI is doing something strange. Lucky for me (or is it?), the drive is still under warranty. I'll be sending it back for RMA later. cold-rewind-diagnostics-20170807-1709.zip
  3. Is your installed bios the latest available? Probably should try to update.
  4. I suggest you keep an eye on it if your worried. One way to test would be to stop the dockers and the VMs and check again while the system is idle.
  5. OK, that's probably it then. You're probably just fine. If you're not noticing any issues like unused disks not spinning down or something, I bet you're just fine.
  6. Yeah, hyper-v has no issues here. I have the latest graphics drivers installed and I even run the graphics card drivers geforce tool to update the drivers fairly often. YES virtio drivers for WIN10 is a big deal. use the latest.
  7. Have you used/tried the GPU POST tool in BIOS? Start with smaller card, then work in BIOS. Power down add new card, go into BIOS again. Possible disable fastboot.
  8. Is something actively running off the SSD cache such as a VM or docker?
  9. I wouldn't say its normal, but I wouldn't say its not? are you doing something write intensive right now? Is something being loaded into the cache drive?
  10. The GPU you're passing through needs to be secondary so do not put it in the first PCI-E slot. Then make sure your mapping to the GPU is still correct if you move it. Make sure IOMMU is enabled. You'll need to "uninstall" whatever graphics driver is currently in use. (probably microsoft basic display adapter) check your settings ( mine posted at the bottom ) If your VM locks up, force shutdown from webUI and boot it back up again. (after HW change VM tends to lock up first boot on my server) <domain type='kvm' id='2'> <name>W
  11. No issues here, working like a boss. reconfigure and also try a cold boot. Also, I can use hyper-v flags without any issue. currently using this machine for steam streaming to linux box. has a GTX1060 <domain type='kvm' id='2'> <name>Windows10</name> <uuid>cc651542-fab1-c9a3-b707-ae659594dfa4</uuid> <description>Windows10</description> <metadata> <vmtemplate xmlns="unraid" name="Windows 10" icon="windows.png" os="windows10"/> </metadata> <memory unit='KiB'>8388608</memory> <
  12. Glass half empty approach? non-standard ports through port-forward are extremely simple and less attempted. Anyone who cares about security could simply look at failed login IPs and add them to a block list etc (fail2ban or denyhosts). I was using pfsense VM + pfBlocker to block IPs from certain portions of the world known for constant hacking attempts. There's also suricata for anyone who has patience enough to workaround false positives. VPNs can be blocked by firewalls, but in most cases SSH is allowed.
  13. Why use a VPN when you could just use an SSH tunnel? ssh -p {external port# forwarded to internal ssh port for local machine OR server} user@DDNS.net -L 9000:{serverIP OR localhost}:80 then open web browser and type "http://localhost:9000". example: ssh -p 446 darksurf@mynetwork.net -L 9000:locahost:80 and using SSH keys, you can prevent password login making it all the more secure.
  14. /bin/ls: cannot access 'user': Transport endpoint is not connected So I'm cleaning up my files on my plex library.. and removing a directory that was supposed to include an old anime series (but was not completed) I noticed it was taking a while. so I ctrl-c stopped and looked inside. it had old copies of its parent directory in it. I found a file that I had accidently deleted in the past and decided to recover it from this directory where I had evidently made an accidental copy. upon trying to mv it I got the error /bin/ls: cannot access 'user': Transport endpoint is not conne
  15. Wow, don't get me wrong. I like that it checks for plugin updates every time I go to the page from somewhere else, but after updating a single plugin, I have to wait all over again for it to check and load. Also after updating plugins, sometimes there no "close" button. I only see the "X" button on the top right. It works, but is not my preference. As for speed, it takes 67 seconds to reload the page. I have to reload the page after every plugin update! its pretty painful. cold-rewind-diagnostics-20170626-2136.zip
  16. Thanks so much guys! This instruction has been extremely helpful! I've got my cache drive emptied! I'll now halt my VMs to get them moved to SSD cache. Another question. if something is using prefer cache such as my VMs it sounds like it wouldn't be protected by the parity drive. Can you suggest a method to backup VM disks?
  17. Yep, you would be correct. the issue occurred before moving to 6.4-rc6. I was previously on 6.3 when the issue began. I'm also not the only one who uses the shares so I'd rather not make the friends and family mad by loosing their data lol. Luckily the stuff I lost was only mine, but the rest starts getting into shared territory.
  18. OK, I still had 500G worth of stuff that needed moved. I manually started the mover. now the mover appears to have completed, but nothing was moved. cold-rewind-diagnostics-20170625-1703.zip
  19. I'll keep that in mind next time. I'm planning on setting my VMs folder to Prefer for cache so Win10Steam machine will quick running so bad when HDDs have a bit of a load on them.
  20. Nope was not set to prefer, was set to yes.
  21. Nope, didn't even give the zero size. 500G worth of crap gone due to mover refusing to move the files. SSD is a 1TB. I guess its not all bad. at least I know whats missing. I could probably just acquire it all again and reinstall pfsense on a new VM and start over there. its only a couple weeks worth of work. I still feel like I could crawl in a hole right now.
  22. OK, so I'm not having a good day. I've noticed all my shares were set to use cache and they didn't just use the cache for new files. It kept using the cache and refused to empty the cache drive. I've suspected something was going on for a while, but couldn't put a finger on it. I figured I was just improperly utilizing cache due to constant complaints of cache being full or near full. I decided it was time to start marking shares as don't use cache. I began rsyncing files over. from /mnt/cache to /mnt/user/ . I had one VM being used as a transparent bridge firewall, I decided rsyncing was tak
  23. I would like to see this as well as snapshot management.
  24. I take it the noise you're hearing is like crackling and stuttering? I've noticed this too. I've had the exact same issue with the GTX1060 I'm passing through to a windows10VM I'm using for steam streaming. I really only have linux machines at home, so windows10+steam in VM was an ideal concept for me. I don't want windows actually being used for much anything else. So I just found the solution today. I've been getting irritated that the HDMI audio issue even occurs from straight HDMI and not just over steam streaming to steamlink, another desktop, or over remote session with nomac