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  1. I've lost the disk that was saving all of my recordings and now I can't start the docker as I presume it's expecting to see some folders in the new location that now don't exist. What's the best way to fix this? If I take a copy of the appdata config and then do a full reset on the docker and then copy the config files back?

  2. Hi all, my board used to have no issues passing through PCI-E nics etc. to VMs but for some reason recently it's not working anymore and I don't know what's going wrong. I've tried all sorts, pci-stub vfio bind etc. I've ACS override on and off but not having much luck. My hardware configuration hasn't changed for years apart from adding an NVME drive maybe a year or 2 ago. Asrock say installing a drive here disables PCIE-5.


    When I go to Tools > System Devices it' now saying "No IOMMU Groups Available" rather than listing all of the IOMMU groups like it used to.

  3. I've done it, it's fairly straight forward to migrate the DB from mysql to mariadb, you can use mysqldump to backup from mysql and then import into mariadb.


    It's slightly more complicated to edit the nextcloud config though if you're using different DB credentials. In theory if the credentials are the same then nextcloud will just work when you restart the docker.

  4. Yes I have to agree with others, I'm not really sure what you're trying to achieve. If you just want a simple way of browsing your collection then Emby or Jellyfish is a much easier (and nicer) way to do this.


    Whatever you use though will be "out of sync" with your clients if the clients have their own local libraries.

  5. I asked that before and was told there was no specific to use 1 over the other. I went for the docker route as I thought it was just easier to see how you're setting up directories for recordings etc. when using the docker interface.


    I think you still need the DVB plugin and then pass the device through to the docker. I use a networked HD Homerun so it just worked.