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  1. I uninstalled the "My Servers" plugin, but every time I go to http://tower.local, I still get redirected to and have to login. Edit: Nevermind. This had nothing to do with the My Servers plug in. I have to remove the root password to disabe the web ui login page.
  2. I can confirm the above worked. Leaving this topic open in case it helps someone else with their docker hardlink issues with sonarr, radarr and deluge.
  3. I'm having issues with hardlinking with my Sonarr container on unRaid 6.8. While researching this issue, all the posts I've seen say that you should just have one top level mount point in all your dockers. So I created a host path /media that points to /mnt/user, but I still have issues hardlinking. After I changed my volumes mapping, I opened a console to my Sonarr docker and ran ln. This is the error returned: sh-5.0# ln /media/Downloads/foo /media/TV/bar ln: failed to create hard link '/media/TV/bar => '/media/Downloads/foo': Invalid cross-device link This is how the docker is run
  4. Chrome on my Mac will not load the admin page (https://myip:943/admin). Neither the root ca nor the self-signed certificate are being trusted: NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED I can't force a bypass of this error by choosing to proceed to the unsafe webpage. I am able to on other devices. I verified the time inside the docker and it is correct (same as my laptop). What am I missing? Edit: I got a copy of the root ca from /appdata/openvpn-as/etc/web-ssl/ca.crt, added it to my Mac's Keychain and manually trusted it in my Keychain's System area. Chrome now says that the root ca and s
  5. I was previously on 6.3.x and upgraded to 6.5.2 via the plugin. My old set up had the webserver running on port 81. I had this in my go script: /usr/local/sbin/emhttp -p 81 It looks like the web server got changed to nginx recently. When I access the webgui on port 80 now, I just get this: I tried changing the port in ident.cfg to 81 and various other ports, but same issue.
  6. I had a hard time getting ZoneMinder set up for the first time. The live preview image would not work. I was getting a lot of socket errors like these: socket_sendto( /var/run/zm/zms-427772s.sock ) failed: No such file or directory Googling kept telling me it was an issue with Apache, but it wasn't. Long story short, the problem was with the PATH_ZMS variable that is set in this docker. By default, it was "/cgi-bin/nph-zms" for me. However, I noticed that this path is actually not found. I made it relative by setting it to "cgi-bin/nph-zms" and live streaming finally worked
  7. Whenever I manually create a folder on my cache drive, an SMB share is automatically created and made public. Is there a way to prevent this? Sometimes I will move or download things to my cache drive so that I share them with the rest of my home network. I don't want them to be moved to my data drives. This can create lots of noise when I browse \\tower.
  8. I also had trouble getting the timezone. Linking the docker's /etc/localtime to Unraid /etc/localtime did not work. This is what finally worked for me from a fresh docker install: root@Tower:/mnt/user/appdata/pihole# docker exec -it pihole sh / # date Sun Jan 1 17:04:36 GMT 2017 / # apk add -U tzdata fetch fetch (1/1) Installing tzdata (2016j-r0) Executing busybox-1.25.1-r0.trigger OK: 97 MiB in 35 packages / # date Sun Jan 1 12:04:47 EST 20