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  1. Hi dmacias, Just wondering, would it be a hard task to port you plugin to a self contained docker? or other freestanding install, on say a Raspberry Pi? I want to have something that I can make a little more portable, and I haven't been able to find anything that looks as nice as your output (graph, etc) Thanks, Wob
  2. Super quick response. Thanks for looking into it.
  3. Hi, I have started getting heaps of black results, more than actual results, i have timeout set to 60seconds, have tried both beta and 0.3.4 without much luck. changing the timeout to 30 seconds don't seem to stick for some reason, it just reverts to 60, i can set it to 20. I have a set server, I have tried multiple servers without any luck. Any ideas? Thanks, Wob
  4. Hi, First off thanks to aptalca for the container, I installed yesterday and it's working a treat. I replaced the apache reverse proxy I was using, having it auto handle SSL is great. I have it doing reverse proxy for a few things, I had a bit of a mission getting it to talk to binhex's rutorrnetvpn docker, so thought I would add my config here to save anyone else the time doing it later. I used aptalca's config examples as my starting point, and I also had to disable php for rutorrent (like aptalca mentioned for plexwatch). I didn't want to modify the rutorrent config, so
  5. Hi, My log file "other_vhosts_access.log" is rather large 427Mb at the moment, the settings enable\disable it are not in the config folder, nor any of the logrotate settings. Could the docker be modified to expose settings to help reduce log files, my preference would be to have it included in logrotate. Thanks, Wob
  6. Hi binhex, Is there any way to set a rotation or flushing of the access.log, mine is currently 96Mb, mostly just logs from web browsers left open and it refreshing history data, etc. Thanks, Wob
  7. Thanks... I will update and fix soon. I"m just checking this issue right now, are you guys setting the TZ variable? Hi, I did set it and it had no effect. Wob Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  8. Just playing a little more, I noticed on my box that the v0.3.1 script does exist, if I select that in the GUI I just get no result.
  9. Hi dmacias, I just wanted to say thanks for the latest update, I have mine set to use the beta with a manual server and a timeout of 60 seconds, no more blank results. Thanks, Wob
  10. Thanks dmacias, Your solutions sound like they will do the trick, as I mentioned I mainly use it to test for peak speed dips, and it does a great job at that, just the blank results that are putting me out, so if there could be a check or retry for that it would be great. Thanks, Wob
  11. Hi, Thanks for the great plugin, it is very handy. I have a slight "bug\issue" If I leave my server selection on auto I get poor speed results around 30Mbit/s Down and 3-4Mbit/s up using server (UBC Web Design (Ballarat)). But If I manually select a different server I get around my actual speed connections. I put this down to the server it is landing on, if I manually run speedtest-xml I see the same results. If I run speedtest-cli I get a server (Telstra (Melbourne)) and speeds close to max (91-93 and 34). However if I manually run speedtest-linux I get a different serve
  12. Hi hurricanehrndz, Any ideas re my post above? Should I be directing the query to the emby forum? Thanks, Wob
  13. Hi, Do you need to turn off the auto update feature within Jackett? It is on by default, I didn't touch it, but a few days ago my container crashed, looking at the logs it appears this was after it attempted to auto update. On a side note, are there an options in unraid to have dockers restart or update on a schedule? Or do I need to look at cron jobs? The new plugins autoupdate seems to be working a treat, something similar for dockers would be nice. Thanks, Wob
  14. Not sure if I should ask this here or over on the Emby forums, I'm having issue with times in Emby. The container time and timezone seem to be fine if I exec into it. Wed Jun 1 15:15:16 AEST 2016 But the logs are wrong, and the scheduled tasks fire off at the wrong times. End of the Log at the moment. 2016-06-01 05:11:09.6774 Info TaskManager: ExecuteQueuedTasks I'm sure I am missing a setting somewhere, just can't work out where. Thanks, Wob Edit: Just some further testing, I tried adding TZ="Australia/NSW" then "Australia/Sydney" with no effect.
  15. not as far as i know, no, i just did a quick test, loaded up a torrent from a public index site and i can see seed/peer counts increasing from a udp tracker, so looks to be working, check your rtorrent.rc file and make sure udp is enabled. Yeah I did do that, I'll do some further digging. Thanks, Wob Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  16. I'm with binhex on that, that icon is related to the port checker, which should be checking your listening port, can you screenshot your port setting page? Binhex, do you have any issues with upd trackers? Like I posted. Wob Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  17. Hi Myk, Are you talking about the port checker down the bottom? That should be checking whatever port you are using to connect externally, and you need to ensure you have allowed that via your firewall (if you have VPN disabled, which you had said you were doing). If the port checker is not green then your upload speed will be poor. Port 6881 is the port for DHT, I have it disabled as most private tracker sites frown upon it's use. I don't think there is any check for it on the bottom though, so unless you have set your Listening port to the same port number it shouldn't set of any a
  18. Hi (again), Is anyone having problems with UDP trackers? all my HTTP trackers are working a treat, but all the udp trackers come back with "Tracker: [unable to connect to UDP tracker.]" I don't have many UDP trackers, so haven't noticed it till now, everything else is running a treat a the moment, going out via PIA's Romanian server. Regards, Wob
  19. aptalca: Thanks for the reply, so are you saying you don't need to modify for each new container? I currently need to add a new subpath to port mapping for each new container I wish to have internet facing. Thanks, Wob
  20. But do either have docker-gen, it enables automation of the reverse proxy config using docker API. I am yet to try it, the linuxserver.io gave it container of the month, so I was hoping a unraid template might follow.
  21. Any update on this, docker-gen sounds very interesting. I am currently using the linuxserver.io Apache server for reverse proxy, but some automation of new containter sounds great. There is a docker with it and nginx combined (https://hub.docker.com/r/jwilder/nginx-proxy/) would be interested if anyone has this running in unraid? Thanks, Wob
  22. Not sure how I missed that Thanks, looks good.
  23. Hi binhex, Any thoughts on this? Thanks, Wob
  24. Is anyone else seeing the "Welcome Emby Tester" message since the last update? I am running emby/embyserver:latest not the dev branch, so not sure why I am seeing this. I wasn't too worried to start with, just closed the dialogue and everything seemed OK, but I am also seeing slow downs since the update. I am seeing "Version 3.0.5934.0" in the settings. Is it possible to roll back versions of emby, or will that mess with the database? Thanks, Wob
  25. Hi binhex, I am still having some issues with the multi-user environment. I use authentication on my reverse proxy, and every now and then it passes that auth on to rutorrent, and even though and account doesn't exist with that name it creates a folder under /share/users/ with that username and logs me in, and this messes with ratio's etc as discussed previously. I would like to disable multiuser by adding $forbidUserSettings = false; to the config.php, but you currently don't expose that outside the container. Is there any chance that this will be migrated\linked to the /config