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  1. same problem for me; server is up for just 2 months any clue? edit: log file attached edit2: rebooted and log is back to 1% (for now) root@Alligator:~# du -sm /var/log/* 1 /var/log/Xorg.0.log 1 /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old 1 /var/log/ 1 /var/log/ 1 /var/log/ 1 /var/log/ 1 /var/log/ 0 /var/log/btmp 0 /var/log/cron 0 /var/log/debug 1 /var/log/diskinfo.log 1 /var/log/dmesg 1 /var/log/docker.log 0 /var/log/fail
  2. No official fix for the GUI issue with intel graphics( Is an embedded fix planned? Or users should rely on Intel-GPU-TOP Plugin? Otherwise, it's all good, thanks for the work!
  3. I can confirm that Plex HW transcoding work with the command that get me GUI back.
  4. have you try to uninstall Intel-GPU-TOP Plugin and then run what I send you in my previous message?
  5. Great to know that it's now fixed for you too. I will also wait from an official fix from limetech. It was working without the plugin on 6.8; it should also work natively on 6.9
  6. This solution works for me!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot ich777 Can I do something to make this a permanent fix or I need to wait for an OS update? (not a big deal as I rarely need to reboot my server)
  7. Ok, thanks a lot! Will try tonight and report here
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it at home tonight. When you say "load the Intel module for your onboard graphics card" how do you do that exactly? For the second part, I can do that on the black screen with the flashing cursor? Which method I should try first? Is both of those method would be permanent fixes (i.e. do I need to repeat this procedure each time I restart my server?) Thanks for the help and sorry for all the questions!
  9. Thanks for the follow-up Squid No nvidia drivers for me. I have nerdpack. Disabling it did not fix the issue. NLS and me have a very similar CPU. He have i7-4771 and I have Xeon E3-1245 v3. Both are Haswell LGA1150 CPUs with Intel HD4600 integrated graphics. Can this be the source of the issue? Like the nvidia drivers seems to be...
  10. I don't think we need to create a new topic either... Update from this morning, server is still up and runnning, but still no GUI on the server itself. No more flashing cursor either now; just a black screen. Thanks to all the unraid team and community for the support! edit: 6.9.1 update did not fixed the problem
  11. Same thing for me. I can access the GUI from a network computer, but I have a black screen with the blinking curson direct on the server. I get a video output during loading (all the white text on the black background, but no login screen) NO VM Docker autostart is disabled Array autostart is disabled Safe mode +GUI give me the same result Here is my config (very modest): Gigabyte H97N-WIFI (with latest bios) Xeon E3-1245 v3 (using onboard graphics) 16 GiB DDR3 2 HDD for the array 1 HDD for the parity 1 SSD for cac
  12. Just a follow-up on my case, the test took about 4h to run and terminated fine. From memory, it use to be faster (like 30 minutes); but maybe my Plex Library got bigger since the last time I ran the test... I'm available to do some testing if needed!
  13. Thanks for the quick answer, I will start it tonight and let it run overnight!