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  1. Couple other things that are happening now: Server no longer accessible by https://unraid/ It instead returns a white page with an error 404 Not Found - nginx Using http://unraid/ does work and looks to be using ssl too. Using static ip instead of hostname doesnt help. After starting successfully starting array, Array while change on the Main tab to say Array Stopped - Stale Configuration Dockers are still running and usable, and shares are available however... another diag ~Acps
  2. My unraid server has been having many issues whenever a reboot is performed. I put in a LSI SAS 9300-8i in Mar 2021 to replace an older card that was suspest of failing due to erratic read/write speeds , anytime i power cycle my system, theres a good chance that something goes wrong, like not reaching post and stuck at the blinking cursor, other times its bios fault 10h encountered at adapter pcI(01h,00h,00h) which is the lsi card slot, other times itll be the that lsi card is recognized and boot to gui but all array drives are missing but cache/flash are online. Simply rebooting my system, sometimes several times if needed, until it doesnt encounter any of these errors, I will be able to start array, and it will run without any issue for weeks/months. I put up my diagnostics and and the last 2 months of syslogs captured whenver a reboot is done to try and get as much info about whats been going on, syslogs saved on usb go back several years, but not sure if thats helpful. Can anyone take a peek and provide any advice? Im hoping its simple like a bad usb drive? Most of my configuartion has been replaced at somepoint since put together in 2015, including disks, controller card, every cable for all drives, water cooler was added and psu replaced. most of which has been in the last 1-2 years. What hasnt been replaced is the cpu/motherboard/ram. And its on 24/7 for the most part for the last 7 years. Thanks in advance for the help again! ~Acps logs.rar
  3. Hey there, I did not find anything that helped. Other than filling up the system log though, I don't think it has any impact on the ups being able to do its job because it's still able to communicate with the ups and the gui shows it reporting the battery level, load and runtime left. I guess if you really wanted to be cautious you could disconnect most of your drives in your Nas and just boot unraid from the usb and unplug the ups from the wall and monitor the gui to see if it functions correctly and iniates shutdown at the proper % you have set. Other than filling up the system log which is rather annoying, it's might be easier to keep it from reporting the errors to begin with, but isn't something that I have looked at yet. Which may or may not be a good idea! -Acps Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. any news for updating to unraid 6.10? mine can discover the server in the app but cannot connect
  5. Swapped out and older apc for a new CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD, however i keep getting this error in the syslog: unRaid usbhid-ups[18476]: nut_libusb_get_report: Input/Output Error. I tried moving the cable to several different usb ports and it was the same thing, do i have a cable or ups issue going on?
  6. Installed my LSI 9300-8i and it did wonders! Havent had any issues with the array since installed! TY @JorgeB
  7. i just went ahead and pulled the trigger on a LSI 9300-8i, will be here next week 😅
  8. I dont, i have been using it for 7 years. I guess i should just replace it at this point, iv seem to had alot of issues with it
  9. Rebooted server out of safe mode and re-ran controller benchmark and the cache drives didnt change at all.
  10. Was able to boot into safe mode. I am experiencing extremely slow disk speeds still, around 12MB/s on every disk in the array. Usually I should be getting atleast 100-120MB/s on each disk. I have made several changes to my server in the last week that im sure has something to do with this. First, my entire server became unresponsive, after a reboot I was unable to get the system to Post, was getting no video from the onboard video and the case/cpu fans would power on with lights for 15-20sec and then power off for just a sec and then flick back on looping like this. I opened up the server and disconnected everything from the motherboard/cpu, and it still would not Post. Next i removed all the ram 8gbx4, and then added 1 8gb stick back and was able to then get it to Post and get into the bios. I then added each stick 1 at a time and successfully booting to bios until all 4 were installed again with no issues booting now. With all 4 ram installed was able to boot to unraid. While I had everything disconnected i took the time to clean everything/fans, I swapped my cpu fan for a water cooler system, i also upgraded my PSU, and also added 2 more 8tb drives for my array. I also replaced all my sata cables for all my cache drivers, new power cables as well. Since then I have had very poor disk speeds, sometimes fixxed by rebooting the server, hanging when starting/stopping the array, and unclean shutdowns when using the reboot button. I ran a benchmark of my controller with diskspeed with just the 1 docker running in safe mode. It looks like all the disks are being throttled, except disk 2 which is doing its own thing..... I benchmarked my ssds which are on another controller Which seems fine, although i plan to replace all of them once I get these other disks straightened out. is my latest too. Ty in advance! ~Acps
  11. So occasionally my unraid has issues starting the array and hangs until i reboot the server, usually resulting in an unclean shutdown. In the webgui it hangs at starting services. I attached my syslog that was captured during reboot. syslog-20210303-225126.txt
  12. I stopped the rebuild and rebooted my server, and the speeds are now back over 100+ MBs during the parity rebuild.
  13. Well thats certainly frustrating as its identical to the other parity drive, is there any chance it would get better, or is my only option to be to replace it? It is brand new so I might be able to exchange it. What SMR btw?
  14. Here it is!
  15. So I decided to maintain the parity since my array is 18tb. The first disk rebuilt in about 20 hours at 100 MB/s, which is fairly average for speed. However i started building the parity on the 2nd disk and it's only rebuilding at 20 MB/s and going to take 4-5 days. I am a little worried maybe this indicates that their might be a hard drive issue. I havent had any errors reported in my array yet. Is this normal and should I let it continue to build the new parity disk?