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  1. Not sure if this is possible, but theres a plugin I was wondering if you could install into your docker? https://github.com/Cigaras/IPTV.bundle Or is this something I can do on my end? Thanks in advance
  2. Yea i was able to recover everything but disk 2 with jonnys help. It was definately my fault, i was clicking stuff i didnt understand. Its been a few weeks, cause after i got rest of the array back up i turned off my server for the holidays and was out of town. I was about to order just another 5tb but 8th are the same price right now at 150$ so was gonna upgrade. My case setup can olny ohld 2 parity and 6 data disks, so if i want to add room now i need bigger disks without making a bunch of other changes. I do need to replace my raid controller card tho, ive been told it has alot of issues with unraid so i might do that to avoid future issues too.
  3. so iv found out that a 5tb isnt very common and much more expensive. I can get 8tb dribes for the same price. Now i know the parity has to be the largest disk, but my question is will i need 2 8tb for dual parity, then i could use the 2 5tb drives as data drives till i update them at a later time for 8tb?
  4. Ok i have room on my motherboard controller for a slot. Do i do a parity check or just replace disk2 with new drive and assign to slot 2 and rebuild?
  5. Ok so that was a success, Disks 1 and 3 are now mounted with their data recovered. The array is without disk 2 which failed and needs to be replaced, that data is definitely gone, or should i just remove the disk and install my replacement drive? Or should i do a parity check first?
  6. Disk1 Disk3 So both disks are still showing Unmountable: No file system so I do run the -L now correct?
  7. so just do -v sorry just like to clarify to prevent further data loss.
  8. Disk1 Disk3 So do i go ahead and try the xfs_repair tool with this results?
  9. I believe in you johnnie, ressurect my data as much as possible! I got x2 12tb ordered to server as future backups unraid-diagnostics-20191202-1058.zip
  10. To make things worse, Disk 1 and 3 now are unmountable with no file system present. After trying to add disk 2 back to the array: Niether disk shows any errors and smart reports are clean. I got a feeling the raid controller i was told needed to be replace is coming back to haunt me... unraid-diagnostics-20191201-1755.zip
  11. Cant mount,no file system and unraids MBR is missing so I think data recovery is no longer an option. Atleast I didn't loose my entire array. Frustrating part is not knowing exactly what I lost.
  12. THats exactly what i did, i guess i missunder stood johnny. i did some appdata backups, but as far as i know thats all to the cache drive. so i dont think anything beens wrriten array. Will rebuilding the parity make disk2 data unrecoverable? If theres no one to salvage the raid, as a last resort id like to try and pull the drive and see if i can recover any data off what was written to it if any.
  13. I literally did this, since i did not have a spare i unassigned disk2. I didnt remove it its still sitting in my server plugged in just as an unassigned disk.
  14. I knew that i was at risk with 1 disk offline, and thought had crossed my mind to powerdown till i had a replacement. I know that good practice is to have an offsite backup for disaster recovery whether on LTO tapes, or in the cloud. I just never thought id be the cause of the disaster lol. But i didnt think the cost was worth the redundancy to backup 25tb of data. It didnt occur to me that backing up just the sensitive data would be another option. Because most of my data is media/software while important is replaceable, my irreplaceable data is mostly medical/legal/personal data which is documents is most cases. So i think I can easily setup some new shares and move data around to then make it possible for me to backup to external drive quite easily. Or even online with the right encryption protection. I rarely delete anything and would be consider a data hoarder by far. I was an IT in the Coast Guard for 10 years with TS/Sci clearance so i got to work on enterprise level networks, and when i got out this started out as a hobby, but I never was involved with the implementation of our networks just the administer and maintain. A mistake like this would have cost me my job in the military possibly criminal charges for negligence. So hopefully i can recover from this learn and make changes so that it doesnt happen again. I was waiting for blackfriday/cybermonday deals to pickup a few drives, to replace the 2 i had issues with as well as a spare or 2 for future.