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  1. Installed my LSI 9300-8i and it did wonders! Havent had any issues with the array since installed! TY @JorgeB
  2. i just went ahead and pulled the trigger on a LSI 9300-8i, will be here next week 😅
  3. I dont, i have been using it for 7 years. I guess i should just replace it at this point, iv seem to had alot of issues with it
  4. Rebooted server out of safe mode and re-ran controller benchmark and the cache drives didnt change at all.
  5. Was able to boot into safe mode. I am experiencing extremely slow disk speeds still, around 12MB/s on every disk in the array. Usually I should be getting atleast 100-120MB/s on each disk. I have made several changes to my server in the last week that im sure has something to do with this. First, my entire server became unresponsive, after a reboot I was unable to get the system to Post, was getting no video from the onboard video and the case/cpu fans would power on with lights for 15-20sec and then power off for just a sec and then flick back on looping like this. I o
  6. So occasionally my unraid has issues starting the array and hangs until i reboot the server, usually resulting in an unclean shutdown. In the webgui it hangs at starting services. I attached my syslog that was captured during reboot. syslog-20210303-225126.txt
  7. I stopped the rebuild and rebooted my server, and the speeds are now back over 100+ MBs during the parity rebuild.
  8. Well thats certainly frustrating as its identical to the other parity drive, is there any chance it would get better, or is my only option to be to replace it? It is brand new so I might be able to exchange it. What SMR btw?
  9. Here it is!
  10. So I decided to maintain the parity since my array is 18tb. The first disk rebuilt in about 20 hours at 100 MB/s, which is fairly average for speed. However i started building the parity on the 2nd disk and it's only rebuilding at 20 MB/s and going to take 4-5 days. I am a little worried maybe this indicates that their might be a hard drive issue. I havent had any errors reported in my array yet. Is this normal and should I let it continue to build the new parity disk?
  11. Do i need to use that New Config tool? I was just gonna stop the array and reassign the disks that way?
  12. So i bought 2 8tb hdd to replace both my 5tb installed now for parity and then reassign them into the array to expand my storage. Can I swap all the disks at the same time and start the array to build it, or do I need to do them one at a time? Thanks in advance ~Acps
  13. Not sure if this is possible, but theres a plugin I was wondering if you could install into your docker? Or is this something I can do on my end? Thanks in advance
  14. Yea i was able to recover everything but disk 2 with jonnys help. It was definately my fault, i was clicking stuff i didnt understand. Its been a few weeks, cause after i got rest of the array back up i turned off my server for the holidays and was out of town. I was about to order just another 5tb but 8th are the same price right now at 150$ so was gonna upgrade. My case setup can olny ohld 2 parity and 6 data disks, so if i want to add room now i need bigger disks without making a bunch of other changes. I do need to replace my raid controller card tho, ive been told it has alot
  15. so iv found out that a 5tb isnt very common and much more expensive. I can get 8tb dribes for the same price. Now i know the parity has to be the largest disk, but my question is will i need 2 8tb for dual parity, then i could use the 2 5tb drives as data drives till i update them at a later time for 8tb?