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  1. Just another observation, I reinstalled Windows 10, and firefox. And still cannot get pass the password login. Any suggestions?
  2. My array is only sitting at about 25tb, and almost 1tb for ssd cache pool. 90% of my data on my array is media, aka movies/tv shows for my plex server. And just about any piece of software for windows thats popular, as well as 100's of iso images of different windows 10 builds. I use P2P to download all my data on my terribly slow dsl speeds at 12Mbps/750Kbps. I dont delete anything and i prolly have several 100gbs of duplicate data lol. I only have 3 dockers installed, Plex, deluge and krusader. My server is severely under utilized, and i need to lookup and expand my dockers/plugins to take advantage of whats out there. My current struggle is I am using a unsupported sas controller, that drop disks often, causes read and write errors, and often needs to be rebooted to ensure performance doesnt struggle due to in adequate drivers that fail or disable for no reason. Also my i5 cpu is getting taxxed pretty hard by Plex transcoding. I installed at the start just a basic heatsink, but now that doesnt seem to be enough as I am getting a ton of CPU overheating errors and its being throttled down to prevent damage. My case is very well ventilated with x8 120mm and x4 140mm. But when all the drives are spun up doing work it gets faily warm. I wanna know what you guys need arrays that are well over 100tb, is it for enterprise type of setups? Cost has to be enormous lol.
  3. So i have had the issue before where i can no longer login to the deluge docker with the default password "deluge". I am using firefox as my web browser, it seems to work no problem after a fresh install of windows 10, but some weeks/months later it no longer lets me login. Ive tried reinstalling the docker. deleteing my docker image, using every other deluge docker on the app store, but they all end up with the same problem. A work around i found was to use Microsoft Edge browser, and itll let me login with the default "deluge" password with no issues, So its related to firefox somehow. I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling firefox but that didnt work either. Gonna post my logs, would appreciate any help trying to solve this. Thanks in advance! ~Acps unraid-diagnostics-20190913-1912.zip
  4. How does this card look for working straight outa the box without any issues with unraid? https://www.amazon.com/LSI-Logic-9207-8i-Controller-LSI00301/dp/B0085FT2JC
  5. Im running into another huge problem. Getting the error "Unable to write to disk5 - Drive mounted read-only or completely full." Is this due to the controller card or bad disk? unraid-diagnostics-20190913-1509.zip
  6. So are you saying there are easier cards to setup for unraid
  7. Will this work for my x16 slot and 8 hdd array? SAS9211-8I 8PORT Int 6GB Sata+SAS Pcie 2.0 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002RL8I7M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_C6SEDbMWCJB0N Leaving the ssds on the motherboard sata controller? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Ugh, just when I thought i was heading in the right direction to try resolve some of my issues, I had both parity drives disable with many errors. Heres my diagnostics. What should i try and do now? Is this still related to the controller card causing issues or am i having drive issues now? unraid-diagnostics-20190912-0336.zip
  9. What about using my x16 slot for a controller card then, and try passing through onboard gpu instead? Dont think I absolutely need a dedidcated gpu for VMs anyways, more of something to tinker around with.
  10. Well, that doesn't surprise me, I have had a ton of issues since I started back in 2015 with my controller, I thought I had maybe dodge a bullet when I installed a replacement card and installed new sata port cables for it. A couple of questions for you: First being could you point me to a new card or a current list of supported controllers, I checked https://wiki.unraid.net/Hardware_Compatibility#PCI_SATA_Controllers ; but I wasnt sure how current it is, as my SASLP card is listed as a compatible card. Id like a card that will work in my x4 pci slot if I don't lose any performance over the x16. So that I can have a dedicated gpu installed later for VMs. Second, currently I have my 4 ssds installed using my onboard sata controller on my motherboard which I think is a Intel. Is it safe to leave them like that? Or do I need another sata controller card? Or do I need a card big enough to hold 8 hdds and 4 ssds? I think I will end up ditching 4 cache drives for 2 x500gb raid 0 pool instead here in the near future. Thanks in advance for the help again! ~Acps
  11. I noticed this a few weeks ago, however the dashboard in unRaid only reports the CPU temp in the 80-90 F range. Which hardly seems right, I did login to my motherboards bios and tweak my cpu fan setting to run at max 2000+ rpm 24/7. I do have x6 120mm and x2 140mm setup in my case for cooling, it is a smaller compact case with almost 8 hdds and 4 ssds, however i never do get any high temp alarms for any of the hdds. That being said I did purchase a water cooling unit for my i5, as well as a 850w PSU, I was getting concerned that my original 550w PSU was maybe getting maxxxed out when under a heavy load. Ive been hesitant to make any hardware changes because the last time I went tinkering around inside my case I accidentally set a hdd on fire trying to replace a bad drive, luckily I had dual parity setup and didnt loose any data.
  12. My current parity check has a estimated finish time of almost 10 days, its been a day since it started. Overall I have been having ton of docker issues, crashing, becoming unresponsive. Ive been thinking some piece of hardware is to blame, possibly to small of a PSU, to CPU cooling, or possibly a faulty raid controller. While my raid array is growing to nearly 25+ TB+ and a cache pool of about 800gb, ive but uninstalled all about Plex, deluge, krusader trying to troubleshoot, and its frustrating as I struggle to pin down what the underlying issues is. I attached my current dianostics, which may not be much as the system was just rebooted yesterday. At some point i had setup my syslogs to be backed up after each reboot, but im not sure where they are, they probably have much more context to my overall issues I have been having. If anyone could take a look at my logs, and maybe point me in a direction to get started id really appreciate it. Thanks in advance! ~Acps unraid-diagnostics-20190903-2033.zip
  13. Well just today I ran into some problems with my Parity 2 drive, its disabled now, and it had over 4801 errors after my most current parity check. So I might have some other serious issues going on, anyone have any direction for me to try and troubleshoot to see what is exactly going on? Here is my latest diagnostic reports. Ty in advance! ~Acps P.S> I attached my Enhanced Log Viewer results too. If anyone has a few min to look it over for me please. Ty guys! unraid-diagnostics-20190603-2247.zip unraidenhancedlogviewer-02JUN19.txt
  14. Anyone able to take a few mins to take a peek at my logs for me, its extremely inconvenient and I dont know where to start to try and fix it. Thanks in advance! ~Acps
  15. Here is my run command i think: The issue didnt start until i dicked up my cache pool when i installed 2 more ssds a few weeks ago. I lost all my appdata and had to resinstall dockers. I made a new docker image file too krusaderdockerlog.zip unraid-diagnostics-20190531-1425.zip