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  1. So i bought 2 8tb hdd to replace both my 5tb installed now for parity and then reassign them into the array to expand my storage. Can I swap all the disks at the same time and start the array to build it, or do I need to do them one at a time? Thanks in advance ~Acps
  2. Not sure if this is possible, but theres a plugin I was wondering if you could install into your docker? Or is this something I can do on my end? Thanks in advance
  3. Yea i was able to recover everything but disk 2 with jonnys help. It was definately my fault, i was clicking stuff i didnt understand. Its been a few weeks, cause after i got rest of the array back up i turned off my server for the holidays and was out of town. I was about to order just another 5tb but 8th are the same price right now at 150$ so was gonna upgrade. My case setup can olny ohld 2 parity and 6 data disks, so if i want to add room now i need bigger disks without making a bunch of other changes. I do need to replace my raid controller card tho, ive been told it has alot
  4. so iv found out that a 5tb isnt very common and much more expensive. I can get 8tb dribes for the same price. Now i know the parity has to be the largest disk, but my question is will i need 2 8tb for dual parity, then i could use the 2 5tb drives as data drives till i update them at a later time for 8tb?
  5. Ok i have room on my motherboard controller for a slot. Do i do a parity check or just replace disk2 with new drive and assign to slot 2 and rebuild?
  6. Ok so that was a success, Disks 1 and 3 are now mounted with their data recovered. The array is without disk 2 which failed and needs to be replaced, that data is definitely gone, or should i just remove the disk and install my replacement drive? Or should i do a parity check first?
  7. Disk1 Disk3 So both disks are still showing Unmountable: No file system so I do run the -L now correct?
  8. so just do -v sorry just like to clarify to prevent further data loss.
  9. Disk1 Disk3 So do i go ahead and try the xfs_repair tool with this results?
  10. I believe in you johnnie, ressurect my data as much as possible! I got x2 12tb ordered to server as future backups
  11. To make things worse, Disk 1 and 3 now are unmountable with no file system present. After trying to add disk 2 back to the array: Niether disk shows any errors and smart reports are clean. I got a feeling the raid controller i was told needed to be replace is coming back to haunt me...
  12. Cant mount,no file system and unraids MBR is missing so I think data recovery is no longer an option. Atleast I didn't loose my entire array. Frustrating part is not knowing exactly what I lost.
  13. THats exactly what i did, i guess i missunder stood johnny. i did some appdata backups, but as far as i know thats all to the cache drive. so i dont think anything beens wrriten array. Will rebuilding the parity make disk2 data unrecoverable? If theres no one to salvage the raid, as a last resort id like to try and pull the drive and see if i can recover any data off what was written to it if any.
  14. I literally did this, since i did not have a spare i unassigned disk2. I didnt remove it its still sitting in my server plugged in just as an unassigned disk.