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  1. Thanks for the release.

    On the docker tab I can't seem to access the docker logs with either basic or advanced view.

    I thought it may have neen because I am using the docker folder plugin. But having removed it the problem still persists.




    ........  Edit -- ha found where to get to the logs now!! Its accessed  by clicking the docker icon.




    Thats much better there. Was always annoying when in the advanced view having to switch back to basic to see the logs :)


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  2. I made a video on what the new 6.7.0 looks like etc. There is a mistake in this video where I talk about the webgui: VM manager: remove and rebuild USB controllers. What I thought it was, I found out after it was available in 6.6.6 as well so wasnt it !!

    Also shows how to upgrade to rc for those who don't know and downgrade again after if needs be. :)



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  3. @limetech 

    I have these 2 nics as part of the motherboard

    [8086:1539] 04:00.0 Ethernet controller:
    [8086:1539] 06:00.0 Ethernet controller:

    I was using in the syslinux configuration:


    to stop Unraid from using that nic for itself as it had the same id as another nic on the motherboard as above.


    I have upgraded to 6.7 yet the nic is still hidden from the OS and it passes through fine to the vm.

    So the is this something that works now. But this kernel option will no longer work

    in future/final 6.7 so we are moving to the config/vfio-pci.cfg file in preparation?

  4. 14 hours ago, tombonez said:

    Hi everyone!


    It looks like the AGESA Gigabyte Bios updates are now out:



    I hope this solves the issue as I have a Gigabyte X399 Designaire and 2950x arriving today.


    (I was in the process of messaging Gigabyte when the update popped up, must be a sign 😂🤞).



    Tom 🙂

    Well, I just changed my motherboard for an ASRock board and swapped it out today. Then I read this post and saw there was a new bios for the Gigabyte boards! Typical.

    So I decided to quickly swap back to the Gigabyte board to try the new bios.

    Well, the good news is vms seem to start fine now ,no problems there anymore, so the AGESA seems to have fixed this issue. Iommu groups are not as good as before but fine using the acs overide patch.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't run any benchmarks on the vms as the removing the Enermax liquid cooler caused it to ...I am so fed up with Enermax. I had this Enermax 360 for only about 3 weeks. It was a replacement after having it exchanged after the previous one also failed. (again after swapping the CPU) I know the first revision had a fault whereby the coolant caused corrosion and the parts would block the pump. So it looks like my replacement was old stock. 

    The supplier doesn't even have any more in stock so I have contacted Enermax directly and they have told me to ship it to Germany to be replaced for a revision 2. Huh, don't know how much that will cost or how long I will be without it. I am seriously thinking of just using air cooling and going with a Noctua NH U14s TR4 then selling the Enermax when I get the replacement. I have had 3 aio coolers fail in the last year...Anyway, I will stop moaning about my first world problems!

  5. 48 minutes ago, Dazog said:

    3.30 is still


    I suspect its a threadripper 2 issue that a piece of software unraid uses doesn't like the 32 core cpu.


    No, I don't think it would be down to the core count. Because I have good performance with 6.5.3 with 32 cores. If it were the core count then I guess that I would see the performance issues with the 6.5.3 as well?

    I still have my 1950x so will swap out the 2990wx tomorrow and see if the problem continues with the gen 1 threadripper

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    Ah that makes sense. I did read that you had removed the reset patch and wondered why. 

    I did wonder if my issue could be in to do with the SEV platform security code issue with the new Agesa released and new linux kernels and it tries to enable features only in the amd epic cpu and not threadripper.

    But i guess if that was the case unraid wouldn't boot at all?

    Anyway this server is going back to 6.5.3 for now and i will enjoy all the 6.6.0 features on my other server where it works fine :)

  7. 5 minutes ago, Can0nfan said:

    Hello Spaceinvader1 big shout out from Canada, love your unraid Tutorials, 64 threads is insane, what CPU/CPUs are you using for that beast?

    Hi @Can0nfan. Thank you, glad you like the videos :) 

    I have just put in the new threadripper 2990wx cpu into my server. tbh not quite sure what I will need all those cores for but hey its sure nice having them there! 

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  8. Hi,

    I hope that this hasn't been already reported I don't think it has but I have only really skim read this post so apologies if this has  already been said.


    Excellent work as always. love the new look and new features. I find a small error on the vm template manager.

    I find when changing the graphics type from vnc to a gpu the vnc graphics is left in the xml and the gpu added as a second gpu. Also after having vnc graphics there is no option to add a sound card afterwards.


    oh and not a bug but thought i would mention it. Would be great in vm manager to have an option to select all vm cores at once then remove the ones not wanted. Would be great for people with high core count and multi cpu servers :)