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  1. what are the steps required to change over?
  2. how would I migrate from needo's couchpotato to this one? Can I simply create the new container and move the files over from my cache drive?
  3. well lets say I want to move from needo's couchpotato and sonarr over to the linuxserver counterparts
  4. If I have an app container installed created by 1 developer, is it possible to move to another developers container (of the same app) while retaining all of my settings and files?
  5. when using the calibre rdp docker, how do I connect up my kobo so that I can transfer the books over to my device? If this were a VM I could pass through the USB but thats not the case here. Whats the best way of doing this? Or do I have to use the server and download the file over wifi (would like to avoid wifi connections if possible)...?
  6. ah, cant believe I missed that button! thanks!
  7. Does CA search through all of docker hub? I just enabled dockerhub searches and tried searching for mongodb and nothing came up...
  8. Are there any tutorials for creating a docker template for unraid? Theres an image for mongodb on docker hub ( that I really want to run as a container on my unraid server, but I haven't see it in any of the template repos. How easy would it be to create my own template for it so I can install it on my unraid server?
  9. Just found 30GB worth of logs in my couchpotato container! Thanks for the fix, but we really should have a way to at least inspect the docker image within the webgui to see what is taking up the space, if not be able to clear old logs without having to SSH into the machine
  10. Ive started getting warnings about my docker image file filling up. Its currently at 72%, and it goes up by 1% every 4ish hours The only things I run are: couchpotato sonarr zoneminder emby delugevpn ddclient As per the FAQ ( I have ensured that the appropriate directories are mapped to user shares so nothing actually gets saved within the image Is there a way to diagnose this? Or to check what is using up the space? Do old, deleted, docker templates still reside in the image? (e.g. I used to
  11. but do they just move from /mnt/disk1 to /mnt/disk2? Would there be anything else that references its old location?
  12. And what about moving a share from 1 disk to another?
  13. On my unraid server I have completely disabled disk shares and only use user shares. I have each user share manually assigned to 1, and only 1 drive. For example, my 'Games' shares has 'Included disks' set to only 'Disk 3'. I like this because I can be sure that when I pull a disk out of the machine I know whats on it. Anyway, now I want to do 2 separate things: 1. I want to move a share from 1 disk to another disk, so I can remove the first disk from the machine permanently. How do I do this correctly and ensure that all the data, and access to that data, is correct? 2. How do
  14. Nem

    openvpn AS

    absolutely, point taken! Will use the support threads for this type of thing in the future
  15. Nem

    VM Snapshot

    I actually broke one of ubuntu VMs yesterday when trying to set up some nvidia CUDA library stuff. I'm not even sure what I did but I ended up having to reinstall everything because I didn't have a backup of the image
  16. yeah ive tried RDP into a windows VM across the network and that was quite slow. I've never tried it on the same machine though, I think I saw a video that showed it was pretty good speed wise if its kept local to the machine
  17. I know this is possible, but I'm wondering how many people actually use unraid as a desktop OS and whether thats a good idea? I often find myself switching between linux and windows on my desktop. I want to use linux, but I can't get away from windows due to gaming. Dual booting is a bit of a pain as I hate having to restart just to get into a game for 5 minutes, only to reboot again to continue doing work in linux. Setting up gpu passthrough in linux is also a pain to get working Unraid makes gpu passthrough extremely simple and is what I'm currently going on my server for non-gamin
  18. It would be great to have the ability to take snapshots of a VM at different points in time. I can think of at least 2 use cases for this: 1) install an OS, take a snapshot, and treat it as a kind of "base install" so if you wanted to "reformat" you can reload the base snapshot without having to go through the entire install process again 2) If you're doing some complex setups that have a high chance of breaking things, take a snapshot, make your changes, and if things go wrong just roll back to the snapshot you made to revert all changes instantly I think this would be extremely u
  19. How does one grow the vdisk size in a ubuntu VM where you only have access to the CLI (ubuntu server)? I've made the change in the unraid control panel, but when I ssh into the VM the disk still shows as the old size. Also, this is not set up with LVM
  20. I don't understand networking well enough to be able to tell you It sounds like a potential cause for more headache over just adding it to the docker though
  21. It's a pretty specific one. I run an ipython/jupyter notebook ( in a virtual machine but I want to be able to access it over the internet. The page itself loads fine, but I can't access the python kernel without proxy_wstunnel being enabled in apache. The lack of kernel access makes the entire thing pointless so its pretty important. I set up a temp apache VM just for a reverse proxy and it seems to work with that module enabled so I believe that to be the cause, however, I could be wrong if there are any other differences in the apache setups...
  22. Is there a way to enable mod_proxy_wstunnel for apache?
  23. I'd love to see an option to pass a share through to a Windows guest VM when creating virtual machines. This can currently only be done for linux guests, but not windows. Of course you could just access the share over the network when within Windows, but this poses a few problems. One that comes to mind in my case is I install Steam games to an unraid share, and have a windows VM autoboot into big picture mode so I can play those games. I have mapped the share to a drive and told it to connect at startup automatically. Windows, being windows, sometimes attempts to map the share before a n
  24. I'm having an extremely hard time trying to set this up. What are the key options I in the admin panel that I need to change? I have the correct ports forward on my router, but the connectivity test always fails, so I must have some settings wrong somewhere