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  1. ah thats a shame. I'm on a mini-itx board and only have 1 pcie slot. OK, will take a look at replacing the cpu, thanks
  2. That appears to have fixed things, thanks! So what did I do that caused this problem? Just trying to understand so I can avoid this type of thing in the future
  3. I was under the impression that unraid that can run headless and that it doesn't need integrated/discrete graphics in order to run. I have a xeon e3 with no iGPU, but I have a gtx960 as well. I've been trying to pass the 960 through to a windows VM but I keep seeing a blackscreen Could this be related to the fact that the 960 is the only graphics device in my system? Or has anyone successfully passed through a gpu to windows VM when its the only device?
  4. I had unraid with docker running fine before my server upgrades. One of the upgrades was replacing the cache drive with a larger one. I followed the instructions here: After copying docker.img back to the cache drive and restarting the array everything appears to show up OK. The dockers appear to be working. When I go into the docker settings and scrub, however, I get 2 uncorrectable errors: scrub status for 73b6b03e-f0d6-498a-ae48-cbea42522c54 scrub started at Sat Dec 5 19:52:31 2015 and finished after 00:00:11
  5. I have an SSL certificate for my server as i need to access it remotely for various reasons. Is it possible to use that with openvpn server for extra security? What are the steps required to get that set up?
  6. I see that there are dockers for OpenVPN AS, and also a separate plugin for running an OpenVPN server. What are the major differences between the 2? I'm looking for the one that will be easiest to set up and give me the least amount of headache.
  7. I'm seeing this warning in the delugevpn log file: 2015-11-29 16:20:42,310 DEBG 'deluge' stdout output: [warn] PIA incoming port is not an integer, downloads will be slow, check if remote gateway supports port forwarding Is this normal? Or is there a way to fix it?
  8. Does dropbox allow for local LAN syncing of files?
  9. I guess im mostly wondering about 1) how to move my current cache contents to the new SSD without breaking anything, and 2) whether plugging hard drives into different SATA ports will cause any issues with shares?
  10. Im currently planning on a few server upgrades: 1. Replacing the cpu 2. Switching my cache drive for a larger SSD 3. Moving to a larger case What special considerations should be given when making these changes? I want to minimize the chance of losing data or creating more problems as a result of changing hardware
  11. Here is what the directory permissions look like: The problem directory has nobody as owner, the one that works has simon set as owner I'm not really understanding how permissions work in linux... Unraid sets nobody as owner for all shares (confirmed). So, I have a Media share that is owned by nobody. On my main desktop (logged in as simon) I copied all my media files to that Media share. Even though the Media share is owned by nobody, all subdirectories are now owned by simon. The same thing happens for any other subdirectory - they're all owned by whoever copied the file
  12. So all of my user shares are set to nobody as owner and when I log in to the share on Windows with my account (simon) I can edit files no problem. How come when CP sets a directory to nobody, I can no longer edit the files/folder? This is despite the simon account having read/write permission to the share...
  13. the problem im facing is that I cant copy to/from or edit any directories created by couchpotatos renamer and im guessing its because of this ownership issue the share that CP is moving files to is read/writeable by myself (as set in unraid), but despite that I dont have the ability to edit the files. I can edit non-CP directories OK
  14. I have couchpotato to pull in files from a different directory, and it seems that everytime it does the renaming it sets the owner of the directory to 'nobody'. This means that any user on my unraid system does not have write permissions to that folder sonarr used to have the same problem, but that has an option in settings for assigning ownership to a user. I couldn't find a similar option for couchpotato What is the best way to handle this situation? Is there a setting in CP that I missed somewhere? On an unrelated note, I just checked /mnt/user and all of my shares have 'nobo
  15. I appear to be getting scrambled audio issues when playing certain videos through emby. I wonder if this is an emby bug or whether a codec is missing that can be installed server side?
  16. My home network consists of a server holding all my media files, a mysql database on the server to hold kodi info, and kodi clients (windows, raspberry pi) that play the actual media. everything has worked nicely so far Can anyone explain what a headless kodi server is, and how it might improve my current network setup? From what I understand it does library updates in the background so my clients dont need to be online, which I'm assuming will update my mysql database in the process. But once clients boot up, don't they still need to poll the database and refresh their own library?
  17. regarding delugevpn: 1. Is there a killswitch built in such that internet connection gets cut off if VPN loses its connection? 2. Is there an autorestart for deluge and openvpn in case the daemon crashes?
  18. makes perfect sense, thanks In that case, is there a plugin that will create a backup of the cache drive so I don't risk losing my appdata/config data in the event of a cache drive failure? I've seen some scripts floating around the forum, but something like a plugin would be useful
  19. if, for all of my containers, I point config to some data disk, then the only thing stored on cache would be the docker images right? In other words, config = appdata? No appdata is created by docker unless you explicitly point something to it during container config?
  20. Most containers ask for a config path. I assume this is config information for the application within the docker container. Should this path point to the cache on the host? Or one of the data drives? Or the flash? It's easy enough to reinstall a a docker container if the cache drive dies, but some applications might have more complex settings. For example, with deluge theres the entire preferences pane you need to set up for the application itself. I assume those settings are stored wherever you point your config file to during docker container installation. I guess my specific ques
  21. how do you enable a site, or create a default site with this?
  22. oh so is /mnt/disk1/Media actually a disk share, even though I've explicitly turned off disk shares in the settings? I thought it just referred to a directory on the drive? If I should use user shares, then the situation gets more complicated, because the Media folder shows up for every user /mnt/user/Media, /mnt/user0/Media, giving me even more options...
  23. I have set up every user share on my server to use one, and only one, disk. For example, I have a user share Media that is on disk1 and nowhere else. When setting up docker containers, often you're asked to map to a place on the host. If I wanted to pass Media through to the container, it appears I have 2 options: /mnt/disk1/Media or, because the share is accessible by users, I can use /mnt/user/Media In other words, the Media directory shows up in multiple places. Which is the correct host location that I should be using when doing the mapping? Does it make a difference either way?
  24. I have plex media server set up and everything is working nicely. However, when I visit the webgui, it forces me to log in to my plex account. This is fine because I have a plex account and all is good, but other people that use the server at home do not have a plex account (and my account does not allow for sharing). Is there a way to disable the log in so that 1) I can log in and access my content using my account, and 2) does not force a login for those that want to watch media without an account?
  25. ah that did it, just needed a restart and it worked, thanks!