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  1. Ah, I just realized you're the CA Appdata Backup guy! Thanks for a good tool; sorry if I'm giving it bad publicity by highlighting how I misused it. To answer your question: No, once that drive failed there were zero remaining cache drives. I was using just the one drive. (About to be replaced with a cache pool now though!) It would probably be useful in future versions to have as a default setting something along the lines of "require confirmation before replacing a previous backup with an empty backup" to handle situations like this. The app did actually work as confi
  2. Ah, I forgot to include the fact that the drive failed. So after it failed, I checked to see if the backup was intact, and it was! But then the following week, it did another backup and of course the cache share was now empty, so it dutifully backed up an empty folder and deleted the >1-day old backup.
  3. Hi all, Through a series of unfortunate events*, I lost all of my docker app data, and I need to start from scratch. Previously I was using Plex Media Server, CouchPotato, Sonarr, NZBGet, NZBHydra, and I'm sure a few other minor tools that I forget about now. Since I have to start over anyway, I'm wondering if there are any recommendations for the best of these types of apps for use with Unraid. Are there any repositories that give you them all bundled together and configured to talk to each other, more or less "out of the box"? I have a lifetime Plex Pass s
  4. My SSD and cache / application drive has stopped being recognized. It shows up under "historical" devices. I've tried rebooting, powering down and starting up again, and I've tried re-seating the SSD's SATA cables. Interestingly, it was recognized again for about a week after trying that final step once, but then went back to not working again. I don't know whether this sequence of events was a coincidence or not. I suspect the SSD itself may be faulty. Over the past few months, I've been seeing the SSD's "retired block count" and "reported incorrect" values increasing.
  5. One more question about Time Machine: Using El Capitan and unRAID 6.1.7, is there anything special required to use encrypted Time Machine backups? I started a backup, and to verify that it was encrypted I tried to mount the sparsebundle on a separate machine, and it mounted without requiring a password. Any ideas?
  6. I believe that the Plex Pass features is connected to your account and not specifically to a Plex Pass release. The Plex Pass releases is where all new features show up first so it’s more like a preview of new functionality that is implemented and an opportunity to find new bugs and “enjoy” them for a while before they get fixed. Yes you become the beta tester. Plex Pass is both beta testing/early release of features and premium features (such as Plex Home or Plex Sync to name a few). So Plex Pass matters if you use specific premium features, however it is as mentioned i
  7. I'm having problems getting a postprocessing script to work. I'm trying to use the script to send myself an email on completed downloads. Overall, I had NZBGet installed and working. CouchPotato and Sonarr are automatically sending downloads to NZBGet, the downloads are successful, and the files are being handled properly in NZBGet, CP/Sonarr, and Plex. Here's what I've done so far: * Added to the appropriate ppscripts folder * Confirmed that the script is in the right place by virtue of the fact that NZBGet now displays the config UI for the script * Entered
  8. After installing this plugin, I received the following email overnight. What does it mean? From: [my email address] To: "root" <root> Bcc: [my email address] Subject: cron for user root /usr/bin/run-parts /etc/cron.daily 1> /dev/null Body: sed: can't read /boot/config/plugins/dynamix.file.integrity/disks.ini: No such file or directory sed: can't read /boot/config/plugins/dynamix.file.integrity/disks.ini: No such file or directory
  9. Has the availability of Plex Pass in the Lime Tech docker changed since this thread was started? I'd prefer to stay on the official docker, but I'm a lifetime Plex Pass member and I want my premium features.
  10. For not very much more, what do you think of this unit?
  11. Thanks Jon! Looking in the product for instructions - makes too much sense. I think I've got things working now. One question: Is it fine to use the cache for the TM share to get better write speeds? Will the mover be able to handle the encrypted sparse bundles? *Edit*: And one more question, is it still a requirement for Time Machine to have the user share on only one data disk, or can it be spread out as unRAID sees fit as with other user shares?