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  1. Decent enough deal. Any one of them is worth the 15$
  2. StartSSL certs will no longer be trusted as of January 31st.
  3. Better singlecore performance is likely to come out on top in transcoding.
  4. Port 80 and 443 to whatever the corresponding ports are on your Apache container. Note that some routers may not allow you to test your domain from inside your own network. Always test using a VPN or your phone.
  5. Development on Guacamole has stalled somewhat so there isn't actually a reason to change anything at the moment. Just use Aptalca's container or set up a VM.
  6. Crude but effective if you just need a difference between yourself and everyone else. Not at all secure probably though. Edit: on the topic of reverse proxy authentication, has any of you seen this? Some further reading, (ignore the ssl warning, hes still using a Startcom cert)
  7. Any motherboard capable of a dual E5-2670 setup will likely have a GPU built in.
  8. Correct. Edit: Does anyone have Transmission working?
  9. Absurdly, this worked for a couple of days and now it has stopped working. Weird thing is, it still works on Android Chrome but not on Windows Chrome.
  10. Could we maybe get something like this? Right now there are a myriad of guides and tutorials posted all over the place.
  11. This should help,
  12. Bios is up to date? Do you have a different GPU you could try?
  13. After that this should be able to convert it to something usable in Unraid. (assuming VMware's thing doesn't have that function built in) Haven't actually ever tried this but it should work.
  14. My registrar doesn't include email services, i'd have to set up my own mailserver. I have it working now by the way. The Lets Encrypt docker is handling ssl and i'm reverse proxying to the Apache docker through nginx.
  15. Hi, small request. Could add in 10 bit x265 support?
  16. Are you low bidding them? Cheapest i'm finding is $52 shipped
  17. For anyone who would rather stick to Apache but still use Lets Encrypt you can reverse proxy nginx to your existing Apache webserver. location / { proxy_pass http://myapacheip; # my existing apache container proxy_set_header Host $host; # re-write redirects to http as to https proxy_redirect http:// https://; } After that you just have to edit any hardcoded urls to https. Note, doesn't work if you are routing through Cloudflare, browsers will say there are too many redirects.
  18. Primarily because everything is already working, except SSL.
  19. Yea i have been looking for something like that but i can't really find anything that looks like it. I've just emailed my registrar so i guess i will know more tomorrow.
  20. Alternatively, you can set up a VM following this excellent guide,
  21. I've been agonizing over a response to specific parts of your reply for the last half hour but i think that is going to waste both our times. Suffice to say i did not intent my post to be received in the way it was. Regarding the Startssl thing, i've been in contact with the live chat however they were unable to help me, they are pointing to my registrar which they say has to "build" my email in to the whois info even though my domains whois states my email as the administrative and technical contact and my registrar is likely to point me at their paid ssl package. From the way thing
  22. Hold on, relax. Give me a moment to explain my train of thought. - Apache reverse proxy container, there's a guide on how to set this up. However, the maintainers of said container appear to have switched over to a different container also maintained by them based on nginx. - Nginx container, there is no guide on how to set this up and the container is seemingly not preconfigured to use as a reverse proxy. (i don't know anything about nginx so forgive me if its a very simple matter) aptalca - Lets Encrypt container, based on nginx and based on posts
  23. I understand that however it creates pointless extra work for people wanting to run a reverse proxy and use Lets Encrypt. You either have to switch over to nginx or macgyver a solution to get Lets Enrypt working with the reverse proxy apache docker. That said, the reason i wanted to try Lets Encrypt was because the StartSSL guide you wrote for the reverse proxy Apache container is giving me some problems, StartSSL doesn't pick up the right email adres to validate my domain with, all it gives me as options is, or, not m
  24. If that is the case might i suggest rewriting this and/or deprecating the reverse proxy Apache container, It is just about the first thing you run in to when you start looking at reverse proxying on Unraid.