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  1. A reminder, OpenVPN-AS supports Google Authenticator for an extra bit of security. You can find the option as a simple toggle box under "client settings". After that you login to your connect page, download a new profile and use the QR code beneath it to set up Google Authenticator.
  2. Same result, just a blank page. Unless i misunderstood what variable we are talking about.
  3. Hi. I'm trying to reverse proxy this docker but i'm not having any luck. I'm using these instructions, All i get is a blank page. The weird thing is if i view page source the code looks exactly the same as when i just go to Plex Requests internally.
  4. I'm toying around with this but all i'm getting is a blank page, if i look at the page source however it matches the normal Plex Request page source. Any ideas?
  5. Sort of curious, why that case and not the Lian Li PC-D8000?
  6. Lanyards. (with those clips, not those tin can ones like this,
  7. 20 in 24 hour, impressive. Still $125 for a used single core with not much frills doesnt seem like a deal. Socket 2011's are relatively rare, even rarer at this price.
  8. SuperMicro X9SRI Server MotherBoard W/ Heatsink (singe socket) 125$
  9. Small question, how do you add multiple files at the same time in the Handbrake container?
  10. Keep in mind that a D15 weighs quite a bit, and you are planning to double that weight. That and i very much doubt its going to fit. Personally i am using two Scythe Katana 4's, half the price of the i4 and keeps things cool enough.
  11. This should be the cheapest source for EU DDR3 ECC RAM other than occasional deals.
  12. Try reinstalling the plugin, it was acting weird for me a couple of weeks ago and a reinstall fixed it.
  13. - Dual socket 1366 motherboard - IPMI - Dual gigabit ethernet - 14 SATA ports of which 8 are from a LSI 1068E controller - 6 RAM slots (max 96GB RAM) SOLD OUT Replacement but less SATA ports,
  14. For any Europeans with a dual Xeon setup, here's some RAM.
  15. (Not mine) 6 total, each only used for 3 days. Probably no warranty.
  16. SOLD OUT Not really an Unraid thing but useful for homelabbers. These usually go for 20$/30$ more.
  17. Needs a quick clarification regarding non-cache SSD's. Can i just add a SSD to the normal pool, not add it to any of my existing shares and use it as fast storage to store VM's or am i completely bound to the max speed of my parity drive?
  18. Not mine by the way, i've had my eye on it for a while but it doesn't look like i'll be able to afford it any time soon.
  19. Get the Asrock, more RAM slots so you have room to upgrade your RAM and it has full size PCI-e ports. Edit: and quad gigabit, just in case Unraid ever gets quad gigabit teaming.
  20. AMCC 9650SE-12ML 12-Port SATA PCIe SATA II Raid Controller 700-3226-00J The shipping kills it for me but anyone who is US based should snap one up ASAP. Credit to /u/ruralcricket on /r/Datahoarder for the find.
  21. Apologies if this has been mentioned before but is there any word on a definitive non-beta 6.2 release? I'm looking to virtualize my gaming rig but i'd like to avoid the upgrade bump and only do it after a final 6.2 release.