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  1. Something in the bios perhaps with some USB wake up option?
  2. Admittedly i'm not up to date on backplane costs but i think its a decent enough deal. 3U 16 bay cases are not really available though so this is one for the DIY-ers.
  3. I haven't tried yet but assume that they can not. Personally i have enough free sata ports for any near future expansion and i'll probably pick up a PIKE card for cheap in a couple of years.
  4. You should be able to import this one from Germany,
  5. Anything new in the 50€ pricerange is useless. Linustechtips for the long explanation, TL;DR Graphics power wise its overpriced. Assuming Western-Europe and a decent used market in your country you should be able to get a HD6870 for the same money.
  6. Functionally its not going to matter that much unless you intend to do anything which will keep the CPU's occupied at 100% for long periods of time. Do whatever keeps the drives coolest, they need the cooling more than the CPU's need 5°C less.
  7. FYI, i used the Scythe Katana 4 cooler and that maxed out at 65°C under full load. Open test bench, 24°C ambient room temp.
  8. They realized their mistake, price got bumped up to 79€
  9. Feels like at least 10°C too high. What is your ambient room temp en what kind of paste are you using?
  10. To which my reply would again be, how? As far as i can tell there's no vi or vim.
  11. First off, good to see you switched to the official docker container. I have a small problem however. I added the docker however i'm getting the following error: It does give me a button to click to add it to the trusted domains but that doesn't work.
  12. are you sure this wont fit a 4U rack case? The 212 is 159mm, as i understand it the max height in a 4U case is about 149mm-ish
  13. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO keeps one of these at a solid 50Cº on an open air testbench at full load, that isn't going to fit in a 4U case though.
  14. Yea get a Seasonic, its worth it just for the 5 year warranty.
  15. For anyone in Europe, looks like deepdiscountservers is offering slightly cheaper shipping right now. I budged and ordered my second one.
  16. FYI people, i think we are coming up on the end of the supply, several of the Ebay dealers have stopped relisting them. Which is understandable considering that deepdiscountservers and stalliontek have together sold about 3000-4000 of them.
  17. If you want to go cheaper look for a used Thermaltake Armor case.