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  1. Only difficulty is going to be finding an affordable socket 2011 board.
  2. I'm sorry if i'm being stupid but, i add the container, leave everything default and get nothing but, This webpage is not available ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED I get this with both the Owncloud containers listed in community applications.
  3. Everything is working fine now. Slow transfer speeds got fixed by turning on Jumbo Frames on my network card and increasing the send/recieve buffers. The dockers issues are also solved after completely deleting the docker img and restarting the server.
  4. Yes but how do i fix it? Its not like the share is listed in the shares menu.
  5. Just tried to get the diagnostics through ssh,!7htEDayC!mbHRE_ItIFIL-dRrc6OFNbn_1a1u0wGsmHbVvJaABJo The http://tower/log/syslog,!jhNC2TJS!uyKTv4C-lvaSL6J0GS8QmiBmDwLVPeQWSrAEyymF_Gc syslog through cp /var/log/syslog /boot,!bwcn2SAZ!f_enqDRpYmMZSngo9Gt4tgpag0BUgw-N6r-ctb7rcNQ And here's diagnostics from earlier today,!mtcFEIbY!OOR6Eg9ebFROz_H7dXoiEb59zbS_VDPrkeRsBfrE_AY
  6. Can you expand on that read-only problem a little more... The mnt/ssd is probably because you're mounting an ssd drive through the unassigned devices plugin. Entirely possible if not for the fact that there's only 1 ssd in the server and i don't have the unassigned devices plugin Also, when i create the img in /mnt/ssd/ the number of writes on the cache ssd increases. Scenario: I turned Docker on, put the img in /mnt/cache/, added the Lime-Tech Plex container, tried to add a second container and then i got a similar error to this one,
  7. Confirmed that its network issues. As a small side question, as i understand it docker appdata/img goes in /mnt/cache/ but every time i do that the docker img seems to go in to read-only after a while. However i also have a /mnt/ssd/ share where it doesn't do that.
  8. I don't know what happened but suddenly the individual disk write tests are 20 MB/s faster. The slowest result i'm getting now is faster than the fastest one in the first round of tests. I did restart the Plex docker between the first test and the ones i'm running now. Any chance that the indexing Plex was doing last night had a residual effect on speeds today? Unraid > Desktop (to SSD) just got me the most consistent transfer ever, it never dipped below 63 MB/s and never went over 64 MB/s. Single 11.8GB movie file. I also just tried 3 1080p Castle episodes 350MB
  9. Hi sorry to bother people with this but i just started using Unraid and i was wondering if there was any way to crank up my transfer speeds. I'm in the process of copying all my data back and its taking a long ass time. When i'm mass transferring data to the server i get about 70 MB/s to 80 MB/s up until when the cache drive fills up and then it falls back to about 50 MB/s. Do you guys have any suggestions to increase speeds or if there is anything wrong? Also some context on the strange mix of disks, most of them are second hand. All the 3TB Hitachi's came from Iomega's Dutch r
  10. There's bound to be some syncing software which can do "New device detected, copying everything!".
  11. Small stylish cheap case with room for hotswap bays? Those are some words which don't really fit together. Drop the stylish and go for a Silverstone DS380. (yes, that is cheap) Secondly, look for a motherboard with on board wifi or get a USB wifi adapter because you are inevitably going to need that PCI-e slot empty for more sata ports. The Gigabyte GA-H170N-WIFI maybe? AC wifi, 6 sata ports, socket 1151, 2 RAM slots. (do M.2 slots work in Unraid? As cache maybe?) Get a single 8GB RAM stick, that leaves you room to expand.
  12. FYI, Ublock Origin doesn't seem to have any issues.
  13. Thanks for all the help guys. The array is building right now.
  14. I assume i can just designate a 4TB as the parity drive if i ever start expanding again?
  15. Not a problem, i have enough storage capacity spread around the house to temporarily stash 10TB. So, 7x3TB as data 1x4TB as parity 1x120GB SSD as cache That would work right?
  16. Hello! I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, its my first time posting here. I'm currently on the verge of overhauling my media server and i need some advice on if Unraid is right for my situation. Specs: Intel Core i7 860 Gigabyte P55-UD6 12GB Non-ECC RAM 7x 3TB, 1x4TB(Parity drive?) Miscellaneous 1TB to 2TB drives which i may or may not end up using SAMSUNG MZ7WD120HAFV 120GB SSD(Cache?) Unused Dell H200 for future drive expansions Its running Windows Server 2012 with Drivebender for pooling/redundancy. Up until now i've always thrown in a couple of extra drives ev