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  1. Downloading not so much.. but if you receive the channel unencrypted you could record it. For example a Plex (DVR) and/or TvHeadend docker on your Unraid server + a networked HDHomerun 4DC tuner.
  2. Sorry to resurrect. Have you found a cause? Same here; duplicate files (without and with tracknumber prefix) Seems it copies+renames but wont delete old file. I noticed all tracks (within an album) with tracknumber are modified one minute later than the ones without.. And not by the mover i think, but by Headphones docker when its importing / sorting the files. My setup also won't delete the folders that where processed using the "force import" option. File/folder owner is nobody and group is users though..
  3. Exactly. I understand that /mnt/user/ combines /mnt/disk1/ /mnt/disk2/ and /mnt/cache/ as one view. My Linux foo is not that strong .. how can i find the Hard Links in my entire drives/shares? These are between different folders on potentially different disks.. Manually looking in every folder combination by running find . -samefile /path/to/file is a lot of work. And ... can the dockers even create hard links between two Shares ? Since its not recommended by Lime Technology on this forum, but dockers might try anyway. (so far nothing broke yet, and i would like to keep it this way..)
  4. I am using Unradid 6.3.5 with dockers Plex, Sonarr, and Deluge. I've always had Sonarr move the file that Deluge completed, and in order for that to work i put the download folder inside my Media share so it really was instantanious (within same share / disks). This worked really well, no hard links involved. Fast forward to last week, when i decided to break improve this by storing downloads in a dedicated Downloads share thats set to Prefer cache disk. (in hindsight, i remember the gain was minimal because the new downloads stored in that Media share still used the Cache disk upto 24 hours before the mover kicked in) Question 1: My first mistake was that i somehow had Sonarr (and Radarr) use Hard Links, instead of move or copy. I mounted the Sonarr docker /media to /mnt/user/Media/ ..and on this forum i read now that hard links are not supported. So i'd like to undo the mess i made. How to get rid of these? Can i just delete stuff from /mnt/cache/ and have the "other" link survive? Question 2: What would be the best way to have dockers for Deluge and Sonarr work together, but have Deluge not download to my Media share?
  5. FYI - This Unraid plugin allows me to set a timeout delay per docker and starting them in a specified order. Have been using it for a while now and it helps avoid false alarms in interdependant dockers.
  6. When updating node-red container, i got this error: Removing orphan image: 0188edb887fd Error: Error code The downloads and update and start went OK.. but Unraid could note remove this orphaned image. Does this indicate a problem that needs fixing?
  7. Well since i seem to be making progress (aka having luck) i'll keep documenting so that others can learn from this, or tell me how its supposed to be done. Current state: after a reboot and increasing the docker image size dockers work but still no webinterface. I was able to change the docker image size because the webinterface momentarily worked, and had to force a reset via the console. I'm hoping that the webinterface magically starts working after 20 hours of uptime like it did last time, but thats not a solution. edit: webinterface just started working now, after 11,5 hours of uptime. No idea why it took so long.. starting a check right now to rule out that one kind of gremlin.
  8. Since i cant work on this again for the next few hours i descided to just reboot this server and hope for the best. When clicking Stop the drive array, it now just says "Unmounting disks...Retry unmounting disk share(s)...". And i cant find out whats blocking it. root@bTower:~# ls /mnt disk1/ disks/ root@bTower:~# lsof | grep /mnt/disk1/ root@bTower:~#
  9. Here it says but i cant find what that procedure is. Or is that just referring to the image hash that needs to be computed?
  10. Perhaps the mover moved the docker.img to disk1? Should i move it to cache?
  11. And all of a sudden (about 18 hours after the update) the Dynamix web interface started working, and even on the custom port 8888 that i previously set it. Strange .. as the machine was idling. The docker tab is missing.. so not sure what to do now.. and if doing a reboot now is unsafe or recommended instead.. insights welcome.
  12. No i had not read the "release notes" in depth, but i have read the "upgrade notes" just above that which only list reasonable 3 points. I had no reason to believe there would be more "upgrade notes" hidden below the "release notes" just below that. I skimmed over those having already read those in the blog.. Here i had typed a really satisfying rant on Unraid info being chaotic here (call it constructive critisism) but that wont help me solve this problem now. So i removed it. Anyway, what could i have missed? I'm reading it now but besides not disabling auto-start i'm not aware of anything that i did wrong. How can i disable autostart from the console / without the web interface?
  13. Odd. The 6.2 release thread points to this thread about 6.1 for plugin support. Does that mean that any plugin that worked in 6.1.x is expected to work OK in 6.2 ? That would be worth pointing out explicitly.
  14. I only just figured out that i can run "diagnostics" at the console, sorry. I attached the resulting ZIP file to my original top post. And /var/log/syslog says its at /mnt/disk1/docker.img and i checked, its actually there. And 10G big!?