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  1. http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=378044 The .exe works flawlessly not tried Linux script.
  2. I write to the array around that speed. (25mb/s) Chipset limitations i guess
  3. https://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php/UnRAID_6/VM_Guest_Support#Upgrading_a_VM_to_Windows_10 Yes ONLY cpu0
  4. The only time i have seen my gtx980 show error in device manager is when it couldnt passthrough the card properly. supermicro bios option to prioritise IGP solved this issue and windows let me install current nVidia drivers no probs. The only way you can passthrough the GT610 when using Linux Mint is to configure the dumped rom file in the template? what options does the graphics passthrough menu in the Win10 template show? Iam reaching my experience limit here.
  5. according to the guide as you are upgrading you should only select cpu0. revert to your normal settings after update
  6. All is well after a painless clean install of my flash drive
  7. Has it given you the option to start installing windows 10? Via VNC So the Linux mint install VM is running with your GPU passed through? Or is that vnc?
  8. No not multi monitor. Your Intel CPU i3-6100 has iris 530. This MUST be the priority for boot device. One of two options, check your manual. Put HDMI into motherboard IO socket not gpu. Test monitor/TV signal. If it shows unRAID booting then it's working. Select you GT610 in VM template. Start VM. Swap HDMI cable to GPU socket. Check monitor/TV Careful don't touch HDMI plug to chassis metal. I blew a power supply doing that once :-(
  9. Enable the integrated graphics option on your motherboard BIOS IGP option. This way it can free up the GT610 for passthrough.
  10. I recently swapped my cache drive which held my libvirt image. I cant recreate a new one to startup VM manager. So far i have stopped VM manager, deleted non existent image from within the UI in VM manager. Enabled VM manager hoping it would create a libvirt image in my chosen location but its just looking for a file? docker.img`s created in my chosen location with no problems. hope someone can help me iam losing my mind
  11. I have been using my current build for just over a year. I originally had an i3 6100T (dualcore hyperthreaded ECC) Running dirextx modern games it struggled so i upgraded to the 1245v5 passing through x3 cores with threads. Gaming is a little CPU bound but i enjoy most of the games i have tried. Games like GTAV and Mafia III suffer with all the geometry calculations needed for the world environment. You may want to consider that a integrated GPU makes passing through a discrete GPU very easy for VM`s My honest opinion would be go the slightly cheaper route away from the C236 platform because the equivalent i7 6700K is the same chip less the ECC support(thx Intel) it also uses LESS watts than the e31245v5 and was cheaper when considering upgrades. I had to RMA this board because the bios corrupted after manual power cycle just killed it(never have i had that happen. ever) 2months to fix it aswell. I use a Raspberry Pi2 for my media so i dont transcode from the server. If you dont mind higher power consumption the E5 2670 sounds like a great build and ultimately cheaper with great performance. Seasonic is a great choice not sure you need that much wattage though. they are rated higher than they state in test articles i have read. Mine runs fine 450w with a gtx980 with 9 drives atm.
  12. i seem to have isolated my issue. I had to RMA this supermicro board. That took 2months! In that time i removed the cache drive because i wanted to buy a bigger one for when i received my board back. I never formatted the older drive which was my original cache drive. When the original is installed it is recognised as cache. ideal! Is there a proper procedure i should be following when removing a cache drive? So i can use another one.
  13. gubbgnutten suggested that in another thread i derailed regarding this issue. I have tried a few different browsers. nothing seems to stick. I have tried chrome,firefox,edge,chrome mobile and safari from mac osx thanks though
  14. I seem to have an ongoing issue with my cache drive not mounting when the system boots. The array comes online but not my cache drive. I must stop the array and add the cache manually. Once started all files /dockers/vm`s run as they all should. I decided to backup my appdata/dockers and delete the btrfs partition held on the cache drive. The drive was formatted and added as a cache drive. Reboot and the same issue. It makes no difference if i install the drive on the Rocketraid 640L or i use the motherboard sata port. Could someone take a look at the latest system log please? iam at a loss trying to fathom this out as i have not had this problem before. Thanks superserver-diagnostics-20170207-1745.zip