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  1. Thought I'd share my experience. I changed my drive configuration a couple weeks ago. Went from 7 2TB drives with BTRFS cache pool and 2 parity to 2 14TB drives with no cache and 1 parity. I too ran in the to sqlite database corruption with Plex. I thought it was something I did when I moved all the files to the new drives. I did perform the Plex database fix procedures a couple times since the drive change and then came across this thread. Since I have downgraded to Unraid 6.6.7 and it's been running fine for 5 days. Non of my shares are set to use to use a cache drive since moving to
  2. I may run memtest when I get a chance just to be sure. The server was pretty solid until I upgrade to 6.3.2. I can't remember when I installed Community Applications though. Since it locks after a the backup finishes on Sunday morning I'll try removing CA next.
  3. IMHO don't think it would drive the ram harder. If it passes memtest your memory should be good. How do the capacitors look on your motherboard? If they're leaking or popped up then you can have random issues.
  4. Disabling the Windows 10 VM didn't help. Now I've updated to Unraid 6.3.3 and CA 2017.04.09 we'll see what happens next Sunday...
  5. I noticed mid week a Windows 10 VM that I use to run Jackett wasn't running. I've been running Jackett inside a VM since I was getting a lot mono errors in Docker. It's the only VM I have running. I do have VirtualBox installed with no active machines. And this morning my server locked up again. I'll have to try turning off the VM next Saturday and see what happens on Sunday.
  6. My server is still working this Sunday. No hard reboot needed. Only thing different is I updated community applications, ca update applications, user scripts, dynamix system stats, virtualbox, and fix common problems during the last week.
  7. I have a USB keyboard and monitor plugged in. When it hangs I can wake up the console and switch terminals but I can't login.
  8. Mine fails @ 4am after the CA backups have completed. I did try running the backup by hand last week to see if it was the culprit and it ran fine.
  9. Sorry I grabbed the wrong file. Here's that last FCP caputured. rock-diagnostics-20170319-0403.zip
  10. This is the 4th week in a row when I have woken up to an unresponsive server. Cannot connect to the web GUI, SSH, or console and have to hard reboot. The issue always occurs on Sunday morning. I am not sure what is causing it. I have attached my FCP log file and am hoping someone might be able to shed some light as to what is going on. FCPsyslog_tail.zip
  11. Squid, I was planning in using the troubleshooting mode and I did forget to enable it this past Saturday, ugh. I was just wondering bpage's issue was resolved so I could check my setup to see if it had the same issue. Thanks!
  12. Any update on this? I'm going on my 3rd Sunday in a row of hang ups since upgrading to 6.3. Thanks!