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  1. Oooh! That makes sense! I even knew it was a newer beta version yet it just didn't click. So it looks like in place of having to manually add the devices in your virtual machines XML config file, you'll be able to simply select the devices you added to the syslinux configuration when you setup your virtual machine? I'll check out that sticky too when I get home and see if I can get it working that way and post back here if I have any problems. (I didn't try, only read them and got confused when it was completely different from what I watched) Thanks very much!
  2. Well I'm certainly not going to express my frustrations or anger, that's not fair to the community. I just wanted to say how I felt. Share my feelings and what not . Still, even that is pointless, albeit harmless (i think). Anywho no, i was given a message stating that I'm not allowed to post there. I'll try posting again to get the exact error...ummm... Well it worked this time. But I swear there was a message and not an error I just wish I remembered what it said exactly. Ooh well. I'm really sorry for creating a new thread for essentially no reason thank you for the very prompt reply though
  3. I'm confused...I was following the steps laid out in a video from LinusTechTips about setting up a VM in unRAID, and he mentioned having an entire USB controller passed through to the VM, and that sounded like EXACTLY how I wanted to do this. And even better, it seemed like the same method should work for any controller. Well, I tried his method with an onboard USB controller, my PCI Auzentech Sound card (that, for some reason, does not show up under the drop down list for sound cards), and my onboard network controller. And not a single one of them showed up under "Other PCI Devices" as shown here: I restarted the system as instructed, and placed the pci-stub.ids= line in the Syslinux config and it's just not showing up. I don't understand. The idea makes sense, I more than halfway understand what I'm attempting to do (not just blindly following instructions) yet no device I've added in the Syslinux config is showing up as selectable when creating a VM. I started looking around here and found guides that confused me even more because they did things COMPLETELY different from the way Linus did it, and not a single guide had any mention of the "Other PCI Devices" selection box. What am I missing here? Thanks!
  4. I'm a little confused and a little angry. I bought a 12 device license for unRAID and the only support offered is via the forums and I can't post in the section I need? What is going on? Someone please help. Thanks!