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  1. Take a look here to change the OSX port by default. It's in spanish but I think that you will get the idea in the video. If you don't undertand something put it here and will try to help. Gus
  2. Yes no problem. One of my Windows VM is running Blue Iris software without any problem. I had a spare 2TB drive I put on the system and created a new share. All the clips go to this share. If you don't want a disk in a share, mount a disk with unassigned devices. Gus
  3. Yes I know the content of those zip files but my question was where to look and what to look. Too much information to search if you don't know what to look for !!! thankyou Gus
  4. @Frank1940 exactly Frank. Solved rebooting my virtual machine. All appear to be well now!!!. How did you get those errors on my log file? What's the section to look at on those diagnostics files? Thankyou Gus
  5. Can someone tell me why I can't access webgui? All vm's and dockers working as expected, no problem accessing they. The problem appeared after installed delunge, I don't know if it can be related. Attached diagnostics (obtained on terminal ssh) Can I reboot from command line? Thankypu Gus unraid-media-diagnostics-20170225-2114.zip
  6. PARITY SYNC DONE !!! without any error. Finally solved. Thankyou all the people who helped specially @johnnie.black Gus
  7. OK, perfect !!! BTW how can a manufacter like asrock mount a controller like those "faulty" MARVELL's SE9230 ? Isn't there any firmware update to correct this? It's worth to lose time triying to fix it or if I need more sata use a DELL PERC H310 I bought? Thankyou Gus
  8. Thankyou @johnnie.black Followed your indications and I'm on the 22% of the parity-sync rebuild without any error. The 2 white sata conectors just at the left of the "marvell DO NOT USE conectors" I suppose are the 6Gb/s. Perhaps will be better to attach parity and ssd to this connectors and let the others for the data disks? Thankyou Gus
  9. I have attached all sata cables to the intel controller to start a new PARITY SYNC. After some minutes I have got the same problems as before. Some read errors on 2 disks. I have stopped parity sync until know what to do. Can it be caused by a faulty "Icy Dock MB975SP-B" case I have put? Attached diagnostics file. Thankyou Gus unraid-media-diagnostics-20170223-0020.zip
  10. Yes, Parity and SSD are on the marvel. Are Marvel problematic? Change all disc the to the intel controller? Thankyou Gus
  11. Thankyou @johnnie.black To re-sync parity disk I have to make a "new config" without parity disk and then a "new config" with the parity disk again? Thankyou Gus
  12. Yesterday morning I found some problems with my VM's been not accessible. After a reboot I have found my PARITY DISC DISSABLED. I can't think of a cause to these problems as I'm running the same dockers and vm's since november without any problem. I changed my computer some weeks ago but have been running without any problem since yesterday. I can only think of a system upgrade to 6.3 / 6.3.1 / 6.3.2 . Attached diagnostic file. Any help / idea will be greatly appreciated. Thankyou Gus
  13. I didn't close the ports yet. Will let it all night and post logs tomorrow. Thankyou @trurl !!! Gus
  14. @trurl attached diagnostics. let me see if you find anything suspicious !!! Thankyou Gus unraid-media-diagnostics-20161208-1725.zip
  15. Then this issue would be with any other command entered? I can do any other task without any problem, copy, list, midnight commander, etc (I changed ssh to a non standard port) and I have "apparently" no other problem. I RDP to a virtual machine very fluently between other tasks. Is there any log of people trying to access my server? Do you recommend closing all ports then? Thankyou Gus
  16. I don't know but didn't work as expected. Yes (no sensitive content) for the moment until I know how to access my server in a secure way. I have read about setting a vpn but didn't know exactly how to implement it. It's not safe putty+ssh? Is it safe to access trought MRP over one VM? Thankyou Gus
  17. ************************************************** SOLVED ************************************************** I have tried it locally on my Mac and has worked at first try, no more than 5seg to parse incremental list. What I don't know is why over internet using putty (ssh) doesn't work. Thankyou Gus
  18. I have found the rsync comand and I was planning to use it to sync an external drive connected with unassigned devices with one share. The unassigned device disk is a 2TB disk. I use putty over ssh to connect to my unraid machine as root and use: rsync --update --recursive --progress /mnt/disks/2tbdrive/ /mnt/disk1/share but it takes forever with: "sending incremental file list" Am I doing something wrong? Is it normal to take more than 1 hour to create the incremental file list? (I have stopped it after one hour) Thankyou Gus ************************************************** SOLVED ************************************************** I have tried it locally on my Mac and has worked at first try, no more than 5seg to parse incremental list. What I don't know is why over internet using putty (ssh) doesn't work.
  19. @gridrunner In the Spanish keyboard I have a " when I press shift + 2 not the @. Don't you have the "alt gr" key on your keyboards? To be able to type | I have to press the "alt gr" key + 1. To be able to type @ I have to press the "alt gr" key + 2. To be able to type # I have to press the "alt gr" key + 3. To be able to type € I have to press the "alt gr" key + E. I'm unable to type all those characters. In my search to find a solution there seem to be some programs to remap a key to another key, for example it would be easy to remap the "windows" ket to "alt gr" key. There's is SEIL or KARABINIER but they don't have yet the Mac OS Sierra version ready. SEIL: https://pqrs.org/osx/karabiner/seil.html.en'>https://pqrs.org/osx/karabiner/seil.html.en Karabinier: https://pqrs.org/osx/karabiner/ Gus
  20. I'm not on the computer, I use "as you told!!!" splashtop to connect from work (working flawlessly), but every time I have to enter for example an email address ... there's no "@" on my keyboard!!!! Thankyou Gus
  21. Thankyou @gridrunner I have it up and running and been able to change screen resolution. Is there any way to be able to enter symbols like "@" ? There's no way to use the "Alt Gr" key. I'm using the vnc keymap set to "es" (Spain) Inside OS VM I have set keyboard also to "Spanish ISO" and also tested "Spanish" without luck. Using Splashtop also the same problem. Any other thing to try? Thankyou Gus