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  1. Thank you for your answer I've used the "New Config" button under tools and taken out the drive "Disk 18" from the array and mounted it as its own drive share, so that i could move/copy data from it to the array. attempting to just move the files seems to trigger something on the disk that halted either the write speed to the array or the read speed from Disk 18. Copying the files from Disk 18 seems to work well however, keeping burst speeds at 200MB/s and shortly dropping to the 20MB/s range Maybe after the initial move over files (10/11 hours) I might be able to see whether or not it has improved the parity speed 😜 as I have yet to see after 20 hours of parity build even 1% complete Best Regards Weezmo tower-diagnostics-20190221-1645.zip
  2. Hi I've been trying to workout errors by seaching around the forum for people already having experience this or similar, but after 2 weeks of apparently not being able to work this out myself I call upon the aid of the Unraid masters patrolling the forum. The gear: Z9PE-D8 WS 2 X E5-2670 128GB ECC DDR3 ram 3 X LSI 9207-8i Case: Inter-Tech 4U 4424 https://www.inter-tech.de/en/products/ipc/storage-cases/4u-4424 Disks are a mix-match between 8TB Ironwolves, 6 and 3 TB Red's and a single Toshiba 3TB disks are connected through the LSI Adapters since yesterday connected as 2 SAS to SAS backplane (8 Ironwolf Disks) 2 x SAS to sata breakout cables (rest of the disks), this was done to see if backplane was causing the issue or the >cheaply< bought sas cables What I've experienced these last 2 weeks: I have been getting a few millions of CRC UDMA errors over the past few days My parity sync is usually lying around 1.5MB/s sometimes topping at about 5.4MB/s yesterday i moved my disks around, replaced some sas to sas cables with some previously used sas cables from an old DL380 G6 and breakout cables for the rest of the disk Best Regards Weezmo tower-diagnostics-20190221-1447.zip
  3. Hi My problem occurs when I am trying to create a new windows vm (windows 10) whenever I get to the disk selection, I install the VirtIO driver from the iso. when the "drive" shows up afterwards it shows 0mB free of 0mB *tried the windows 8.1 and 10 (64bit) driver, also tried 6.1.9 & 6.2 (beta) of unraid hoping some of you might know the solution ;p Kind Regards Weezmo