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  1. That's what I did...ordered a four pack from Amazon. Worked great!
  2. Is AD integration in all versions?
  3. Just applied the latest release candidate...went well, no issues so far. I like the new look/feel...
  4. You'll float too...YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!!
  5. Monthly on both of my servers as well...
  6. I use encryption on all of my drives...data and cache and have had no issues whatsoever...
  7. Johnnie, Can you break down what the mdcmd command does...specifically the "29"? Thanks!
  8. It could have been a real "Beast" doing this 6.6.6 upgrade, but "Mark" my words...it went very well so far... 😈
  9. I like to run my unRAID servers docker/VM free, hence the request for something to be baked in as a standard feature.
  10. OMFG...that's HIDEOUS!! Whatever works though, right?