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  1. Veracrypt...just create an encrypted volume on a share
  2. I did this a while back and used this method... Install Unassigned Devices and attach an external USB drive large enough to hold the data in your shares Copy all of the data from shares to the external drive Put in your new drives and assign as desired...hold off on assigning parity for now Set up your disks/shares as desired Copy data back to shares from the external drive Assign parity and let it rebuild I liked this method because I had a copy of my data on external USB and the disks I removed prior to the upgrade of the drives. Also, waiting to assign parity made the copying of the data back to the Unraid server faster...let it rebuild parity after the copy
  3. That's what I did...ordered a four pack from Amazon. Worked great!
  4. Just applied the latest release candidate...went well, no issues so far. I like the new look/feel...
  5. You'll float too...YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!!
  6. I use encryption on all of my drives...data and cache and have had no issues whatsoever...
  7. Johnnie, Can you break down what the mdcmd command does...specifically the "29"? Thanks!
  8. It could have been a real "Beast" doing this 6.6.6 upgrade, but "Mark" my words...it went very well so far... 😈
  9. I like to run my unRAID servers docker/VM free, hence the request for something to be baked in as a standard feature.
  10. OMFG...that's HIDEOUS!! Whatever works though, right?
  11. I would like to request the ability to easily (and possibly securely/remotely) backup the data on a primary unRAID system to a secondary unRAID system. Could a feature be added that allows a setup like this in the GUI? Something that sets up a secure link between the systems, be they local or remote and backs up on a schedule? I know RClone and Rsync are already plugin options, but I'm looking for something baked into unRAID. Perhaps Limetech could even offer a discounted two system bundle on matching licenses for creating this kind of setup?
  12. +1 on this feature for me...
  13. I wasn't drinking beer either, but I was stuffing my face with pasta...and still it went off without a hitch...
  14. Thanks for the info, I'll check it out too!
  15. Thanks for the info, I'll check it out!
  16. If you get a chance to check, please let me know what you found that worked... Thanks!
  17. Curious...what other solution did you use? Thanks!
  18. Sure, glad too... I wanted to encrypt my volumes so if a drive failed, I could simply pull the disk and send it in for warranty repair. This is ideal in the event of a mechanical failure of the disk as the data has been stored encrypted...I don't have to worry about anybody at the factory reading it. I also wanted the array to autostart on boot/reboot... LimeTech gave me the following advice: This can be accomplished by saving your encryption keyfile somewhere on your USB flash boot device, maybe in 'config' directory. Then edit your 'go' file and put this just before emhttp is started: ln -s /boot/config/keyfile /root Edit: be sure and make a backup of your USB flash device: Main/Flash click Flash Backup to download a zip of your USB flash contents. Note that this zip file can be fed into our USB Creator tool if needed to migrate to a new USB flash device. ----- So, I copied the key file to the area suggested, renamed it to keyfile and editted the go file with WordPad to insert the suggested line. Once I did that, the array autostarts on reboot! Not helpful if my hardware gets stolen, but good enough for dealing with disk failure/warranty work.