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  1. After dealing with many SQLite corruption issues I finally bit the bullet and rebuilt my plex library from scratch and bought an SSD to use as a cache drive in the hopes of avoiding any more issues that have prevented my plex server from functioning for a couple weeks now. The plex server had been running for a couple days without issues after creating fresh libraries but now I am unable to get the web UI to load at all and the docker logs say that Plex Media Server is crashing in a loop with the following error. ****** PLEX MEDIA SERVER CRASHED, CRASH REPORT WRITTEN: /config/Library/Appli
  2. @kizer Thanks for that, that's interesting. I certainly want to see better start up times for Plex in general and am looking forward to getting all my drives spun down during the majority of the day but thought that I ultimately needed those files on the array for safety. Do you know if I have the share set to Prefer if itll use all those files on cache before spinning up a drive? Or do I need to really cut over to cache only to get that kind of change?
  3. @Storm King I think that was what was happening and since I didnt have backups from long enough ago to be sure it would be safe I ended up killing the database and rebuilding it all from scratch. I will be making fresh backups once I confirm its all working again. @kizer Why do you use cache only instead of prefer? Do you backup all that appdata somewhere else to guard against your cache drive failing? I am just setting up a cache for the first time here so I want to do it right at the onset.
  4. Now I am also unable to get Plex to show its web UI and the docker is basically constant at 30% CPU usage which is way higher than normal.
  5. Should my volume mappings for plex and other docker containers be set to /mnt/cache/appdata/[appname]? The share that all the data is on, appdata, is set to cache preferred right now and it appears that all the data is in sync between the array and the cache.
  6. @bonienl Well I hit Compute All, waited a little while, but now its saying there are no exportable user shares. Not sure if that just means its still computing in the background though...hope thats the case.
  7. So currently I am unable to get Plex to load past the main logo screen and am unsure of what to do. The cache drive was recently installed and then I modified the appdata share to be cache preferred. Now I think there is something wrong with my appdata share or the docker settings for Plex but I think I set them in the same way as is shown on popular tutorials. And I updated from 6.6.7 to 6.7.2.
  8. @Squid I am going through that process now but getting several failures when adding from user-templates. And this is on top of my Plex config showing all my basic data like users and settings but no libraries which is what has been the consistent issue over the last few weeks for me. Something is certainly still wrong with that and I am hoping I can restore things to where they were before needing to do everything over from scratch. root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='Netdata' --net='host' --log-opt max-size='20m' --log-opt max-f
  9. Been having issues with 6.7 after updating from 6.6.7 that were consistent with what others were seeing regarding SQLite corruptions on Plex and Sonarr databases. Since issues did not seem to be happening when the apps were running on a cache drive I bought one and installed it but fear that I messed up the order of switching everything over. I installed the cache drive, added it to the array, set appdata to cache prefer then ran the mover and attempted to change container paths that seemed obvious but now I am unable to get Plex to load properly and there is a docker image warning on the Dock
  10. I am seeing more corruptions after resetting everything from scratch with the latest 6.8.0-rc1 build. Repaired the Plex database after upgrading Unraid and was able to get my libraries back online but after some basic testing and some more importing of backed up shows I seem to be right back where I started. Any ideas? Really frustrating to see it all just undo my settings after I put them all back manually. glacier-diagnostics-20191013-2016.zip
  11. @Rich Minear When you downgraded, did you need to do anything else to the dockers to make them work again? I downgraded to 6.6.7 recently when I realized this issue (a little late to the party) but I am still seeing problems in my Plex libraries and Sonarr. I don't think its a full corruption since people seem to need to rebuild after that, but some libraries wont play media or load metadata from the web like poster art and Sonarr won't go past the first loading screen. Just trying to figure out all the right steps to take here. Thanks
  12. Thanks @BRiT ill follow that, I wasn't sure if it was the same thing since I don't know if I am seeing the same corruptions or something different than causes only one library in Plex to fail.
  13. I am still seeing issues similar to what has been described here, I was running 6.7.2 and seeing Plex and Sonarr issues but then I downgraded to 6.6.7 and am still having the same issues. With Plex I was having issues with metadata in my TV library not loading anymore even when it had been loaded in the past (posters, background images, etc) and I could not get any TV shows to play. My Movies library played fine for some reason though. Sonarr was just stuck on the loading page no matter what I tried. All these problems were originally found on 6.7.2 and remained when I downgraded to 6.6.7. Any