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  1. Your VM problem seems likely unrelated to changing flash.


    If possible before rebooting and preferably with the array started
    Go to Tools - Diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics ZIP file to your NEXT post in this thread.

  2. If you have super.dat in the config folder then Unraid will know the disk assignments. The plugins folder contains your docker templates so those will probably work just as they are assuming they are all still there.


    Sounds like maybe the go file was missing from config. That is how the webUI gets started.

  3. The config folder on flash contains everything you need to get going again on a new install. If you didn't have a backup you would have to set things up again but probably most data on your disks should be there.


    Unclear what your current situation is, does it boot? 

  4. 29 minutes ago, Con said:

    I restored my flash back up to another USB. But installing key is not working.

    Your flash backup should have a .key file in the config folder and you need to copy that .key file to the config folder on your new flash. Was this a trial key?

  5. I think you should reconsider how you are using cache. A 1TB cache should never get full. And making mover run more often will likely just get in the way. Mover is intended for idle time. It is impossible to move from faster cache to slower array as fast as you can write to faster cache, and moving while still writing is going to make things even worse.


    I recommend not caching initial data load at all. After that, how much do you really expect to write to your server daily?


    If you want more detailed recommendations post your diagnostics.


  6. Usually in syslog you will see each data disk mount in order, then each pool (cache) mount, then user shares (and user0) mount, then the vdisks for docker.img and libvirt.img mounts.


    In your case, after cache mounts, instead of the attempt to mount user shares, you are getting these errors:

    Jan 13 16:56:18 Hal-9000 emhttpd: error: get_filesystem_status, 6618: Operation not supported (95): getxattr: /mnt/user/# Backups - Rob

    Do you have something that might be trying to access that path before it exists?

  7. To change any assignments you have to New Config.


    New Config, unassign parity2, assign all other disks as you wish, but make sure all data disks you had before are assigned with none removed and none added. Parity1 will be valid, so check the parity is valid box and start the array.


    Then, stop the array, assign parity2, start the array to begin rebuild of parity2.

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