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  1. Are you guys planning on releasing new versions for other 6.8 rc series or just waiting until 6.8 goes final? thanks so much for releasing rc1 as the 6.8 series has been a long time coming and still getting to use my P2000 is a fantastic bonus. cheers!
  2. I can confirm that this issue is resolved in 6.8. Happy days 😁
  3. I also tried other actions which open new tabs like viewing logs for a docker container. this works successfully and no window sessions are lost
  4. Cookies are not deleted or blocked. If this was the case surely going to different tabs on the main interface also have this behaviour? To clarify the original tab and the new tab are logged out
  5. I'm testing array performance in the next while. I will report back when testing is completed
  6. Hi, I can move between the tabs no problem. But I am logged out when clicking the following. clicking terminal icon. This opens the terminal button refresh or moving to other window this has not been logged out clicking on the log button. This logs out both the log tab and the main tab i can confirm this doesn't occur in Chrome on a Windows 10 device.
  7. I have a broken foot and all I want to do is dance! Thanks to @limetech and everyone in the beta test programme for their hard work. It really is appreciated
  8. Thanks to @limetech and @johnnie.black for weighing in. Very much looking forward to the RC's when soon™ arrives. Hopefully it also fixes the SQLite corruption for the portion of the community it affects as well who have been/are affected by the performance issues documented thoroughly elsewhere were delighted to hear that 6.8 solves that particular issue. we all await it's release to give it a thorough going over!
  9. Would @limetechor anyone else in the know comment on whether a 6.8 release candidate will only be released once the SQLite issue is resolved? im eagerly awaiting 6.8 for the performance issue resolution now confirmed for this version. The SQLite issue has luckily never impacted me. It sounds like a nightmare issue though!
  10. Unfortunately soon tends to be a very long time!
  11. @sittingmongoose see this post by limetech. It's fixed in 6.8. I would however be dubious about a fix being backported at this stage. Hopefully 6.8 will be out soon™️
  12. As this is apparently fixed in 6.8 would @limetech give a breakdown of what caused the issue and what the fix was with a bit of technical detail. I'm sure many in this thread would be very interested
  13. Just have 1 parity of 10gb and put the rest as data or even put the 1TB as a cache
  14. It looks like your new server is reporting each drive with extra information in the identification string hence unRAID is seeing a mismatch. if you don't mind losing and rebuilding parity do a new config and assign all the disks into appropriate slots. Start the array and rebuild parity.
  15. Sorry for wasting your time. I feel like such a fool