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  1. Simple question: Is it possible to install unRaid 6 on an HP Proliant DL380 G6?
  2. By pure luck I have got my hands on an HP Proviant dl160 G5 and my only question will it work with unraid?
  3. I just built this server Server parts and I cannot get it to boot. It starts just fine but that is as much I get. I have rebuilt the USB drive no change. Please advice!
  4. The Common problems app suggested that I should ask for help here, so that is what I am doing. I dont have any problems that I am aware of lots of memory usage at times but I have three VMs running and a few docker containers so I am not surprised that the memory is used. Hopefully you can see why the server says that I should do this.
  5. Hey! My unraid server has shutdown twice the last week. The syslog it to shallow - were do I find the real meat? My router logs last seen so I have a tiem when it disapeared from the local net but that time isnt in the log files. Please help!
  6. I got 4, 2 TB disks and two SSDs 128 and 256 Gb. I have room for one more disk, parity is my thought, but how big? Is 2 Tb enough? Is there a way to change unraid to use all disks instead of me poiting to what disk to use?
  7. Soon I will receive an fiber switch and I'd like to make my unraid system to sfp instead of ethernet but what card is compatible with unraid?
  8. I am running two Ubuntu Servers as VMs both refuses to update, sudo apt update works just fine but doesn't fetch anything, when I log in it states that it has over 200 updates. Mind you first time user of Unraid OS and VMs - so I might aswell doing a crazy rookie mistake.
  9. Got a warning today that the cache disk is almost full, say what? I thought that was a temporary storage before it moves everything to the diskpool?
  10. Hello - completly new to unriad OS coming from FreeNAS. I am still at install with my trial-key, in my machine I have 4 2 Tb disks and one 250 Gb SSD with the USB key that is 6 devices. I gussed that the trial key is the same as BASIC. I assigned the SSD as cache, one of the 2 Tb disk as parity, after this I can only add one more disk, two as greyed out and I cannot start the array build since I have to many devices attached. I can add any of the disks to the array but two is the maximum atm. So there you have my noob/newbie question and also how active this forum is for me.