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  1. Sorry to seem like a complete idiot, but is there something special with the unraid that causes it to be instantly hacked when connected to internte without vpn?
  2. So.....If I open these ports then owncloud would work fine? Just for information. At the moment there is nothing on the server that is critical. Call it a test server to learn the basics. It has a few files only to find out how it works. When I get the hang of things I will implement the necessary security layers.
  3. That is my plan, but I did not want to put another layer of trouble to my existing problems. When everything is running fine I will put it on VPN
  4. Hi There I have just set up unraid and are getting used to it. I have no knowledge to linux or similar so I need some detailed instructions:) I have earlier had an Synology server but it was just so incredible slow that I lost patience with it and wanted to buid something by myself. So far Unraid seems to be working fine but I have some issues with connections. I Have tried to connect to the server using that has been working fine for Synology, but here it seems to be difficult. I have set up Owncloud but without being able to connect there is no use for it. I can access it only through the web interface locall. The app will not connect either local or external. Have also installed MineOS but can not connect to that one either:( Seems there is some issues with the permissions to access the server. It is permanent set to on my LAN. I have forwarded the following ports on my router: ID Port IP Protocol 1 8000 ALL 2 443 ALL 3 8080 ALL Any help would be appreciated Have attached the syslog.