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  1. Would SWAG cause any conflicts with the remote feature as long as SWAG is not utilizing port 443 or 80? Trying to figure out why my hash url isn't working.
  2. Looking forward to 2FA for root. I am now able to access gui via local IP bypassing security notice. My Servers says I'm online and with local access enabled but now the hash url isn't working. Also, it says it doesn't recommend port 444. Are their ports that are recommend?
  3. I found I am now only able to access unraid via a different computer that I originally had used to set this feature up. I can access it via hash or local IP but am unable to get to it from other computers on the network. Re-enabled remote feature and trying to get access via forums won't connect either. Plugin says it's working!?!?! EDIT... Working again. Not sure why it wasn't working before.
  4. Tried that route. Not working.
  5. Same questions. Disabled the plugin after disabling/logging out of the feature and now getting redirected to the hash URL. Currently unable to access GUI. Any way to get it working again? Seems this needs a way to allow easier LAN access.
  6. Any plans to add 2FA to the Secure Remote Access feature? I really like this feature.
  7. Having this issue. It's been working great for months without issues and suddenly this comes up. Tried to reinstall but same issue. Want to avoid starting from scratch. Only recent issue is my usb flash drive was messing up so took did a repair on a windows PC, restarted unraid and everything was back.
  8. Thank you. Are there any hints as to which of my 2 memory sticks may be failing? it's been a long time since I ran memtest86 but I remember it would take a long time to run.
  9. "Fix Common Problems" plugin detected error: Posting my diag. log here as the plugin suggests and hoping someone could take a quick look. I am not having any obvious issues at the moment. Everything seems to be working fine. Thanks
  10. Like: Ease of use. Using this on my first server and I like how easy it was to get everything going. The forums having been great for getting help. Wishlist: I could think of many but... Mobile app (Android)... Even if only for simple tasks such as restarting/power off the system and/or dockers would be great.
  11. Hello, First thank you! I finally found a docker with vpn that I could easily get working with organizr+LE. I do have two questions: How do I remove the username/password prompt? I tried changing it in unraid but the settings just get overridden. I see the credentials are in the settings.json file. Can I simply change the following to remove credentials and the login prompt? "rpc-password": "", "rpc-username": "", I am using auth_request /auth-# for my security Is my setup/understanding of the mappings correct? Should /data also be in my appdata folder? === File structure: /downloads /complete tv movies /incomplete /watch /tmp /media /tv /movies === Docker: /data <-> .../user/downloads/ /downloads <-> .../user/downloads/ /watch <-> .../user/downloads/watch/ TRANSMISSION_DOWNLOAD_DIR <-> /downloads /config <-> .../user/appdata/Transmission_VPN === Inside Transmission: Download to: <-> /downloads
  12. Fix Common Problems is reporting a Machine Check Events error. Hoping someone can take a look and determine it's nothing.
  13. Anybody know how to setup custom error pages? Specifically interested in 401 and 50x error pages.
  14. Just wondering if anyone noticed anything wrong with my setup? I had a power outage and on restart it couldn't find so I eneded up reinstalling from backup.
  15. Run command below: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='UniFi-Video' --net='bridge' --privileged=true -e TZ="America/Chicago" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'JVM_MX'='2000M' -p '1935:1935/tcp' -p '6666:6666/tcp' -p '7004:7004/udp' -p '7080:7080/tcp' -p '7442:7442/tcp' -p '7443:7443/tcp' -p '7444:7444/tcp' -p '7445:7445/tcp' -p '7446:7446/tcp' -p '7447:7447/tcp' -v '/mnt/cache/appdata/unifi-video/':'/var/lib/unifi-video':'rw' -v '/mnt/user/UnfiVideoShareForStorage':'/var/lib/unifi-video/videos':'rw' 'pducharme/unifi-video-controller' 127645ed1ce6085f53198044ec0c5f634b9289fd9f8991c029e5642806cf3384 Log: 2019-03-14 03:13:16.272339 [warn] PUID not defined (via -e PUID), defaulting to '99' 2019-03-14 03:13:16.527023 [warn] PGID not defined (via -e PGID), defaulting to '100' 2019-03-14 03:13:16.628321 [info] Permissions already set for volume mappings Starting unifi-video... (unifi-video) checking for and truststore files... done. Waiting for mongodb to come online..... done. I was able to restart without issues. It seems it happens when unraid is restarted.
  16. i figured it was something along those lines. Now just need to fix.
  17. Sorry, i'm still new to this... How do I execute a "run command" exactly?
  18. Not sure what you mean by "passing them in that order". Would me not having a cache disk (it's in future plans) affect anything? I don't normally use /mnt/cache for that reason. All files are currently where they are supposed to be. The file does exist inside /mnt/cache/app... In that past I've tried using custom path but the issue issue would occur. I "docker exec" into the docker and /mnt is empty. /var/cache/unifi-video has hls folder (empty) and exports folder (2 videos inside). I didn't see any other files elsewhere.
  19. Thanks for the docker but it's really frustrating me lately... Anytime the docker has to be restarted for whatever reason (restart server, power outage etc.) UniFi-Video docker stops working. The only error in the unraid log is always the same saying it can't find and resorts to a default file I suppose. The webGUI pulls up the login window but the credentials won't work. The only solution is to reinstall and restore from backup. I only use the default docker settings. I have a another Windows PC I use for home automation and I'm wondering if it would just be easier to install UniFi-Video on that, but I would like to keep the docker if I can just get it to work right. (unifi-video) WARNING!!!! cannot be found..restoring from : /usr/lib/unifi-video/etc/system.propetties Docker Mappings: /var/lib/unifi-video = /mnt/cache/appdata/unifi-video/ /var/lib/unifi-video/videos = /mnt/user/UnfiVideoShareForStorage
  20. Any updates? I reinstalled and stuck on "Starting Controller Services" Starting unifi-video... (unifi-video) checking for and truststore files...
  21. Is this issue something that will eventually get fixed? I've had to restart a few times and everytime I have to stop/start to VM manager to get the docker working again.
  22. A question please... I am test driving the software as I am considering ubiquity cameras... I connected my account but when I go to it stays stuck on "Connecting...". Is this a firewall issue or something else? I was under the impression that no port forwarding was needed.