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  1. I have created a number of docker containers and have assigned them static IP's. I can ping them from any other device on the network and they work as expected. I have a mail server running in one of the dockers and would like the unraid server to be able to send email messages to that server. When I ping the docker from the unraid server I get From tower.local ( icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable then when I check the arp table i get mail.local (incomplete) br0 Is there some setting that will allow the docker containers to respond to the unraid server? Thanks Chris
  2. I have installed the CrashPlan Pro docker and pay for the offsite storage this is nice because it backs up every 15 minutes and there is unlimited upload for the cost of the monthly subscription.
  3. Color scheme for the Black theme does not work very well.