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  1. Why is it a /user-plugins folder rather than a plugins /folder?  When I look up docs on rutorrent it talks about a plugins folder.  I initially created a plugins folder and added tracklabels.  That worked and I saw icons for stuff like movies, except the plugins folder got wiped when the docker restarted.  Then I tried adding the tracklabels to the user-plugins folder and the icons disappeared.  Weird.

  2. I have installed it and  it seems to me that the interface is the same. The binhex docker may even be marginally better as it shows the flags of connected peers and I don't think that the linuxserver docker did that - at least by default.  Or maybe I was using an old version? I agree that there are a lot of setting that are superflouous if you don't use a VPN, etc but it looks like you can disable those.  


    So this may be a decent path forward after all.

  3. I just installed the binhex docker and got it working.  It has a lot more config options that you have to play with to get it working when you start - like turning off OVPN, for example, and giving passwords. I never used passwords with the linuxserver docker but I only used it locally or after making a separate OVPN connection with the OVPN docker.

  4. To answer my own question, it looks like the changes have to be made in the rtorrent.rc file to change settling like bandwidth on a permanent basis.  I don't understand why changes made in the rutorrent don't "stick" with docker restarts. 


    Is that a feature or bug?

  5. Has any consideration been given to change the name of this plugin?  Isn't DVB a European digital video broadcasting standard?  That is one of the uses of this plugin, but I believe it is also used in other parts of the world for ATSC tuners, and encoders that capture HDMI or Component video. I use it with the Hauppauge HD-PVR to capture the output of Cable TV boxes in Canada. When I first started using unRAID and I was told that I needed this plugin I was confused as I don't use DVB.


    Wouldn't something like Media Server Plugin or Media Capture or Video Capture plugin be more accurate?

  6. Sorry to be confusing.


    The APs that were EOL'ed 7 days ago that I own are plain UAPs.  The EOL announcment was made a year ago but it just took effect 8 days ago - and that is assuming that it wasn't delayed.  According to the year old EOL announcement, you will not be able to configure the obsolete hardware on Controller versions released after March 1, 2021.  So I am assuming that any versions released prior to March 1, 2021, or eight days ago, should not be an issue.


    So unless I am interpreting this incorrectly, any software version released more than 8 days ago should support my UAPs.  Looking at the release notes pages of the Unifi Community that would seem to take you up to controller version 6.0.45 - the release notes were posted "a month ago" in the Unifi Community.  Therefore which software version released up to and including 6.0.45 would be the most stable? 


    So as long as 6.0.45 is not stable, and never will be, then I guess I will stay on 5.14 until I upgrade my UAPs and I hear that there is a more stable controller version.

  7. Thanks folks.  Anyone know the last version that is supposed to work with the older hardware?


    FYI - I am referring to this announcement which says:


    These UniFi AP models will continue to be supported by network controllers that have not upgraded to versions released past the obsoletion date (March 1, 2021). These AP models will still remain visible in controllers that are upgraded beyond the obsoletion date, but they will no longer be configurable.

    We are now past that date so presumably this means that any version that is released from this day forward will not support the old APs.

    I have 3 or 4 of the older UAPs that I will eventually replace, but I don't want to spend the cash right away. 

  8. Thanks Jonathan.  I am back up now.  There has been a lot of discussion on the stability of various versions.  any quick recommendation as to which is the most stable version.  I have some older UAPs which have just become unsupported.  I will want to pick a version and stick with it for a while as I believe that I won't be able to upgrade my controller and continuing using those UAPs.

  9. I tried to update my docker and I appear to have broken my Unifi docker and I need some help getting back.


    I am not sure what version I was running but when I look in my appdate folder autobackups they are named like this:  


    When I look at the docker install it shows:

    latest - The most recent build version of the Controller software, regardless of release train.
    LTS - The most recent Long Term Support release.
    5.9 - The most recent 5.9.x release.
    5.8 - The most recent 5.8.x release.
    5.7 - The most recent 5.7.x release.


    If I try to install 5.9 and go to the web UI I get a dialog to install the backup I get a message that I can't install this backup as it is from a newer version.  Can I install version 5.12?  If not then what version can I install that are after 5.12 but are stable?  And can I manually specify the version in the repository name, as in linuxserver/unifi-controller:5.12 ? But when I do that it says command failed.  


    How do I get back and what version do I move to? And how do I specify the version that I want as 5.9 works, but 5.12 does not.

  10. Very true, FireWire is somewhat obsolete.  But it is still the most dependable way to tune channels on cable boxes that support that functionality. So it is commonly used for DVR software, like SageTV.  Running SageTV in a docker under unRAID is a great solution. But this software is also fading away as linear TV becomes less popular and DVR solutions from cable companies, etc improve as does the amount of content available on-demand. I think I was the one who asked for FireWire support in DVB several years ago.

  11. Thanks.  I have neglected my unRAID system in recent years as I am only running 6.4.1 with the DVB edition and I use Firewire as it is often the best option for changing channels if it is supported by your cable box. But now I am scared to do an upgrade as I don't want to break things and it is working fine, except for the odd system crash.

  12. Does anyone know if this plugin works for the Hauppauge HD-PVR.  I have been using unRAID with the old DVB edition for years. This allowed me to use HD-PVR encoders with the SageTV docker in unRAID. It also added firewire support for channel changes.  Anyone know if this still works in the new plugin?

  13. 1 minute ago, Hoopster said:

    You read that a particular member of the ls.io team has decided to no longer build docker containers for unRAID.  His previous containers have been removed and are no longer supported.


    You did not read that ls.io in general is no longer supporting unRAID.

    Ok, thanks. I did read too much into that then.  My mistake.

  14. Maybe I read too much into this, but that occured last November when unRAID incorporated Nvidia drivers into the core OS. Here is a quote from CHBMB: (in this thread: https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/prereleases/unraid-os-version-690-beta35-available-r1125/?tab=comments#comment-11340&searchlight=1)


    I am very officially retiring from any form of Unraid development.

    And also:



    You'll be pleased to know I will no longer be producing any custom "unofficial" builds for all the things you've not wanted to pick up and support for the last 10 years.  A bit like unassigned devices and @dlandon, hell that should have been incorporated half a decade ago.  In fact, I won't be doing anything here from this point on.  


    Nearly 5 years of DVB and nearly 2 years of Nvidia.  You're welcome to them.


    DVB is all yours now as well.


    Good Luck.


  15. Another thing to keep in mind is that in 45 days Unifi is going to EOL a bunch of their older hardware.  You can continue to use the old hardware but you can't upgrade your controller version.  So people may want to be cognizant of that and purposely stay on older versions of the controller.





    What This Means:

    The following UniFi Access Point (AP) models will no longer receive new system releases, critical bug fixes, or security updates after March 1, 2021:





    UAP (v1+v2)

    UAP-LR (v1+v2)



    These UniFi AP models will continue to be supported by network controllers that have not upgraded to versions released past the obsoletion date (March 1, 2021). These AP models will still remain visible in controllers that are upgraded beyond the obsoletion date, but they will no longer be configurable.