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  1. Figured out what the problem was. The case and hot swap rack I have puts the drives on there side. I was going to try a new motherboard to see if that would fix it and when I turned the case on its side I figured I would try one more time and was surprised to see 63,563 KB/s. As soon as I turn the case back up it drops back to 8500 KB/s. Guess these green WD drives dont like being on there side.
  2. Here is a copy of my syslog. Rebuild on disk 3 has been running for 18 hours now and is 64% complete at a speed of 6345 KB/s. Thanks for help anyone could give me. syslog.txt
  3. I have 2 hard drives on the card and the rest are on the motherboard ports. As soon as I get home from work I will post my syslog. Thanks
  4. Im having a problem with my new unraid build. I have 6 WD green drives that pre cleared fine with 4k alignment. When I setup my array parity sync took 3 days to complete at an average speed of 8500 KB/s which i thought was rather slow. After finishing parity sync I noticed one drive had smart errors for raw read errors so i took the drive back and got another one and put it in. The array is now rebuilding but im still sitting around 8500 KB/s for 2 days now. Does anyone know why it might be going so slow? This is driving my crazy. My specs are as follows M/B: Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L CPU: