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  1. @limetech Ok, you will support DVB drivers for future releases? 😵
  2. Check this My example for Homeland: /^Homeland.*S08E.*1080p.*WEBRip.*/i
  3. Use repository: linuxserver/rutorrent:1fcd6618-ls15
  4. From my last post i try to latest version and after 5 hours i still get high cpu utilization. If I make the downgrade tag linuxserver/rutorrent:1fcd6618-ls15 cpu utilization it's fine. Any ideas?
  5. Yop... 😞 Downgrade rutorrent. Use repository: linuxserver/rutorrent:1fcd6618-ls15
  6. Last week (i think after rebase to alpine 3.9) i noticed randomly high cpu utilization - its fixed by restarting docker. Is this a problem for anyone else?
  7. I use DVBSky T330 with latest TVH docker and works fine...
  8. Why change it in XML when it's in a GUI? I tried to create a new VM and the same problem, I can't change the type of machine i440/Q35.
  9. I have two server 6.6.6 and 6.6.5. On both servers I got error when change VM machine type i440fx-x.x vs Q35-x.x. Im alone who get this error? On 6.5.3 change with no problem...
  10. @piotrasd for me, libreelec still doesn't work 😞
  11. I tried the file for libreelec 6.6.5 from @piotrasd but for me doesn't work. DVB plugin says it detected driver and adapter. TVheadend detects tuner but doesn't work. So I roll back to 6.5.3 and desperately waiting for another... 😞 I think the install process is: 1.) Update to 6.6.5 and reboot 2.) Download correct file from @piotrasd unzip/overwrite files on root flash drive and reboot again.
  12. Latest (linuxserver/tvheadend) its bug
  13. Channels in HEVC not working in latest two updates. How to downgrade to stable version? I im use repository linuxserver/tvheadend:release-4.2 or stable-4.2.1 or stable-4.0.9 but doesn't work.
  14. CrazyCat repo maybe here?
  15. Oh gosh, i didn't checking it. Thanks for info, now google time...
  16. They use Cisco switches, so multicast is supported. So if i understand correctly, if we enable multicast on switches, from the server side looks like a couple streams, right?
  17. 1600 user it's maximum peak. I think for real use is half or less. But you never know. Is one time project, for accommodation facilities. I just wanna pass-through DVT2 streams to the network.
  18. I would like to stream for 1600 users. I think it's better to use the pcie card than usb. But I do not know how much one stream needs computing power.
  19. Edit the rutorrent.rc file in the appdata share.