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  1. That makes sense, thanks a lot for a very good explanation Just waiting on disks and some other gear to arrive, then its gonna be time. Thanks again!
  2. I've got the Plus license They are formatted as xfs. I do have a full backup to cloud, though i would not wanna do a full re-down if possible, that would be rough Really its a price/need thing, currently i got 6tb array, which i really good enough for a while, so just going 4x3tb would be 9tb (1 parity) which would be way more then enough for a long while for me I could even just go 3x3tb just to save a bit initally since i dont really need the storrage increase just yet. I really wanna stay on WD Reds, and they are about 121 usd pr 3tb drive (converted from DKK) here i DK. So i could get away with an initial spend of 363usd contra 605 usd (2x8tb wd reds). But i do get your point Also maybe an important note, my current server only has support for 2.5" drives, where the new can do both (also one of the reasons for migrating to a new server). though atm the new one only got bays for 4 disks, but the plan is to upgrade that to 8 or 9, if/when needed.
  3. Hi So i'm planing to migrate my current unraid server to new hardware, and in the same run, i would like to go from my current array 6 (inc. parity) disks that are from 1-2tb in size each, to maybe just 4 disks but then do 3tb disks instead. Is there a good way to do this? Size upgrade seems easy, but the i could see an issue in going to a lower number of disks, since data is split between all of them.
  4. No idea how to change it? Where do i do that? Black would probably be better, the unraid website works pretty good with the colors, but on the unraid gui it seems like its just not fully implemented and thought trough. As i read it, it seems like its a work in progress, so hopefully there's gonna be some patches soon to maybe make the new design feel like its more like a whole thing, a not just some paint on top here and there, like it in my opinion feels like right now. This is truely ment as constructive criticism, i work as a developer and is by no means a designer, but i can appreciate good UI and UX, and looking forward for furture versions
  5. Upgrade went without any issues, thanks! Regarding the "new" gui, it really dosnt work for me. I understand trying to hit the same branding as the website, but it seems a bit half baked to me. Those bright colored buttons/text on white backgrounds just isn't pretty or nice to read, i'd rather see an upgrade to using some responsive framework instead of a random splash of paint.
  6. Quite interesting, i'll look in to that and do some tests thanks
  7. My server has 48Gigs of ram, and doesn't seem to fill up. They are all from Feb. this year. I'm copying about 40 files, ranging from 1.5gb to 4gb in size. I just tried to enable my cache drive on the share i'm copying to, and that seems to fix the issue. Just seems strange that i would need SSD cache to achieve a stable 80-100 mb's
  8. I just noticed today when i had to copy a large file to my Unraid array. I started out good with about 80-100 mb/s, but after a while it drops down to 5-15mb/s. Its a 4 disk array with 1 being parity + 1 SSD Cache (though cache is not enabled on the share im copying to).. Using all WD Blacks 7200rpm drives. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  9. Are there any supported FC HBA cards in Unraid?
  10. Hi I got a really good price on a "LSI 1932", and i got a LPE12002 FC HBA laying around unused. I initially thought everything would be fine and just work, but now after researching, i know see that it might not be that simple, and that i maybe should have gone for a SAS connected soloution instead. I'm still waiting to recieve the "1932" to test, but i got some questions in the meantime. Would this HBA work with unraid? Do unraid have support for any FC HBA cards out of the box? There are drivers available for Red hat and Suse, would they work on unraid? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Ahh i think i found the issue, simply me needing to change settings when connecting with RDP, to use the host audio, instead of playing on remote.. (doh!) Thanks anyways!
  12. I tried both the virtual audio cable, and adding the new device to xml. But still looks like i cant use those device when connecte with RDP.
  13. Hi So i got a windows VM running on my server (2U with no audio interface), its used to consume some rtmp video streams in OBS studio, and stream as one single stream to twitch. It also mixes in some audio playing on the VM. Now my problem is, that it seems that like obs wont get any audio, unless i'm connected to the VM via RDP? Is that because the server has no audio device? and therefore cant process audio unless the virtual RDP audio thing i there? So i would need to get a cheap usb soundcard and passthrough? Any advice, before i waste money on hardware?