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  1. Nothing happens when I type mc on the putty terminal, I just get a new line. Obviously I did something wrong, but I have no idea what it is. ???
  2. everything is in lower case, a habit I acquired since I started in linux
  3. It's not this. I know because I have put several audio folders at /mnt/cache/music to make sure it's not empty. I then selected this as the Music Library directory in the 'manage' tab and then pressed 'Submit Query' to force a libray scan. Nothing happens, the log says 'Cannot find directory: /mnt/cache/music. Not scanning', but the directory is there PS: I have changed the folder to /mnt/cache/_music to avoid it's moved, still can't find the directory
  4. Anyone got this running? I can parse the NZB to SAB and get it to download music but I'm having issues getting to recognize the directories. I'm getting in the log the message: WARNING Cannot find directory: /mnt/cache/music. Not scanning even though the folder does exist. PS: sorry to have posted this message in several threads, it's the only missing piece in my SAB/SB/CP setup and it's getting me crazy
  5. I don't know what I did when I first installed it, but this time I just followed your instructions and worked! thanks! PS: I re-started the server and everything seem to be working fine.
  6. I don't know what I'm doing wrong here... My set up is as follows: XBMC center running on the entertainment room on a dedicated Win7 machine Fresh installation, also running on Win7, on my desktop Before starting I ran a backup from the dedicated xbmc box. I backed up twice, first into separated files (jpg, tbn and nfo files) and another one into a single file, just in case. I then installed mySQL as per post 1 following the instructions up to step 2. I had no issues here. the only major difference is that instead of installing into the cache drive (or any other disk), I
  7. Hi Joe L, thanks a lot! I run the command and check the first program not installed, which was md5depp. I remove all occurrences from /boot/packages and then everything went fine. i check and all of them are there, lock'd and ready! BTW, how can I install md5deep, any ideas?
  8. For whatever reason (I really can't think of a valid one), the auto install feature doesn't work for many packages. When I restart the server and go to the Pck Manager tab, I can see many of my addons not installed. They are downloaded though... so I just have to click on install. After this the option of re-install on re-boot is automatically selected, and I can see the packages on the /boot/packages folder, but it doesn't re-install them. Any idea? this is quite a pain, I was starting to feel happy with my install and then this happened Some of the addons not started are the ba
  9. anyone? some guidance would be appreciate it PS: I started reading 'The Linux Command Line' from http://linuxcommand.org/
  10. I just installed SNAP, no problems during the installation and i can see the share in my windows machine. However, anything I put there gets the flag of system file and it's hidden in the windows client. I can see it in the console and with midnight commander but it's invisible in windows ??? any idea?
  11. True, but under Share settings I select No for "Use cache disk:" and I assume it's not used for cache. It just mounts the cache when it boots up. I was never going to replace cache with a removable disk. I was just wondering if there is any advantage to moving the apps disk I have to a SNAP mountable or leave assigned as the a non-caching cache drive. I don't really have an opinion on it. It might not be better either way. Just different. my 2 cents here... I'm thinking of using snap to install and apps drive outside of the cache for the simple reason of having
  12. Bear with me on this one... I don't know how relevant my 'story' is, just in case... I have attached a picture of my server, I have 1 parity, disk1, disk2 and 1 cache drive. The screenshoot is from this morning and shows no errors. I've been running unraid without issues since june. Then in september I started having issues while watching some files (i use a dedicated XBMC box). At firts I though it was because the connection to the server was wireless (I know isn't good, but that's the best I can do right now), but after some investigation (and some help from you guys) I pointe
  13. Thank you guys, I think I have it clear. I think I can read now a SMART report
  14. Ok what I thought. Why then the tests give me a PASSED result? Will Western Digital accept the drive if it passes the tests?
  15. Hi guys, This is my first post here. I've been running unRaid without much trouble for about 3/4 months. Indeed the forum and a quick search on google got me out of a few problems, but now I'm completely puzzled. I bought a Western Digital drive (WD20EARX) about 1.5 months ago. I run preclear (v1.11) for 5 times (this is the standard I use after long readings on the forums) and got a PASSED result. Please find below report: http://pastebin.com/jm7HsqLp Then about 2 weeks ago I started having problems on my XBMC box. Image froze and "bufffering" message appeared. I looked in