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  1. Few hours in and data rebuild seems good so far. Will report back with final results, but thanks in advance for the extremely quick response and help!
  2. My bad, I meant rebuild Data. I tried rebuilding data with old Disk 5, but got the error that the disk was too small (since new disk 5 was larger) I have put new Disk 5 back in and started Data rebuild. Hopefully that does the trick.
  3. Ok, so I shutdown, re-seated the cables, replaced the original Disk 5, and booted the server back up. It does appear that both Disk 4 and 5 are functioning. Is putting back old Disk 5 OK? If so, Should I do a parity rebuild or a new config with old Disk 5 in? If not, do I put new Disk 5 back in and do a parity rebuild? mediaserver-diagnostics-20200801-1419.zip
  4. ok, will do. My disks are all in a front slide-out Icy-Dock backplane, so I never open the case when replacing disks. But I will open it up, re-seat the cables, and boot up again
  5. I had shutdown my Unraid while we were gone for vacation and upon rebooting, Drive 5 was labelled as missing. I purchased a new drive, replaced drive 5 and started a parity rebuild. Almost immediately, drive 4 started having read errors and eventually dropped off. What are my options at this point and what are suggestions to proceed? Thanks! mediaserver-diagnostics-20200801-1102.zip
  6. sorry about that. Here is a new diag file after accessing the plugins tab a couple times and trying to install a couple plugins. mediaserver-diagnostics-20190611-1639.zip
  7. I have come across an issue where all my plugins show status 'unknown' and will not update. I can browse new plugins, but they will not install. After combing the forum I have taken these steps with no change in result. -in network, ensured the gateway was set to my router's address -in network, ensured the DNS entries were and -I have telneted in and successfully pinged and google.com -have restarted my server and router multiple times. Any other ideas to try? mediaserver-diagnostics-20190610-2222.zip
  8. I'm not sure. I only have 2 users set up and both have R/W. I've never (to my knowledge) changed those permissions from when they were first set up. Kinda stumped on this one especially since I've had no trouble with the 9 other drives.
  9. I have been slowly converting my 13 disk array from reiserfs to xfs. I have 4 disks left, but have run into an issue with unBalance. When I run the "Plan" stage to move files from any of the 4 remaining reiserfs disks to an xfs disk, unBalance warns me that I have permissions error with folders (anywhere from 4 to 22 depending on the disk). I have tried running Docker Safe New Permissions several times, but it does not fix the issue. I have also tried just going ahead and hitting the "move" button in unBalance. When I do, it goes to the transfer page and I see the list of folders like normal, but the process finishes in seconds with yellow checks next to each folder in the list and when I look at the contents of the destination drive, nothing was actually transfered. Any ideas on what's going on and how to fix it? Thanks!!!! mediaserver-diagnostics-20190214-0123.zip
  10. I ended up putting back the original disk 6 (2TB disk) and did a New Configuration. Everything is back properly. Thanks for the advice.
  11. Here's what's happened so far. I bought a couple WD Red 4TB disks on a black Friday deal to preemptively replace a couple of the aging 2TB disks I have in my array. -Wed. I did a parity check on my system which came up with 0 errors. -I replaced disk 1 (2TB disk) with one of the new 4TB disks that had been successfully precleared -after unRaid rebuilt the disk, the array was fine. -I ran another parity check that night and the next day disk 6 showed several hundred thousand errors. -Since I had another 4TB disk, I decided just to replace disk 6 and rebuild again. -Today after the rebuild finished, disk 7 now shows 128 errors, and my main shares are all EMPTY. If I view the contents of each disk individually I can see my files, but the main shares (ie: Movies) show 0 folders and 0 files In addition, now "Fix Common Problems" shows disk 1 and disk 6 (the 2 new 4TB disks) have a warning: "Unable to write to disk 1" "suggested fix: Drive mounted read-only or completely full" Man! what did I screw up. My unRaid has been working flawlessly for a long time now and all of a sudden everything is exploding. Any insight on how I can right this would be appreciated. Thanks!!! My diagnostics: mediaserver-diagnostics-20181130-2257.zip
  12. OK, so...here's what's happened over the last several days and I my undying appreciation ahead of time if anyone can help me out of this mess. I confess ahead of time, I am not super knowledgable and likely caused some problems. -On Thurs. I ordered a new parity disk as Johnnie.black suggeted. -to get disk7 going again I stopped the array, selected "none" for disk7, started the array, stopped it again, selected disk7 (now with a blue square icon), started the array and let it data-rebuild -the process completed on Sat morning. I received my new disk later that day and went to shut down the server, but now disk 10 was red-X'd. -I repeated the same process for disk10 as the above mentioned disk7 -The rebuild was only moving at a few kB/s and saying it would take months to rebuild. I decided to give it a day, but when I looked yesterday, disk10 then showed green, but now disk9 is showing red. -I tried the same process again for disk9 just wanting to get the array to a green status so I can replace the parity drive. -The interface was unresponsive yesterday however, and the array would not stop, shutdown or reboot. -I tried a hard power down (with the power button on my machine) and a reboot. -Now the array gets to disk7, but won't mount anything past that. Knowing I probably screwed things up, what would be the next suggestion for action? Thanks! mediaserver-diagnostics-20180319-1054.zip
  13. OK, thank you. I will do that.
  14. I received a Call Traces error which instructed me to post my diags here and ask for help. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. mediaserver-diagnostics-20180315-1136.zip