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  1. Just check in terminal if the files you have trouble are on different disks (like mnt/disk1/movies/movie1/movie1.mkv mnt/disk2/movies/movie1/movie1.mkv) It might be that one of them is corrrupt!? I also dont know any further. I also use brtfs on my cache drives.
  2. I dont think local/remote should be a difference. Its the magic unraid does behind the curtain... Anyway i think its a fail somewhere like using wrong folders... Do you use windows enterprise or something?
  3. LoL. I just got an idea what could create trouble. Do you have maybe double files? Like mnt/disk1/movies/movie1/movie.mkv mnt/disk4/movies/movie1/movie.mkv ? Because i had the same issue with unbalance (but my error in the end - e.g. if you stop a transfer and restart it this might happen) Unraid should always display ONLY the file which is the lowest disk number so in this e.g. it would be disk1 - and maybe that file is corrupt?
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    Even if so, why not still announce it? I mean everyone who has selected "next" will get a notification in unraid anyway? Maybe put a explenation above the thread... "The Unraid 6.7.3-rc releases are only intended for a selected group of people, who experienced data corruption and are willing to participate in testing." I just upgraded without knowing it.. !? Or add a "dev" button. Like "latest" will give you notice for every next release and "dev" only releases like 6.7.3 Anyway i feel it very unintiutive and i think it should be changed.
  5. Just to be sure. I have no idea anymore. But sometimes you write things i dont really understand how you mean it. Like u play from rclone on windows? Are you using it like we think? Or in a special way?
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    So everytime a updates comes i have a hard time finding the thread with the infos whats new. (maybe show it in UI after u click update now) Even a google search for unRAIDServer 6.7.3 rc3 doesnt bring up any usefull results. Its very annoying. Then i go to the forum and go to Announcements Latest news and release announcements from Lime Technology. And even cant find it there... So i think its not well designed.. maybe post it there? Announcements
  7. A stupid question, where i can see if port is open? (it should be open, but normal you get a symbol or something somewhere where you can see if its working?)
  8. Didnt had a single issue (after i created my own api id). Only one thing i can think of, how you have your movies organzied? movies/moviename/files? or movies/moviename.file ?
  9. No question... definitly unraid. The big pro point of unraid is: you can do EVERYTHING - and that relativly easy (many tutorials and videos)
  10. I have pretty much sonarr/radarr/plex standard, just deactivated the preview creation in plex (took too long) Never had any ban or issues to retrieve remote files... so far. I have around 3000+ movies and around 150 + series. How big is your database?
  11. @limetech Could you update docker?
  12. Hey, so it seems unraid is using 18.* and there seems to be docker 19.* out already... Is there a way (and if, how) i can update docker? or does that needs to be updated by unraid? Why i ask is because of this problem: It seems to be fixed in newer docker versions, see here: https://github.com/pi-hole/docker-pi-hole/issues/505
  13. OKay, i have news, 3 days ago i startet the docker again and let it run. Till now it seems to work. Storage Node Dashboard ( Node Version: v0.20.1 ) ====================== ID 1XXXX Last Contact 2s ago Uptime 1h47m12s Available Used Egress Ingress Bandwidth 20.0 TB 0 B 0 B 0 B (since Sep 1) Disk 2.0 TB 0 B Bootstrap bootstrap.storj.io:8888 Internal External XXX:28967 Neighborhood Size 178 Seems to work again? Even with version ..... but no data till now.
  14. cool, sadly no balance feature
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    Hey i would like to use tools like nslookup in the termianl of unraid. In nerdpack i coulnt find nslookup, is it in a other paket? If so, in which? If not any other idea?
  16. hahaha, ive run 11 nodes (v2) for around a year and only made under 3usd worth of shit So its not about the money, but they could atleast fix their shit when we run their buisness
  17. I can confirm problems with such sort of cards. Worked for months without issues, but then it happend i replaced drives but it was just that crap card... Its sad they dont work well, bc they are cheap and easy compared to the real HBAs... Get a LSI one
  18. I dont know if its that, but the only thing that comes to my mind is that you get notifications e.g. for answers or new pms while browsing (or lets say while you have the forum open) the forum, so there must be some sort of communication- dont know if you can disable that.
  19. BTW! I found out why this program "sometimes" from one day to other day stopped working. Your licence is only up to a special version. So lets say u buy version 1.0 then you get till version 1.1 free, when the container updates to 1.2, your setup stops working... So, be sure to dont use auto update on this container, or this command in "extra parameters" (without quotes ofc) "--restart=unless-stopped -e VERSION='18.11.21'" (the version should be the highest you payd for) Since i changed this, this docker works flawlessly. @coppit I think you should add that to the first page
  20. I have the problems with storj, but not with plex...^^ (i think most reported it with plex database?) but yeah, might be docker + unraid error.... And shouldnt it be fixed already!? (or not?) Ill never understand why companys dont start from bottom to top. Why add new features and new clients and new everything when the ground is not propperly working / feature less. There is no real statistic, no controll for UL / DL, no planned downtime. The whole process for this node is so useless complicated... and it should be suited for home users, not tech ppl (thats what they advert with)
  21. this whole crap annoys the shit out of me. the old node worked for years without problems and now this. Same shit like you cant put dl/ul limits on it. like wtf, its 2019. If they dont fix their node they dont deserve us. removing it for the time beeing. if anyone has news, ill might try again. I dont think its unraid related, but who knows. @limetech sadly didnt responded. Thanks for all your help.
  22. Lets say i host a 1gb file, and stteam e.g. via ftp or plex or httpd... and another download (file access) would start... would it be clever and use cached data or start a new download from google? Like are 100 1gb downloads 100 individual streams, or can cache be used?