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  1. after i did /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 restart it seems to work again?! (no log spam)
  2. So ive installed a second nic, which is directly connected to my main pc (10gbits). Both nics seem to work fine. But when i enable the 2. nic (10gbits) all my dockers and plugins loose connectifity to the internet. I dont know why. Ive disabled bridge for NIC 2. I guess it has to do with the rules here (i didnt changed a thing, all unraid standard), can someone point out what to change to get it working? Or is it a bug? eth0 should have eth1 should have unraid-server-diagnostics-20191208-1411.zip
  3. Hi and sorry its me again. I updated to RC9. And my log is flooded by these messages. VMs seem to work nice. I dont know if its related, but before i restartet i checked that my MAC adress was in the config file... after restart it wasnt... Oo? Does it change the network.conf while updating? While were at it. I have some questions about the network.cfg: 1.) does it matter where i put HWADDR[0]=...? (which line?) 2.) should it have "mac adress", or stay mac adress (without quotes)? # Generated settings: IFNAME[0]="br0" BRNAME[0]="br0" BRSTP[0]="no" BRFD[0]="0" DESCRIPTION[0]="LAN1" BRNICS[0]="eth0" PROTOCOL[0]="ipv4" USE_DHCP[0]="yes" HWADDR[0]=d0:50:99:9d:0f:df DHCP_KEEPRESOLV="yes" DNS_SERVER1="" DNS_SERVER2="" DNS_SERVER3="" USE_DHCP6[0]="yes" DHCP6_KEEPRESOLV="no" MTU[0]="1436" IFNAME[1]="eth1" DESCRIPTION[1]="LAN2" PROTOCOL[1]="ipv4" USE_DHCP[1]="no" IPADDR[1]="" NETMASK[1]="" GATEWAY[1]="" SYSNICS="2" unraid-server-diagnostics-20191208-1411.zip
  4. I think its a bug because it changed eth0, even i didnt changed anything in it. I just added eth1, and unraid changed the eth0 block on its own. Thats what confused me. Anyway... call it like you want. It wouldnt hurt to add a function you can do manually in the config file to the UI, right? I NEED to have a specific mac adress for the unraid server (when i get a new internet connection, this will be obsolete, but till this point, i need to have a specific mac adress, its not because i like it, i need it...) Anyway, i hope they consider adding this feature. But could you help me with the other question? I thought some more.. could it be some other plugin which is downloading somethign?
  5. Im confused. I restartet to apply latest RC8. Thats my go file I will remove now the & because i think its no longer needed. (it could happen that unraid is faster booting then the download takes (?). Thats the picture i saw, what the ... is happening? Why multiple downloads (?)? Someone know if that is normal!? If i remember correctly, this didnt happend before!? It was always only one download. Also the correct file size is 160kb. Not 11,1mb??!?!
  6. Do i understand correct that i update to RC8 and then stop updating till the GSO bug is fixed? Thanks!
  7. Ill try that! emhttpd uses the same (and i never knew what it means), so i guess that cant hurt.. but after it i would still need a pause (so it can download when nothing is wrong)
  8. This is probably a bug relating to all unraid versions. Anway it happend in last RC, so i post here?! So ive ordered a 10gbit NIC and installed it today. Didnt changed ANYTHING at eth0 (the mainboards 1gbits). After testing around with 10Gbits, i tried to start the array, which didnt worked, so i did a restart. (normal so far, happens sometimes) After this unraid wouldnt start. I couldnt figure out why. I tried everything for hours, even removed the NIC, but it still wont boot. (i have wget --user=user--password='pw' ftp://adr:port/file -O /root/keyfile added to my go file) I saw it stopping at this point, downloading some kb.. and then waiting FOREVER with 0kbs transfer. I thought it uses wrong NIC, so i put the NIC back, changed cables... restartet the ftp server, tried manual downloading.... what ever after hours i found out: If you add a NIC to unraid, it will reset your manual added MACaddres in network.cfg. (i think after i clicked apply it created the file from scartch removing my "HWADDR[0]=12:34:56:78:90") In my network envirorment i need to use specific mac adresses. Probably you say, thats not happening often, is not much needed, what ever, still i wanna try to get this thing better handled. ~~~> Please allow us to set a MACAdress via unraid interface (so that it get saved and dont get lost every time i change something in network), i mean everything is still there (HWADDRin the config and it works), there "just" need to be added to the gui. <~~~ Maybe someone know if i can make that wget somehow only a specific time. Like if it cant get the file in 2 min, just skip?
  9. cloudflare is my shield So you think thats a good idea? Put docker/appdata outside of array, cant hurt?
  10. ive created some docker outside of unraid (with portainer), ive created a "stack" to be exact. Could this app be changed to allow to update these containers? If not, could they be auto excluded atleast, because it throws out a error if it want to update them.
  11. ive created some docker outside of unraid (with portainer), ive created a "stack" to be exact. Will appdata backup also backup the stack containers correct in a case of emergency?
  12. Yeah, i store it on cache drives (ssds). (but the m2 should be better because it has more iops?) What i mean is, like does it take load from shfs? I have "very" much dockers running, much small files... (and many webservers via docker)
  13. So since VMs are currently broken for me ive ordered a new 10gbit NIC. (to use that vlan trick) Then i notcied, oh my drives would be too slow to use it... So ive bought a pci x4 m2 should give around 2gb/s. (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07HR78FQ5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) Now is my idea to use it as additional drive (not in array), would it theoreticly possible to use it also for appdata? (or lets say for dockers?) Would that take load from my array? I need the 10gbits for video editing. So there will only be sometimes load, rest of time it would chill. SO it could be used to speed up the whole array (take load from it), i thought, or is that no good idea?
  14. switched to "free" shinobi for viewing, sadly recording (motion detection) is not working atm... but lets see
  15. anyone found a solution to automatic reconnect to VPN? Every day, at some point, both of my mobiles need a manual "disable, enable" to be working again. Also any way to disable it in WLAN? (dont want to root)
  16. I also have 50g allocated. (50% free) it depends much on how many dockers you have, there are fat dockers out there also!
  17. Same for me. Im currently investigating it with "files open" plugin. I see e.g. drive 1 is spin up, plugin says, last access was 8am, now its after 12 spindown was set to 1hour or 30min... so disk2, last thing was 12, so thats ok. disk3 7, not ok. disk4 8, not ok. disk5 4, not ok. disk6 7, not ok. disk7 7, not ok. disk8 12, ok. Yo, if that plugin is right, there is another bug. First thing im gonna do (i remember it helped at some point) is goin to each disk and save the settings again.
  18. So i thought like mabye add --ignore-size but then <lists every movie> 2019/11/27 13:05:54 NOTICE: imagine all your movies in this list (2013): Not deleting as dry run is set 2019/11/27 13:05:54 NOTICE: imagine all your movies in this list 2 (1987): Not deleting as dry run is set 2019/11/27 13:05:54 DEBUG : Local file system at /mnt/user/Archiv/Filme: deleted 1273 directories 2019/11/27 13:05:54 INFO : Transferred: 0 / 0 Bytes, -, 0 Bytes/s, ETA - Errors: 0 Checks: 707 / 707, 100% Transferred: 0 / 0, - Elapsed time: 100ms 2019/11/27 13:05:54 DEBUG : 12 go routines active 2019/11/27 13:05:54 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.50.2" finishing with parameters ["rcloneorig" "--config" "/boot/config/plugins/rclone/.rclone.conf" "move" "--rc" "--rc-addr=" "--rc-user=test" "--rc-pass=test" "/mnt/user/Archiv/Filme" "gdrive_media_vfs:Filme" "-vv" "--drive-chunk-size" "128M" "--checkers" "4" "--fast-list" "--transfers" "4" "--exclude" ".unionfs/**" "--exclude" "*fuse_hidden*" "--exclude" "*_HIDDEN" "--exclude" ".recycle**" "--exclude" "*.backup~*" "--exclude" "*.partial~*" "--delete-empty-src-dirs" "--fast-list" "--tpslimit" "3" "--min-age" "1y" "--ignore-size" "--dry-run"] This makes no sense to me!? Here they say, it will overwrite files: https://forum.rclone.org/t/move-overwrite/1141 But it doesnt? Do i miss something!?
  19. I cant understand the question. So im just reporting how it was for me, it startet with some RC, i dont know 2 or 3, never had such problems before. I didnt notice it in any 6.7. I run dockers in br0 and vms also. And since bridge cant talk to bridge and or host, i need to use br0. All dockers just run fine together, bridge, br0, host, what ever. As soon as i start the windows 10 VM (or any other) at some point i get these spam in the logs which only disappear when i stop the vm. Sometimes its instant, sometimes it takes minutes. unraid-server-diagnostics-20191127-1136.zip
  20. only way to fix it (if i read correct) - VLAN (cant do) - or start dockers / vm seperate (cant do) - dont use br0, which i cant do 1.) What about virtual NICs its pretty easy to add them to linux, cant we do vlan with it? I tried adding a virtual nic, but unraid didnt behave like i expected (it was just adding a new route, without the option to chose the new nic in settings) 2.) It seems like only problem is spamming log full, cant we just remove that spam out of the log, until the root of the problem is fixed?
  21. everything still working fine, today i looked at the uploader logs and found many many movies which got ignored because of "size differ" e.g. 2019/11/24 18:16:02 DEBUG : some (2006)/some 2006.mkv: Sizes differ (src 18491673236 vs dst 2663771332) Shouldnt your cleanup script handle this? Do i really need to go over all these files (its more then 100) and delete it manually? How does it happen? I startet deleting these (files in dst).. but then i watched one of the movies, and they play just fine, so its just a better quality release... I thought if a new file with same name get added, this script handles this?!
  22. It has to do with docker and VMs are in the same LAN (?) thats probably why VLANs help.
  23. You descripe exactly what happend, it was posted INSTANT by me and other ppls. SOlution was VLANs, which not everyone can use.
  24. Because i can do what i want. Because i follow this project quite a while now, without having such problems. I dont need the VM every day, and there came RCs over RCs so i thought they will fix this. But they ignore it. (it seems)
  25. Ive sent a direct email to your company with this suggestion! Ive already posted it in this forum servival times, also! Also its not a suggestion, its a question, if that could fix it, we can add a suggestion? I tried virtual nic myself, but unraid didnt worked like i thought (i couldnt add it under settings, it just added a new route in the routing table), so i need help with this.