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  1. I checked and re-seated all my cables, changed ports around too, didn't make a difference. After banging my head against a wall over this, I popped in a clone of the drive I made from before the case swap, and only change I made in the XML was the drive letter assignment, and lo and behold it boots successfully. Now the only new problem I'm facing is that the VM hangs on reboots. I have to kill the VM and restart it. I guess I can live with that since it's always running. Seems like I killed the original SSD somehow, or the data got so corrupted it's causing SATA errors
  2. Hi y'all, I finally had my Unraid setup how I wanted it, and was using Win10 with ssd boot passthrough, GPU passthrough, and USB controller passthrough successfully. Noticed my array drives were getting a bit too hot for my comfort, like 45-50 C, so I decided to move everything into a new case with better airflow. Upon the first boot, I was not getting any display at all, and after removing devices to bare minimum, I reset the CMOS, eventually got it to boot ok. Everything seems to be OK except my Win10 VM. It boots to the windows logo and the display fades out to black, and then h
  3. I'm running 6.3.3 and had this problem too. Tried to use Chrome, FF, and IE to make the drive assignments and it was never persistent. The solution for me was to boot up in safe mode, stop the array, assign cache drive, start array, stop aray, rebbot into normal mode. Since then it's been good. I think a plugin somewhere was causing issues.
  4. Hi, I'm having some issues using an ACD mounted by rClone as my backup location. When I try to setup a local folder backup pointed to the ACD mount, I get an error "The backup engine does not have access to the given location." I have the mappings as follows: /Amazon/ /mnt/disks/amazon/ <<-- This is the folder I'm pointing to in the crashplan gui /unassigned /mnt/disks/ /config /mnt/user/appdata/CrashPlan /mnt/user /mnt/user /backup /mnt/user/Backup/ In the docker settings, I set the Access mode to RW/slave as suggested by Fi
  5. Thanks for the clarification. After updating the plugin the postread finished successfully.
  6. Hi all, UnRaid newb here, I am trying to preclear 3 x 6TB HDDs at the same time on a new build and no array. I used the plugin to clear them, and they all failed around the same time during postread because of some dd exit code 1 error. The webgui in unassigned drives just showed the status as preclear paused, and no way I could see to resume it. I uninstalled the plugin, restarted the server, and installed again and then updated the plugin (3/23/17). It's currently running and will take a long time to get to the postread stage again. Assuming there were no errors up to that point