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  1. I am also having a lot of problems with a VEGA 64. I'm about to give up lol. Unfortunately I also upgraded to ryzen, so I don't know if it is a problem related to the card or Ryzen
  2. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you.
  3. The only thing I found was the RCON TCP port in the user settings in, I fixed it and it still doesn't show
  4. Hello all, First and foremost: Thank you for your time and work on this docker. My first ARK server has been working great. Now, to the issue; I tried to make a second server, but it is not showing up in the server browser. I created a new container using the first server as template. It is still set to bridge. I chose a different folder for the Server files and kept the same steamCMD folder. I deleted all port fields and created new ones with the new ports for the server. Am I missing something? I know the new ark server was created and installed, by looking at the files in the appdata folder. Nothing shows up in ARK server browser. Thank you!
  5. Hi all, I updated to 6.8.3 and I all my "unassigned disks" have disappeared. I used to use them with Unassigned Devices for various things on VMs. These disks (1 HDD and 1 SSD) don't show up when I stop the array to try to assign them to it. It is like they are not detected at all. They were working correctly when I updated, so I don't think it is a hardware issue. Has anyone had this issue? Attached is the diag log. Thanks in advance
  6. Ok. I found that the USB wireless lan I am using with the cameras VM is the problem. I tried to change it to another USB port, but I still feel it is causing issues. I will try the other VMs without it to see if the lagging got corrected.
  7. Thanks for the quick answer. Just so that I have this clear. After rebooting I will have to open the syslog, wait for the messages to start and unplugging each USB device. When I unplug the problem USB the messages will stop, right?
  8. Hello all, My trial is expiring in the next few days so I am hoping I can get this resolved before that. My setup: Unraid Version: 6.3.2 2x E5-2690 (turned off HT to see if it helped, didn't) ASRock Rack EP2C602 32 gb ram R9-295x2, 980 TI PCIe to USB adapter 2 USB hubs 250gb SSD 2x 5TB HDD (For Media storage) 2x 2TB HDD (Steam library) 2X 480gb SSD (1 for VM3 and 1 for VM4) 124 GB USB disk VM Setup: VM1: Security cameras software recording to USB stick VM2: Browser/torrent machine VM3: 295x2 gaming VM4: 980 TI gaming/streamer My VMs started to lag since several days ago. When it lags, I have noticed the following behaviors: All VMs lag at the same time. HDD usage goes up to 100% (may or may not be related) less than 1mb usage, while RAM and CPU don't show anything abnormal. Playing Far Cry primal, the game runs perfectly until I need to see the map, load a new area, see the game menu. When the lag happens I can still click on stuff, like change chrome tabs or open the start menu, but of I try to go to a website or open a program it takes a while. Any help or ideas will be appreciated. Diagnostics file is attached.