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  1. I do not have it enabled, and my settings are the same as yours, just a different 10 network. I did play around with it, I do see "br0 Custom" in the docker container, but when enabled, and set with an IP. It would work for a bit then stop responding. Log shows connection timeout, or something along the lines. I tried several versions of plex containers, and even set to "Host" some would just not work after the 1st reboot. Right not I am running only 1 Plex container and its the linuxserver/plex version set with HOST network. Not sure what happened, during the upgrade, but I am unable to get br0 to work on any new container setup. Right now, I am tired of rebuilding a plex DB all the time so I have left it as only running one Prod Plex server for now. I know you can transfer the Plex DB over manually to a new server, but seems like it works, then after 1st reboot, those DB files are dead, and no longer work causing the container to not even fully come up. Only way to get the same container to work again would be to remove the container, and the appdata folder completely and install again. Maybe there is a permission issue on 6.6 as well?

  2. Ran into this same issue. I had 2 plex dockers running, one for test, and one for Prod. My Prod one used br0 and a /24 IP and was set for use from outside. I thought something broke on the docker, but it turns out if i switch to use Host it worked just fine, but I cant do that with another plex docker using the same settings.