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  1. Is there any way to find out what tasks, plugins etc. that interacts with my drives? Normally my drives would spin down after 15 minutes of inactivity, and after that the server would go to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity. But now the server has been up and running for more than a day, and at least it should have went to sleep tonight while I was sleeping and not using the server. I can't seem to figure out why my drives are kept spinning. Yesterday I tried spinning down all of the drives, but immediately after some of the drives spun up again. Now all of my drives are once again spinning. nas-diagnostics-20180305-2034.zip
  2. Rebooting did the trick I'll see if I can find somewhere to report it as an bug
  3. How would I verify this via MC?
  4. Yesterday I removed an unused drive from the array. To do this, I followed the guide here: https://lime-technology.com/wiki/Shrink_array Everything seemed to work just well. But now I realise that I havn't got any shares. And I'm not able to create new shares (recreate the old ones) I have uploaded my diagnostics, hoping someone here is able to tell me what I have done wrong, and if there's any way to rectify my mistake nas-diagnostics-20180304-1405.zip
  5. That's too bad, but I guess I'll just have to work with what I've got to work with then Thank you so much both of you
  6. Regarding the cache. Is it possible to leverage the cache as a jump-station for my files, but at the same time not let Windows know this space is available? The only space I want shown is the space in the array.
  7. Boom! I found out how to boot up MC from PuTTU and have now deleted the folder from disk 1. Windows responded promptly. Thank you very much both of you. Now I both understand how space for the shares is calculated, and I know how to use MC
  8. I should be able to figure out a CLI, but I'm still not sure how I would get around moving the share. Is there a guide somewhere that I'm not knowing exists?
  9. And even the usage for the share is off. Even with my Cache drive 100% filled (2TB) I'm nowhere near the reported 3.18TiB.
  10. But, why is it then using a share that is not included? How can I stop it from doing that? Because that might then be the underlying problem. Isn't it enough to only include the drives you want to use? Do you also have to exclude the rest?
  11. Ok, I made a new test. This time I made a share for myself, ad dedicated a single 500Gb drive to this share. As the images show, Windows & UnRaid doesn't seem to agree upon how much space I actually have? (- My UI in Windows is Danish, sorry) What am I missing here?
  12. I now see that after my post was originally created, I ended up including all disks due to needing the space for an initial transfer. When the initial transfer is completed, I will play around with this again and post a screenshot
  13. I just looked closer at this, and the network drive IS showing wrong information. Even when taking into consideration that it is showing sizes in TiB. The total available space of the array is 8Tb. But one of the disks (disk 1) is excluded, that is 2Tb of space not available to the "Movies" share. How can it be that my network drive thinks it has these 2Tb af space available anyway? Is there something I havn't set up correctly?
  14. I tried that, but I always thought that WIndows was shoing TB and not TiB? If Windows is displaying TiB that might explain a lot for me
  15. Thanks for clearing up that part What is the difference between TiB & TB?
  16. I don't understand how this is possible. Is there something I have set up wrongly? My share says there's 6.5Tb space. My network drive thinks it has 9.09Tb of space. Even looking at all of my drives I have a hard time seeing how I could hit 9Tb of space. I have 8Tb of space, 2Tb on a parity disc, and then I have 2Tb of cache. The total available space of the array is 8Tb. But one of the disks (disk 1) is excluded, that is 2Tb of space not available to the "Movies" share. How can it be that my network drive thinks it has these 2Tb af space available anyway? Is there something I havn't set up correctly? Is Unraid doing some calculations I'm not aware of? Or why does my network share think it has so much space?
  17. It might be the easiest, and the fastest way to do it. But it wont take long before 20 people start generating quite a lot of shares. Do you know if there is any other way of doing it? With my existing Netgear ReadyNas I am able to tweak security settings quite a lot more, and I'm trying to find a way to make it as much alike as before
  18. I planning on creating a backup share where everyone on my network can place their backup files. I want everyone to be able to put files in the folders that they owe, but I don't want people to be able to edit others data. I would love to just have one share as I from an administrators view then just could navigate to backup\ and then have everyones data here. Example Backup --- Dan --- Mark --- Derpette If I was able to completely hide folders that wasn't yours, that would be perfect. But being able to at least lock them down so Dan cannot edit Marks files would be ok. I'm fine with having to manually create the folders and settings up the rights for each folder if that is what is needed. Is this in any way possible? Or will I have to create a usershare for each user, and then manage the acces that way?
  19. Is it just me, or are none of the links in the first post working anymore?
  20. I propably don't know how to search for it here at the forum, but, is it in any way possible to set the cache to continuously write to the array? If continuously is not possible, how do I then modify how often data is written, and at what times it is done? Then I would be able to set it to run hourly. I like the idea of being able to just fast pour a lot of data onto the NAS (for me, 2TB as that is the size of my cache drive) and then let unRaid move the files to the array. Writing to the array is a lot slower (for me, 4 times slower) than writing to the cache. And when I want to move files to my NAS, its most often just to move the files away from my computer, and then not having to think about them anymore. Once concern here is that if I pour 2Tb of data on the cache, that data will first be safe when it is written to the array. If the write is only done at 3:40 and I write to the array with with 25Mb/s, all of the data is on the array 22hours later. Being able to start moving files from the cache earlier will speed this up quite a bit.