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  1. Has anyone ever tried anything like this? I am building a VM for a friend who is currently building his new Server. He has a full license of esxi and is comfortable with it. The issue is of course I'm build the VM in Unraid. Before i do all the work i want to make surer that it's possible to back up the VM and send it to him to import it into ESXI.
  2. Anyone have a clue how to even begin this?
  3. Good Morning I did a search but maybe my parameters were to wide or I was not using the proper verbage. In the middle of the night a user inadvertently shutdown one of the Linux VM's we have running from within the actually OS. I'm hoping someone has run into this and has a solution that if Unraid sees this VM off or in a suspended state that it will just turn it back on.
  4. What is the difference between BSP1 and AP1 one temp is in the 60's the other 40's Also since installing IPMI support CPU 2's fan are always reporting as 0 RPM. I have posted to the IPMI thread but 0 responses
  5. IPMI not spinning up 2nd CPU Fans. Always says 0 RPM
  6. So far I'm happy to report with 3 days uptime that I have yet to get a Event log telling me of the false spike in temps.
  7. I'm not sure, This was given to me via Dropbox. I can upload it somewhere and make it available with the understanding that I'm not responsible for any results.
  8. mine has been running about 14 hours with zero entries normally i would have at least 4-6 by now
  9. I have been working with ASrock on this issue as I recently built a machine. THey have updated me to the 0.19.2 BMC bios. I ran this since last night. I hope to be able to report that they have finally fixed this.