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  1. Someone asked for the steps I used.  So here they are.,


    1. download the ISO image from the Samsung website. (Link above - make sure you grab the correct image)

    2. Make a bootable USB flash drive from the ISO. (I used Rufus - but I'm sure there are others) I did this on Windows.

    3. If you feel paranoid, I would make sure you have a everything on your cache drive backed up. - I didn't lose data but better to be safe than sorry.

    4. Shutdown Unraid.

    5. Yank Unraid flash drive and put in the Samsung ISO image drive you just created.

    6. boot the Samsung image and follow the prompts to update the firmware. Some folks had issues with a USB keyboard  in the past.  I had no issues.

    7. Power down the unraid machine again

    8. take out the Samsung flash drive and put back in the Unraid flash drive.

    9. Power on the Unraid machine and verify you have the updated firmware.

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  2. I was able to update using the ISO image on the samsung website

    I got it from here.  It scared the hell out of me as it warned  ~"This will or may erase all data"

    So I just did one at a time (I have two) and each were fine.  No data was erased!

    Some folks on other website claimed that the ISO didn't work and described how to do it manually.

    I didn't have to go that route, thankfully...

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  3. I was having this issue too.  Further along the article linked above talks about updating the firmware of the drive to fix this as well.  To me that seems like a better fix...  But I'm not sure how I would go about updating the FW! It seems a little scary! 🙂