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  1. I removed my username and passwrd and just like I thought..


    [email protected]:/boot/config# unraid_notify -d
    < 220 equipment to accept, transmit, or distribute unsolicited e-mail.
    > HELO Tower
    < 250 elasmtp-banded.atl.sa.earthlink.net Hello Tower []
    > MAIL FROM: <[email protected]>
    < 250 OK
    > RCPT TO: <Itdoesnt.work.com>
    < 550 Please configure your mail client to use authentication.
    550 Please configure your mail client to use authentication.


    What's next?  any other thoughts?  *pout*



  2. I had windows installed on a disk in that machine still..  So I boot it up and downloaded the Asus update utility.  That worked fine.  so I didn't need to get a floppy drive! :)

    So I updated the the rom just fine.  I'm running 4.2.84, I believe.


    I put my parity disk on the onboard Sata controller  and I'm running a parity check to see how it all goes.  so far it's not any faster than my plugin controller.  Oh well..  It's most likely PCI based as well since it's a seperate chip anyway...  but now If I need to upgrade disks, I can.  I'll be able to support 3 - 1.5TB disks. 


    That should hold me over until I have to buy another MB.  Who knows..  Maybe I'll break down and buy the plus key.

    I still have a couple PATA drives that could sustain me until I can afford 3 - 1.5TB disks!


    I'll let you know if I have any sync errors..


    I bought a couple of ebay 1Gb nini cruizer disks and one is crap..  but the other one seemed fine.  I did some work at work and brought it home to try on the unraid and I got some weird errors.  I tried it on another system at home and it worked fine..  I think the A7n8X is not long for this world!!  :o

  3. I can't get E-mail to work... 


    [email protected]:~# unraid_notify -d
    < 220 equipment to accept, transmit, or distribute unsolicited e-mail.
    > HELO Tower
    < 250 elasmtp-kukur.atl.sa.earthlink.net Hello Tower []
    < 503 AUTH command used when not advertised
    503 AUTH command used when not advertised


    Using stuff from another thread.. I get


    [email protected]:~# telnet smtpauth.earthlink.net 25
    Connected to smtpauth.earthlink.net (
    Escape character is '^]'.
    220-elasmtp-spurfowl.atl.sa.earthlink.net ESMTP Exim 4.67 #1 Tue, 20 Jan 2009 17:59:36 -0500
    220-NO UCE.  EarthLink does not authorize the use of its computers or network
    220 equipment to accept, transmit, or distribute unsolicited e-mail.
    250-elasmtp-spurfowl.atl.sa.earthlink.net Hello  []
    250-SIZE 14680064
    250 HELP
    214-Commands supported:
    221 elasmtp-spurfowl.atl.sa.earthlink.net closing connection
    Connection closed by foreign host.


    Where do I go from here?  I'm no smtp expert!  ???


    I know this works somewhat because I can send through my old netscape e-mail program and I've setup through my backup utility to send mail (acronis)



  4. Thanks!  I appreciate the help..


    1. I actually did all those steps.  I found the procedure somewhere else on the net.  I really think my problem stems from the fact that I'm trying to update the flash from a usb drive, not a floppy.  I think the awdflash utility needs a real floppy drive.  I was trying my best avoid hooking up a floppy!  I'll *grunt* hook up a floppy tonight and try it again.  Even the stock bios didn't work.


    2.  As for the stability of the a7n8x deluxe...  I've been using it for several months now and I haven't had any sync issues.  To this day, I'm not using the on board sata.  I'm trying to update it so I can switch to it and see if it's faster.  If I start seeing sync issues I'll abandon it all together and buy a new system..  I'm strapped for cash right now so I'm hoping to get by with this for a while.  I also only have 3 drives.  I think I'll only stick with the free version as I feel the cost for the regular and pro are about 2x what I feel they should be.  But that's a different rant!  Maybe 3 disks won't cause synch issues and maybe more that 3 do?  Who knows?  It also might be that I'm not using the onboard sata right now.  I have a PCI card that has 2 sata and 1 PATA connectors on it.  I remember when I first built the system for and HTPC, the onboard sata would never record HD correctly.  That's why I got the plugin card.  Maybe it all stems from that?  That's why I was hoping the bios upgrade would have fixed those issues..



  5. Yeah..  After a little research I discovered that too..  But now I can update my bios after I repacked it..  Even with the stock bios..  The awdflash

    utility just hangs when trying to write the flash.  I'll have to do more investigation..  I may be stuck with that I have..



  6. Are you using a User Share or a Disk Share?

    Could it give a message like this if the drive it was trying to put it on in the User share didn't have enough room left?  Would explain why smaller files work. 

    User Share...  The disks are empty though...



    Try copying file from command line.

    That worked fine...


    Do you have another local drive letter on your XP machine?  What happens when you try to copy it there? 


    Don't have one bigenough..(drive that is...)  But I tried to another XP machine and it worked (xp -> xp)


    You aren't by chance using FAT32 on D: are you?

    Nope... NTFS


  7. Yeah..  I'm going to try another flash drive..  I might behave better..  The one I have is a freebie My wife got at a conference..

    So it's kinda crappy! :D


    My other thought is I believe I can change the USB ports from 5VSB powered to Regular 5V.  At least then I might be able to

    power off and then  WOL power up..  I'll give that a try too..



  8. I have an a7n8x deluxe MB and a generic flash drive.  From a cold power up I can boot from the USB with no issues.

    but if I reboot or regular power cycle, it doesn't see the flash drive and won't boot.  My only recourse is to completly turn off the board (switch on the PS) to kill 5VSB.  Then I can boot again..  This is very annoying if I have to remote reboot.


    Has anyone seen this or can point me in the right direction?





  9. I'm trying to copy stuff to my newly created UnRAID server..  It got stuck right away and i got a message on my XP box..

    "The destination does not support long filenames.  Please enter a new name for this file."


    I don't want to do that..


    The file in question has the path/name



    The destination is:



    The file  before it copied fine with the name 

    2008_09_20_04_20_03_578F.TIB from the same path.


    Is there a config setting I'm missing here?



  10. I'm trying unRAID for the first time and I'm having some issues..

    It started out with the network not working..  but back tracking..  it can't find the config files. ... backtracking

    further..  It has no FS mounted...  Backtracking further...  I get a

    sdc: unknown partition table.


    Now I believe I  folllowed the usb prep correctly since it does boot all the way up to the prompt..


    Now it is a POS usb drive..  but that's all I have handy..  And Windows has no issues with it...  So it should work..  right??


    Any thoughts?  ??? ???


    Oh..  And I downloaded syslinux 3.63  and  unRAID 4.3