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  1. I just added a second parity disk.  That went fine.  Now I'm trying to empty a disk (using unbalance) so I can finally change the few riserfs's I have left.

    Before dual parity, the move was about 30-45MB/s...  Now with dual parity I'm hovering  13-15MB/s


    Is this expected?





  2. Bump.. I assume this hasn't been implemented yet?  I'm rebuilding a data disk and I almost had to reboot the system (I think crash plan was bringing my system to a halt..)  I was able to stop crash plan and the system started responding again..  But I'd love for it to remember where is was during a disk rebuild/parity check/Parity build...



  3. On 3/11/2020 at 9:37 AM, jbuszkie said:

    Is there a way to just backup the flash drive?  The appdata is (supposedly) getting backed up by crash plan.  But The flash drive can no longer via crash plan.

    So I'd like to use this to just back up the flash drive (then crash plan will backup the backup).  I don't really want to stop all the dockers every time I want to back up the flash drive?



  4. 11 hours ago, NitroNine said:

    So I just ran this on disk 8 of my array (i first moved all the data off it to the other disks in my array), it completed (5TB drive so it took a while), I clicked Done.  I then stopped the array, but when  I went to tools>new config and checked all for Preserve current assignments,  It didn't give me the option for apply, just Done.  And I can't remove the drive from my array.  I am using unraid 6.8.3 nvidia and don't have any parity drives at the moment.


    Basically this drive is showing old, and before it starts to fail I want to remove it from the array, and replace it with a new 6TB drive.


    Am I going about this the wrong way and/or is there an easier way for me to remove a drive from my array without any parity?

    If you don't have any parity then you don't have to run this script.  With the array stopped just pick no device for that slot and go with the new config keep current assignments....  as I understand it.  Now I've never tried this with no parity drive assigned..  So maybe there is a bug there...


    The whole Idea with the zeroing drive script is to keep parity valid while you remove a drive from the array.  But you don't have parity so you should be able to just pull the drive.


    You could also try "new config" without the preserve and just re-assign.  Just make sure you take a picture or write down the current assignments so you can duplicate them...


    What I did with the array stopped was to remove the drive from the list first, then I did the new config with preserve and it worked fine for me.





    Edit:  Now I see this was already replied to!  Stupid browser not bringing me to the last message!


  5. Quote

    Having only 1 parity drive in parity2 works just fine,

    That's what I was looking for...



    it's a bit more complex mathematically, so the CPU works ever so slightly harder.

    Very interesting and good to know.

    I knew that the 2nd parity uses drive position..  But I didn't know that it was the Parity 2 slot..  not just a 2nd parity drive!



  6. This is probably another dumb question...  But I want to add a second parity disk (10TB).  I'll assign it to the parity 2 slot.  Now if for some reason I need the disk space and I want to go back to one parity disk...  Can I get rid of the Parity 1 (8TB) disk and just have single parity on the parity 2 slot?  Or do I have to re-assign the 10TB to Parity 1 and have to rebuild parity completely?




    Edit:  I will eventually make both parity 10TB..  But for now I'll stick with a 8TB array limit..

  7. *Sigh*  Everyone may know this but I didn't...  When using user scripts if you click outside the script window in the main window that will also kill the script.  So not just hitting the "X"..  I was about a 1/4 into zeroing out a drive when I accidentally click outside the script window and killed it! *sigh*

  8. Quote

    At least that one is, it's using one of the two Asmedia ports.

    Ok..  I give up..  How were you able to tell that ata7 and ata8 where the Asmedia ports from the syslog?  Because I know my motherboard..  I could figure it out..  But I can't find anywhere which ports are mapped to which controller in the syslog...  There is no mention of asmedia in the syslog.

  9. Has anyone ever had issues with a slot going bad in the Norco drive cages?  Two different slots in two different cages are, potentially, giving me issues.  One is causing the drive to disappear and the other is give sporadic CRC errors.  I'm going to look into if it's the cables or the slot.  But I was curious to know if anyone ever had a slot go bad on them?

  10. Crap!  Those are two different Norco drive cages. One with the dropped disk and one with the CRC errors. And it's not like I bumped the machine or anything..  I guess it's time to open her up and check for loose cables to the cages!  So the drive might be good???  hmm..

    Anyone seen years of vibrations knocking a sata cable loose on a drive cage?


    I *think* both of those slots in question are connected to the MB not the LSI card...

    Has anyone seen norco slots go bad?



    Thanks @johnnie.black

  11. 1 minute ago, landS said:

    Howdy folks


    An odd behaviour has cropped up recently.  After some period of time when I go to the WebUI, CP requires me to log in.  


    Is this just a change by CP to access the application from the (docker'ed) desktop --- or should I be concerned that backups are being impacted?




    I'm seeing this too..  I remember something sent to me about them requiring more log in 


    This what I found on in my e-mail


    Security of your organization’s data is paramount at Code42. With the recent increases in ransomware attacks on the internet, we have implemented product changes to help you better protect your data.

    Effective March 3, 2020, Code42 will require all CrashPlan® for Small Business customers to enter their password to access the CrashPlan for Small Business desktop app. This change will help to further ensure the security of your CrashPlan data.


  12. Some history...


    I had a 8T drive fail (red ball) recently in slot will call it A.  I had a spare 8T unassigned device so I swapped it in and rebuilt fine.

    I ran pre-clear on the "failed" drive in slot A and it failed in the zeroing phase..  Ok maybe it was a bad drive.

    So I bought another 8T drive to keep as a spare.  I shucked it and threw it into slot B.  Slot B had an old 4T drive that I took out of service for some reason.

    I ran pre-clear on the new 8T drive in slot B and it ran fine.  No issues other than a couple UDMA CRC errors.  It was only like 4 or 5..  So I scratched my head and continued.  I want to remove 3 2T disks so I put my "spare" in slot B in the array.  I took all the stuff on one of the 2T disks and put it on the 8T drive in slot B.

    That ran fine an came up maybe with one or two more CRC errors.  I zeroed out the 2T drive and emptied the 2nd 2T drive on the 8T in slot B.  That went fine...  but a couple more CRC errors.  So I'm thinking maybe slot B has some issues with the cable?


    The first 2T was ready to be removed from the system So I removed it and created a new config and trusted parity.  That went fine.  I started a parity check and that was working fine so I stopped it.  I shutdown the array and was going to try the new disk in a different slot.  I moved the new 8T into slot A and removed the "failed" 8T

    I started the system and copied more files from the 2nd 2T disk that I wanted to empty.  After that was done I noticed that the new disk in Slot A red balled!!!  It had a bunch of errors (like 6k)  Shoot!  WTF!  So now I put the new 8T back in Slot B.  And it's currently being re-built!  It's moving along at 7% with no disk errors.

    It's up to 14 CRC errors.  but I think that's what it started with at the start of the re-build.


    So do I have a bad drive or bad slot(s).  The slots are in 2 different 5 bay norco drive cages.  

    Trying to figure out how to proceed..  Look to the experts here..




  13. Is there a way to just backup the flash drive?  The appdata is (supposedly) getting backed up by crash plan.  But The flash drive can no longer via crash plan.

    So I'd like to use this to just back up the flash drive (then crash plan will backup the backup).  I don't really want to stop all the dockers every time I want to back up the flash drive?

  14. This Stackoverflow post was helpful.  I was able to kill the process this way.  We'll see if I can stop/restart the array gracefully.  I need to wait for a disk zeroing to finish first before I can try...



    All the docker: start | restart | stop | rm --force | kill commands may not work if the container is stuck. You can always restart the docker daemon. However, if you have other containers running, that may not be the option. What you can do is:

    ps aux | grep <<container id>> | awk '{print $1 $2}'

    The output contains:

    <<user>><<process id>>

    Then kill the process associated with the container like so:

    sudo kill -9 <<process id from above command>>

    That will kill the container and you can start a new container with the right image.


  15. I have a docker that won't stop.  I've tried manually killing it (docker kill containername) and I can't.

    I tried to kill the process in the container that was still running, but I got an error....

    My guess is I won't be able to shutdown/restart the array until the whole docker subsystem is happy.


    How can I kill/restart the whole docker processes?