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  1. I Feel so effing retarded. I think I would have felt better had you said "Scroll to the bottom" =-P I seriously google searched and looked at CACHE pages to find the old information. when it sat two seconds below the bottom of what I previously scrolled....
  2. RESOLVED = Did not scroll to the end of the current sales page. My bad. The only information I found was on the outdated sales page. If I purchase a Plus key, what is the price to upgrade later? Right now I will have 8 drives + 4 Pool Cache. so that hits my 12 limit. Then when drives go back on sale, I will be adding about 3 more to my current setup since that is all that fits in the case. So that would be 11 Drives + 4 Cache. I can go down to 1 drive in the cache to hit the 12 drive limit, but was wondering if at that time I decided to upgrade
  3. I believe that the limits are currently imposed by the OS/unRAID itself not the license, so if unraid INCREASES to allow more drives, then the pro license will expand, while the Plus would probably stay at the current 12 drive limit. The second page you posted is old(er) (outdated) information see the * below * while Pro keys don’t have an attached-device limit, unRAID OS versions have different assignable device limits. See the FAQ section for more information.
  4. You can. Go into the services and put it to YOUR user name on your windows machine. I had to do this for Sonarr See if you can do that for google drive, and then see if you can mount it.
  5. Why redo anything? This is okay afiak. Doesn't change anything. My DROBO does/has the same "problem", thats worked fine for 6+ years.
  6. Does this help you guys? I only have "root" on my unRaid Server. Shares are SMB, Public. I do not need to sign into the shares. Mapped as a network drive or folder, everything mapped from unRAID has this Just like you if I uncheck it, it reverts back. I tried loading utorrent with RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR and it cannot write to the drive, if I open up utorrent normally under my login name, it has write access.
  7. https://forums.lime-technology.com/?topic=48508.msg484482?topic=48508.msg484482#msg484482 topic doesn't exist which is Can I change my cache pool to RAID0 or other modes?
  8. Question: My next question is, I have 4 SSD drives for cache, it should be 1TB total, unless it parities the drives then should be 756GB, but its only 500gb, is this by design? Next: Johnnie.Black I had tried searching the site for everything related to the SAS2208 AND my particular Backplane (RMS25PB080) and could find nothing, not even really "Trouble", more or less that it didnt WORK.. I tried even Backplane, Reverse SAS to Sata ports. Nothing would work. Then i got the bright idea. Use the RMS25PB080, setup EACH drive in its own dri
  9. Thanks for the help with the USB issue, it is booting on old USB and booting up. I have an Intel RMS25PB080 Raid card. I am 99.99% certain this is causing the ability of unRAID not able to see my drives, as when I boot into the RAID card bios, it reads the cards (well some). After looking through the wiki I did NOT find this card as "cross flashable" however after searching, https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php?threads/lsi-raid-controller-and-hba-complete-listing-plus-oem-models.599/ I found it to be a LSI SAS2208 based Controllers. Which from the wiki
  10. Yeah It seems to be "working" with the 4GB PNY but not the cruzer fit that I bought specifically for this. Right now NOT a big deal, but will still work with getting the system "read" right then worry about the USB.... Resolved, booting up with no issues either way.....new problem, new post? this can be closed
  11. Tried 4 ports. It seems with the "boot with GUI" I am able to load up the login screen, so I put the root/<blank> that I had to search for because I didn't see that ANY where in any documentation. I THINK it is semi working, but with the "rstev" enabled or whatever its called, which allows the SATA Card to passthrough as "Sata" devices is only reading 1 drive right now, I think with a little more trial and error I MIGHT get it working, this will be the first reboot without "selecting" the boot with gui I will see if it goes through.
  12. RESOLVED = Used different USB, still working on using Cruzer fit, may have to use a different formatter/program to make proper bootable. Greetings Everyone, --New here, (yikes) I bought a cruzer fit (8gb) for my setup (I can go into the setup below though I do NOT think that will change much) Formatted per instructions, (FAT32) using windows disk management. Transferred files. Made bootable on a windows 10 machine. Put into system (setup properly in bios I think, will have info below) and told to boot from USB, goes to boot, fails to