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  1. Been doing some reading and i think im gonna grab LSI 9211-8i card and some SAS>SATA cables. Then keep the parity and cache drives on the mobo, put the array drives on the card?
  2. Oh sorry. Yes everything runs fine. All my dockers do as they should, plugins work as intended. Backups from other systems to the server run great. There has only been 2 issues for me, ever. This current issue, of random non-starting shares, and one other. I added a second cache drive (same size and even model as current cache) but when starting the system, the dual-cache would fail to start. So i just removed the second cache drive and forgot about it. But the more time I spend figuring this all out, the more I think it's related to the cheap HBM card I have installed. Unfortunately, due to the random nature of my problem, it is hard to definitively change and test any possible fix. The only thing I can do is replace the HBM card with something a bit more reputable, and see if my issues go away. (After a few weeks/months)
  3. Yeah, everything with duplicati works great and has done for over a year now. Even restored from it a time or 2
  4. I have Duplicati set to backup from my rig to unraid. It runs fine, as far as i know.
  5. I dont think so. I have plugins, and dockers, but they wont do anything until after its all booted up. Apart from that I have my other rig, that backs up to there, but thats all SMB, so shouldnt really matter if the location doesnt exist yet. I do have a small cheap chineezium HBM in there (PCI-E, 2xSATA, and even an IDE) . If thats where my cache is installed, then i think we have our culprit. Perhaps that would explain the randomness of the fault
  6. OK, so i've removed the erroneous .cfg files. Now i just have 1 for each of the shares I have.
  7. Hi, I know the shares not mounting is the issue. My problem is that it is not a repeatable issue. For instance, yesterday the system booted up and gave me issues. Today, the system booted up, and not a single problem. And the weirdness of how a reboot, will always, every time, fix the problem. I think I know what those shares are from. I just looked at them, and they are all random names (blue, shallow, carp, etc) There was a time, a long time ago, that i used the anti-ransomware plugin, and if memory serves, it would create a while bunch of new shares/files/folders. Am I just to simply delete all the unwanted config files?
  8. To clarify, I turned the system on, found the shares and docker had not started up. Got the diagnostic. Rebooted. And everything is OK. What could possibly be happening? If it was my car, I would be thinking the cold is making the starter motor seize up.
  9. Aaaaaaaand its back! System was shutdown overnight. Came home from work, and started the system as I do everyday. Shares and docker are not starting up. I've attached a diagnostic. I did remove S3-sleep, and this seemed to do the trick for a while. missing-shares--hal-9000-diagnostics-20210113-1726.zip
  10. Hey guys, Forgive me if this is in the wrong place. Please move if it is So, recently I've been having a couple of issues. And long story short, it turned out to be one of my installed apps. S3-Sleep, was causing a bug for me, where my shares and Docker, would not start up from a cold boot after an S3-Sleep shutdown. I only realised this app was the problem, after going into the apps menu, and looking at my installed apps, there was the little exclamation(!) mark. If i wasnt curious i would have not found that, and would probably still be looking for my fix. I have had the S3-Sleep app installed for so long, the issues have been found and noted, after I had it installed. So, I never saw the known issues warning. I'm just thinking that I only found S3 has issues because i went looking to see if there was anything, and not becasuse i was made aware of the known issues. Why would i ever need to go back to the app install page? Unless i was curous, fed up, and bored? My thought would be for Fix common Problems, (or the Plugins update) to warn users of newly found issues. Could include an "ignore this warning".
  11. So, i just checked the app store, and theres a mark against S3 Sleep. Apparently it has issues. Perhaps thats my problem
  12. So, i shutdown, and started up again. No issues at all.
  13. So, if i do infact sit here for an hour and reboot the system, again and again. Cancel the parity check, try with and without the FTP from my phone. Could i break anything? I mean if it does, again, not start up the shares and docker, could i do damage to anything? I mean, could i be risking losing the shares, or corrupting the dockers? I just want to be certain, its only after cold boots. It might happen if i shutdown and startup, instead of a reboot. But i dont want to risk my data obviously
  14. I'll try give that a go tomorrow, if i rememeber. Its just very strange that it only happens after the machine has been shutdown overnight. I would like to just sit here and do lots of reboots, and see if its repeatable at all. But I dont know if that gonna cause any more issues, or break something
  15. I've added a second diagnostic. The first is from a cold state. She was shutdown for at least 18 hours. Failed on boot. The second (I have marked) is from a reboot, and gave me no issues (besides the obligatory parity check)