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  1. Great, thanks for the info. Curious if there will; be a new support thread or will this thread be renamed and stay active?
  2. Or seen this video by @gridrunner? His videos are excellent...
  3. Have you read through the post below? In essence, if C-State is disabled in the BIOS, it fixes most stability issues with Ryzen. Prior to upgrading to rc20a, my system was stable for 30 days. https://lime-technology.com/forums/topic/55150-anybody-planning-a-ryzen-build/
  4. Upgraded from rc20a and it seemed to start rather quickly. BTW I really like the terminal function that was recently added... very cool! If I come across any issues, I'll post an update.
  5. I upgraded to rc20a as well as the upgraded the BIOS to v3402 this morning. Prior to that, with C-State disabled, my system was stable for 30 days.
  6. Same to you, Merry Christmas! Hopefully that resolves your freezing issue. Until I came across that thread and traded a bunch of PMs with a fellow Ryzen owner, my system acted like yours. Once disabled, I've managed to remain stable. Keep us posted.
  7. Welcome to the forums! Not sure if you have read the forum thread below, but most Ryzen issues have been related to C-State. If disabled within the BIOS, the system remains stable. Some have been fine running with the latest BIOS updates with C-State enabled; however, I have had to keep it disabled to remain stable. Only other instability issues I've read about have been due to memory... make sure it's on your motherboards approved list. https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/55150-anybody-planning-a-ryzen-build/
  8. Is the P20 firmware required or is P19 ok? Any difference between these cables? https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Internal-Mini-SAS-Breakout/dp/B018YHS8BS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=DZD42M5Z36H2R4GR309H&linkCode=ll1&tag=orf0f-20&linkId=c3bab21c2c2bc7ba96b86d6729fcb651 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FBYS2U/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&psc=1&linkCode=ll1&tag=orf0f-20&linkId=06f97486c1b60e0bf2573dabff7f3b02 1st time using one of these cards, so pardon my lack of knowledge / experience. I have 8 ports on my motherboard and looking to add 4 more drives. Any issues with running both the card and on-board SATA ports?
  9. Exactly why I switched to the beta controller.
  10. Hmm... let @Pducharme chime in as I don't recall doing anything special other than making sure the repository was set to use beta in the advanced properties. pducharme/unifi-video-controller:beta I've only recently switched due to a new camera.
  11. I use the Unifi Video docker and it's running 3.9.0 Beta 6. Have you restarted the docker?
  12. Under network settings, interface rules, only 2 are listed... eth0 and eth1. So unRAID isn't seeing the on-board NIC which is an Intel i211AT chipset .
  13. Very interesting regarding the the on-board NIC as I don't experience this issue. My hardware is listed in my signature. I didn't check the BIOS, but in unRAID network settings only eth0 and eth1 are shown; connected as bond0 using 802.3ad(4), static IP, default MTU and IPv4 only. After a BIOS update and when I forget to disable the on-board NIC, it shows up as eth2 and disconnected within network settings. I still have C-State disabled and using BIOS v3401. I'm using the following Intel network card: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000BMZHX2/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&psc=1&linkCode=ll1&tag=orf0f-20&linkId=09736a7076509a2c7dc550e74397b85b
  14. Thanks for explaining, and yes, password is set and exactly what happens upon browser refresh... it provides a logon prompt. CA AutoUpdate is enabled, so I uninstalled Advanced Buttons.
  15. Been seeing similar issues in the log since upgrading to 15e. Typically happens when reopening a browser session upon reboot of a windows PC. Dec 13 11:28:14 DaVault nginx: 2017/12/13 11:28:14 [error] 9634#9634: *1152195 limiting requests, excess: 5.646 by zone "authlimit", client:, server: , request: "POST /plugins/advanced.buttons/AdvancedButtons.php HTTP/1.1", host: "davault.local", referrer: "http://davault.local/Main" Dec 13 11:28:14 DaVault nginx: 2017/12/13 11:28:14 [error] 9634#9634: *1152195 limiting requests, excess: 5.544 by zone "authlimit", client:, server: , request: "POST /plugins/advanced.buttons/AdvancedButtons.php HTTP/1.1", host: "davault.local", referrer: "http://davault.local/Main" Dec 13 11:28:14 DaVault nginx: 2017/12/13 11:28:14 [error] 9634#9634: *1152195 limiting requests, excess: 5.494 by zone "authlimit", client:, server: , request: "GET /Main HTTP/1.1", host: "davault.local", referrer: "http://davault.local/Main" Dec 13 11:28:14 DaVault nginx: 2017/12/13 11:28:14 [error] 9634#9634: *1152195 limiting requests, excess: 5.486 by zone "authlimit", client:, server: , request: "GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1", host: "davault.local", referrer: "http://davault.local/Main" Also noticed blank pop ups during docker or plug-in upgrades. Until the docker or plug-in page is manually refreshed, the blank message doesn't go away nor does it update when the upgrade process is finished.
  16. @TheRFMan that basically explains some of my issues... it starts like that, then becomes unresponsive from the console itself. Like it's "sleeping". Once C-State is disabled, those issues go away.
  17. I didn't notice those additional options yesterday, so I'll check later today and will report back.
  18. So far so good for me... latest Asus BIOS v3401, C-State Disabled with rcu_nocbs=0-15 set. I updated the BIOS yesterday, so right now the system has been up for 22hrs and 12mins.
  19. The majority of my issues with Ryzen have been related to C-State. I had one issue related to memory a few weeks back, but it has not happened again. When I leave C-State disabled the longest up-time I've recorded was 22 days. I built the system back in August and since then have applied 4 - 5 BIOS updates as well as various unRAID RCs, so these updates have attributed to the short up-time. I typically enable C-State after Asus indicates that the BIOS update includes AGESA updates; however, as you can tell by now, the C-State issue persists. Frustrating yes, but once C-State is disabled, the system is stable. I do not do perform GPU pass through, but have read others have been successful; however, you should let them chime in to understand their pain points. Not sure if you have read through this post yet, but it might help you with your decision. Due to the performance / price point that Ryzen initially provided, I took the chance with Ryzen and have been rewarded yet frustrated at the same time. My main use cases are around media streaming, file share, backup and lab type testing with various Windows and Linux VMs. I have a separate PC as a daily driver.
  20. Thanks for the added information, but can you expand a bit more? Power supply issue, but a BIOS update might fix it? With C-State enabled, my Ryzen system becomes unresponsive; however, the fans and HDs are still spinning, so I'm a little confused.
  21. Curious, is SMB v1.x disabled by default under unRAID now?