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  1. ok, so 3rd check finished with 0 errors, Disk 2 is probably the culprit.



    What are next steps now ?

    • Bring back Disk 2
    • Rebuild parity
    • Should I still do any checks afterwards
    • Then treat it as a disk replacement ? Replacing Disk 2 with my previous parity disk

    Or is there a different process ?






  2. I cancelled the check.

    Think I did all the right things.

    Deselected just one of the older disks first.


    Its now rebuilding the parity.



    Guess the rebuild will probably take about a day.


    Two parity checks afterwards?


    If it gets through, then Disk 1 was the culprit.


    If I still get errors, repeat, bringing back Disk 1 and taking out Disk 2,.. parity rebuild, parity checks x 2.


    And same again with other disks if I continue to get errors.

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  3. Managed to stop the array to have a look at the 'New config' function.


    When preserving the config,.. do I select all here ? and then close ?



    And then check 'yes I want to do this' and click Done ?



    Where does the option to de-select a disk come up ? Will it come up afterwards ? or elsewhere ?


    Sorry for what might seem like basic questions.

  4. Reading up on the 'new array' bit,... is this the section describing that? https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/Storage_Management#Reset_the_array_configuration


    So from the guide:

    Before starting, save super.dat from Config folder before I start any array changes.

    1. Stop the array
    2. Tools > New config
    3. Click the checkbox to preserve the config; assume there'll be an option to de-select a disk ?
    4. Assume there'll be an option to Save changes ?
    5. Start the array; it mentions a checkbox indicating whether 'parity is valid' and normally to leave it unchecked unless told otherwise? check or uncheck?
    6. Do a parity check ?
    7. No errors from (6) chances are disk de-selected in (3) is suspect; stop here and replace disk ? and will reach out on how to bring in the new disk given the array config changes that have occurred here (I was thinking restore original config super.old to super.dat and then standard disk swap?)
    8. Errors from (6) back to (1) and this time for (3) de-select a different disk and include the one de-selected from previous run

    And all of this is only after I:

    • buy a new parity disk
    • replace the parity disk
    • do 2 checks
    • and still have errors after the 2nd check

    Sound right ?



  5. Hmmm,.. the 2nd part has me confused.


    1st thing I should do is buy another disk to use a 'new' parity disk with the existing data disks,.. replace the parity in the system,.. run the checks and see what happens. If problem goes away, 'original' parity disk was probably the culprit, problem solved, phew.


    If problem is still there,... original parity disk is probably ok ? And its probably a fair assumption that the original board and memory was ok also ?


    The next thing is what I'm confused a little about. Especially the part on new array with existing disks.


    Can you expand on that if you could please ?


    I was sort of thinking maybe something like the below,...

    Leave things in my array and current 'prod' hardware alone,.. build up my spare microserver, (using orig board and memory and parity disk) and essentially build a new Unraid server (I can backup the usb to keep for the 'prod' server - that's just a simple file copy isn't it?) and introduce a single data disk at a time ?

    If parity check is ok, put disk it back into 'prod' server and get the next one ? Rinse and repeat until, hopefully, I get errors with a disk ?


    Thoughts? Maybe your version is easier? but that scares me?

  6. OK,. I'd say I've still got a problem here somewhere after the board replacement.


    Currently doing another check,.. did a few yesterday also, 2 of which looked better, but the one going now is still correcting many errors.


    Given I'm now running with a different board and different memory is this now pointing to a disk ?







  7. 2 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

    If there were issues before this check is expected to correct some errors, if the issue is fixed next one should find 0 sync errors.

    Clean shutdown,.. check was done earlier in the day with many corrected errors prior to replacing the board.


    Will wait for this to finish and then run another tomorrow.

  8. Hi JorgeB,


    Yes, I have 2 others doing other things, one as a low-end ESX box (40L), which by the looks of it, Unraid can now do, so its probably the obvious candidate. Will just have to figure out the whole BIOS thing out, as from memory, the onboard SATA port used for the CD/DVD drive at the top wouldn't support a disk and some Russian guy came up with some custom firmware to overcome this restriction,... or something similar.


    The 2nd parity check just finished, results below,.. pretty consistent over the 2 runs, only less errors this time:



    I've also attached the diagnostic zip again.





  9. 7 hours ago, trurl said:

    In fact, don't reboot at all if you can help it while we are trying to track this down. We need to be able to compare this parity check with the next one in syslog, and syslog resets when you reboot.

    Based on this, I'll kick off another parity check and provide diagnostic zip when its completed.