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  1. Yes, correcting as it goes. I've attached the diagnostic zip below. I've also included one that I took about 1 hr into the parity check from yesterday, may be of use. storage-diagnostics-20201106-0837.zip storage-diagnostics-20201105-1026.zip
  2. Have now upgraded to 6.8.3. Seems like a similar amount of errors are being corrected during the check: EDIT: Seems to have grown to more than before,..
  3. OK,.. so unplugged all drives, board, cables, etc,.. plugged back in and kicked off parity check - still encounters sync errors. While it goes through the check, I'll read up on the upgrade process and then get it current.
  4. Hardware is one of the early HP MIcroservers,.. an N36L. Nothing changed really, running onboard controller. I updated BIOS firmware to enable the CD/DVD drive to operate as a SATA disk, or something similar from memory. One parity disk and 4 data drives as mentioned earlier. I'll update to current stable and see how things behave.
  5. Memory checks seems fine,.. is there anything else I should be checking ?
  6. Several hours and passes later,.. sill no errors detected,.. did a couple with ECC on,.. still no errors. Will leave it running memtest for a few more hours. Anything else I should check ?
  7. Memtest looks ok so far,.. 2nd is now done still with no errors. There's only 2GB in this system. Will leave it going for a few more hours.
  8. No I hadn't. I'll do that shortly. Is there a way to run memtest while server is running,.. as I run it headless ? EDIT: memtest running now,.. 50% done, no errors yet.
  9. Hi all, I've been running unRAID for about 10 years now,.. mostly on auto-pilot, with only issues I've had a a few failed drives. I run a monthly parity check,.. and up until the last few weeks have never had any sync errors with the check at all. The last few parity checks have been showing up corrected errors. Today 1st Nov,.. it did its normal monthly check and again found and corrected sync errors (217). Nov 1 00:00:01 storage kernel: mdcmd (42): check CORRECT Nov 1 00:00:01 storage kernel: Nov 1 00:00:01 storage kernel: md: reco
  10. Yes, new disk is larger,.. and yes I want it as parity as it then gives me the ability to upgrade the others as I need to for additional storage. I re-read steps 12 and 13 and its now more clearer to me. Thanks JB. Just needed some reassurance
  11. Drive arrived during the week,.. new drive is now going through a preclear,.. expect it should finish overnight and I can then start the configuring when I get home from work tomorrow. So the situation I'm in is: Went through steps 1 to 8 Array is running minus the the drive I pulled. New drive is preclearing in its slot. I assume that when the preclear finishes, that I: 8b. stop the array 9. unassign the parity disk (can I do this without losing any data ? as the old disk is not replaced yet and I'll now also be a parity drive out ?) 10. assign
  12. Hi all, I currently have an unRAID v5.0.5 system that's been running on virtually auto-pilot for several years. It runs a monthly parity check and has always indicated no issue. The logs below occurred during this months parity check and it still showed up with 0 parity errors. Setup is: Hardware: HP ProLiant MicroServer N36L Data: 4 x 2TB WD20EARS Parity: 2TB WD20EARS Have recently noticed the following: Nov 1 05:14:42 storage kernel: ata1.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x0 (Errors) Nov 1 05:14:42 storage kernel: at
  13. more old school stuff: - to list all mapped shares net use <CR> - chances are you're already connected to your share net use \\tower\share_name /delete and then retry the previous stuff
  14. old school,.. at a command prompt: net use * \\tower\share_name /user:jimbo - assuming user jimbo is the user you've created.
  15. Think you just share it readonly and then put your user in with an exception,.. on my 4.7 pro version to get the user thing happening you need the pro version,.. Assume the same for 5.x
  16. Installed this the other day,.. be nice if/when temp support is there. Taken from: http://bjango.com/help/istat/istatserverlinux/